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whatthejools t1_j0pi8lb wrote

Screams in Australian and Kiwi.

Anyway I just bought a gaming laptop in the end I was so sick of waiting.


macheagle t1_j0q16tf wrote

I’ve bought I don’t know how many Decks now from both my US and Hong Kong Steam accounts for my friends around the world in mainland China to the Middle East. I don’t know many of them IRL - they have just been my closest gaming friends and they wired money over beforehand. If you knew any American or HK/TW/JP gamer I’m sure at least one of term would have gladly done the same for you.


kyralfie t1_j0q9q0e wrote

Well, hey there! Whacha playing?


macheagle t1_j0qlch5 wrote

On the Deck - Detroit: Become Human, Cloudpunk, Crystal Project, Resonance, Narita Boy, Cuphead, Return of the Obra Dinn, Dogs Organized Neatly, and Disco Elysium. You??


Spoonermcgee t1_j0sh25v wrote

How are ya likin’ the Deck? Feel pretty good?


macheagle t1_j0spu31 wrote

It completes my life on a daily basis. I travel often for work also and so it has been life changing. I still have my Alienware and it has its place, but on the couch, in bed, in airport lounges, at the gate, in flight, etc the SD is unbeatable. Had mine since July and it is kitted out with all sorts of accessories as well.


macheagle t1_j0sqeu0 wrote

The biggest change in my life after getting an SD is that it literally made me want to play the hundreds of indies in my backlog. Prior to the SD, I was rarely in the mood for an indie on my battlestation with my 32” 1440p 144hz i9-9900K and 2080 Ti set up. For that I’d gladly do Star Citizen, Escape from Tarkov, Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, etc.

On the Deck, I’m finally enjoying all the more obscure or even popular indies while laying in bed, on the couch, or on the go. It literally made me play more games and a wider variety of games. The SD helped me discover games and genres that I never knew I liked. That’s how much of an impact the SD had on me.


Solid_Hunter_4188 t1_j0v7qmv wrote

So basically it’s the case that it’s not powerful enough to run those well, or not comfortable enough?


macheagle t1_j0v9e39 wrote

It's not a matter of performance. My SD can virtually all AAA games on Steam with reasonable frame rates. It's a matter of ergonomics, physical comfort, mood, and minset when I'm with the Deck vs with my gaming PC or gaming laptop. On my battlestation with a 32" 1440p 144hz monitor, it's "overkill" to run many of the indie games I want to play, not to mention not nearly as comfortable if I were to sit in front of my gaming chair instead of laying in bed or on my couch. Also, when on my computer, I'm always on Discord and I run a Discord server with 100+ people in it from all around the world. This incenticizes me to play multiplayer games with them and further demotivates me to launch a single-player or indie game.

On the SD, it creates an environment where I naturally seek to launch single-player, indie, story-focused, and relatively casual games that I can almost isolate myself and unwind with a good story in the palms of my hands. The SD allows me to extend my gaming to several parts of the house and world I've never played PC games in before. I've tried gaming laptops in bed via many methods and they are not comfortable. This is where SD really found its niche IMO.


Mug84 t1_j0u380b wrote

IMO the deck has shitty battery life but everything else seems pretty good.


macheagle t1_j0xpolb wrote

I guess it depends on what you play. With the latest AAA games sure, but I also have a 65W battery pack for it they can charge it from zero to full about 3 times.


Mug84 t1_j11abwk wrote

Yeah, it’s definitely not bad, would just recommend getting a battery pack or don’t stray too far from an outlet if you intend on using it for more than a couple hours.


wanderlustcub t1_j0pmlc2 wrote

NZ here and feels you.


VengefulAncient t1_j0pw9ux wrote

Also in NZ, come on Gabe, you literally live here, don't let MightyApe rip us off with 900 USD equivalent for the parallel imported 256 GB version!


Automatic-Tax8075 t1_j0r89tu wrote

It’s almost like he moved there to get away from Covid like other billionaires


VengefulAncient t1_j0rg2u2 wrote

Yeah, but now NZ has no COVID-related restrictions anymore, so it's not really different from anywhere else - yet he's in no hurry to leave.


woahevil1 t1_j0q6wgm wrote

The Australian government raked valve over the coals due to their (consumer friendly) refund laws, and ever since then valve have not hardware business in Australia (aka valve index and steam deck). So unlikely for it to ever officially come. I guess NZ got caught in the crossfire, as its probably not worth the logistics.


Cimexus t1_j0qvm8t wrote

I’m an Australian living in the US and I make regular trips back home to Australia.

Wondering if I should buy a few Steam Decks and then sell them to people in Oz next time I’m back there (not as a scalper, at a reasonable price I mean).


nanonator102 t1_j0qtzjl wrote

The index is officially sold via EB Games, just not from Valve directly


derverdwerb t1_j0rzgh8 wrote

Steam Link and the Controller predate that decision by years (2015 vs 2018), and were sold in Australia only very late. Your explanation might be right today, but doesn't explain their past behaviour.


sadflask t1_j0rbhtj wrote

You can get them on MightyApe in NZ can't you? My workmate's arrived today.


Phants t1_j0rzh3j wrote

At a hefty markup, but better than some grey markets. I’d have bought one there but I have family in Japan, so have pursued that route.


GforceDz t1_j0qu1tj wrote

Yeah don't worry Africa's screaming too. We never get the good stuff.


CyrisXD t1_j0r7vv5 wrote

Screams at $1599.00 NZD price tag.


Foxnos t1_j0rrh4a wrote

Ey Norway feels you. We're not part of the EU so Valve doesn't bat an eye to even remotely try to push anything in our market. It sucks massive dong.


lucky_leftie t1_j0qn84f wrote

I had a gaming laptop and still bought a deck and use the deck more. I have a child so it’s just more convenient to grab the deck play and put it down


Wodge t1_j0rfg70 wrote

I'm in Switzerland, the island of no steamdeck in the sea of steamdecks. If I lived 10 mins down the road (20 by tram) I'd be able to buy one, but Gabe hates cheese and chocolate I guess.


koalafella t1_j0tmk0p wrote

Why not just drive 10 minutes down the road to buy one? 😂


PanickyProvocation t1_j0rhr7h wrote

You could also install Windows and Pirate on it if you prefer. It's just a computer.


ThisWorldIsAMess t1_j0s7r1z wrote

Not like it's not late here in South East Asia, I just bought a guitar instead.


MagicOrpheus310 t1_j0t8gul wrote

Same here mate! Had me fingers crossed they meant Asia Pacific but that was wishful thinking haha, if you are after something similar for handheld PC gaming, I ended up buying a Powkiddy RGB max2 off Ali Express for $200 AUD (it should arrive this week so I haven't used it yet) with the intention to use it to stream games from my PC using Steam Link or Moonlight app. I figure if my PC is doing the work then the handheld only really needs to be a controller with a screen haha if you had a capable gaming PC already then grabbing one of those might be a better option than sourcing a Deck over here.

If you're interested there is also the Retro Pocket 3 and Anerbic RG552 that are very similar handhelds (all on Ali Express and often with preloaded games etc)


rodclutcher101 t1_j0qeox0 wrote

A gaming laptop what a glorious waste of money


Judazzz t1_j0qwcvo wrote

Gaming laptops can do more than just gaming - you realize that, right?
The difference between a high-end gaming laptop and a high-end/prosumer creative studio laptop is pretty much negligible these days.

And in any case, why the fuck do you care what someone else, to whom you and your opinions are 100% irrelevant, does with his/her money?


dontlookwonderwall t1_j0qy4hj wrote

Also they're not necessarily more expensive. Like I got my gaming laptop for about 550 pounds, has a 1650 and 10th Gen i5. If you don't care too much about the bells and whistles, gaming laptops often cost about the same as a decent regular laptop.


Judazzz t1_j0r0ksz wrote

Yeah, absolutely.

The fact that nowadays you can get a study laptop for 500-600 pounds/dollars/euros that can also double as a pretty decent 1080p gaming platform is pretty telling. Not even that long ago you'd pay closer to 1000 for a laptop offering similar performance but with worse parts (especially the displays on those rigs were often atrocious).
Regardless of whether you view them as a waste of money (which is as subjective as "Red is a pretty color" or "Pizza is the best food ever"), gaming laptops are very popular - and for a reason.


IckyStickyKeys t1_j0pml2r wrote

Steam constantly shafts Australian and New Zealanders. Pretty strange to considering fat ass Gaben lives in NZ.


VengefulAncient t1_j0pwcnt wrote

You could have said the same thing without being an ass to him, you know


ZonerRoamer t1_j0r9qq9 wrote

TIL Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan are the entirety of Asia.


darti_me t1_j0s7a4w wrote

The richest countries in Asia is apparently the entirety of Asia. Idk why companies don’t want to expand into South East Asia. SEA population is ~700M people comprising of mostly young adults with a the fastest economic growth outside of outliers in Africa.


JustLixian t1_j0sz3po wrote

people here know shit about pc, they are all phone users. out of all my 130 friends, only 12 knows decently about windows.


shung1209 t1_j0tbj7i wrote

not sure what part of ASIA you are talking, Taiwan is definitely not the case.


JustLixian t1_j0tczb3 wrote

southest asia, malaysia mainly. the pc base is small, the iphone / ipad user are large, but not mac. theres a reason many mobile games that comes from AAA pc company launch in southest asia first, like ubisoft, ea, riot games. the base player is already here


Deljm99 t1_j0txfzf wrote

True, office workers use pc and windows, but know jack shit bout it


ZonerRoamer t1_j0ttx0p wrote

I mean SEA, China and the Indian-sub continent combined are ~ 4 billion people; most countries have incredible economic growth, we are talking GDP per capita doubling every 5 years, huge middle classes.

Heck Mercs, BMWs, Audis, Jaguars and Porsches sell like hot cakes in my city in south India, am sure the market is worth it for any kind of tech hardware.

I think most western companies don't realize the potential of these markets, like we don't even get SEA servers for most online games still.


JustLixian t1_j0pmv16 wrote

as a southest asian, ill wait patiently. perhaps can snatch one from singapore easily


vassadar t1_j0pqtjl wrote

Wonder why Singapore isn't among the first in Asia.


Cyberjin t1_j0pxkjg wrote

They probably have steam statistics


the_k_nine_2 t1_j0r9baz wrote

steam is very popular in singapore though


Cyberjin t1_j0t36nf wrote

Could be, but valve probably takes a look at the most profitable markets in Asia. They have the Data, how many active users, how many games they are buying etc.


archiegamez t1_j0ppfi7 wrote

SEA isn't Asia huh? Sadge


LifeSad07041997 t1_j0q4rzv wrote

Probably due to partner supplier not having the coverage here...

Hopefully it's sooner so we don't have to parallel import it...


darti_me t1_j0s7r73 wrote

Logistically its a cake walk. China is a stone’s throw away from all SEA countries and is already a major trading partner.

Scalpers are raking in 60-100% over SRP on Steam Decks and GPUs atm so people are clearly willing to pay top dollar for latest PC tech


JustLixian t1_j0syxrh wrote

yeah, we make amd chips here. ps5, xbox, ryzen and rx are made on malaysia. not all, but there are factories. i dont see why valve couldnt just open a factory here and made the logistics easier for the whole asia


colonel_error t1_j0sfza3 wrote

I'm also in SEA, but not in one of the regions that had it available for purchase on Steam. Steam Decks are starting to hit our local game store shelves now. The lowest model costs about $100 more, which is not great, but it's still a lot better when compared to the gray market which sells it at roughly twice the SRP.


tepig099 t1_j0tbpww wrote

I just got mine off Lazada.

I’m an American living in Philippines. Legit Steam Deck from GameExtreme.

Yes, it was about 125$ more for the base model, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I’m just happy, I finally have something to play PC games wherever, and whenever I’m not at my desk, so I can show the scrubs what they’re missing out being locked into Android or iOS.


vassadar t1_j0pqqrk wrote

Not Singapore nor Thailand yet.


ZonerRoamer t1_j0ra08e wrote

It's literally only available in 4 small asian countries. Article makes it sound like it's all of Asia.


Knooze t1_j0pypa2 wrote

So. If I get this and a docking station, will it work with a HOTAS? Cause $650USD + a dock seems a lot less expensive than my projected PC build.


NeverComments t1_j0qo6p2 wrote

Keep in mind the specs in the Deck are designed for an 800p30 target in higher end games. I’ve been pretty disappointed with docked performance and image quality and wouldn’t recommend one if you aren’t primarily interested in handheld use.


Knooze t1_j0qp3ao wrote

Thank you. That’s feedback I needed.


Halvus_I t1_j0r3fz9 wrote

I played Spider-Man and Uncharted 4 full through on Steam Deck docked to a 42" 4k. It was great.


Seven2Death t1_j0q3x4z wrote

quick google says hotas works fine with linux. but you might wanna look into it yourself. but yeah otherwise its a subsidized gaming pc. you should probably watch this video first tho.

they go over the pros and cons. they kinda fail to mention you can just install windows tho so a lot of their complaints are moot. but most people who buy a deck wouldnt do. that so i get it.


Knooze t1_j0q8hmo wrote

Yeah. I saw that same post and hoped for real world info. But I’ll. Heck out the video. Thank you!


[deleted] t1_j0rmmmn wrote



Knooze t1_j0s9y7r wrote

Guess I’m back to my 3080 builds. I appreciate you taking time to give some great feedback. I’ve got a 49” 5120x1440 and have been advised to get an xx80 card for it.

My last custom build was a Pentium and that was a long time ago. Had a Matrox 3DFS card and loved it at the time. Mexhwarrior2, Quake, DukeNukem3D days.

Seeing some decent spec’s systems on ibuypower and thinking of getting a prebuilt with upgradability.


Sanket254 t1_j0qxwum wrote

India is not part of Asia Anymore?


LetterZee t1_j0qcrep wrote

Never thought I'd love my deck as much as I do. You're gonna love it.


Cyberjin t1_j0pxfui wrote

When do we expect an upgrade again?


NeverComments t1_j0qq6ot wrote

In a recent interview they mentioned work on an OLED revision with improved battery life as a potential next step. Q4 2023 or Q1 2024 is my blind speculation. Deck 2 with improved performance is probably several years away.


LeCrushinator t1_j0r9nmp wrote

Based on AMDs APUs, I’d guess 18-24 months, at least. Unless the next upgrade doesn’t include performance.


Plainbrain867 t1_j0q7dyi wrote

How does this compare to a gaming PC in terms of strictly gaming not other features? Is it like a low end gaming computer when docked?


HellsMalice t1_j0qbmti wrote

At its native resolution you can run basically any game. Might need to be on low settings for the big titles like Cyberpunk if you want to be closer to stable 60.Though many can be run at 30 fps on higher settings. And of course basically everything else runs stable 60. It's quite impressive.

I've never docked it before but sounds like it runs basically the same and at 1080p on tvs/monitors.


NeverComments t1_j0qthz7 wrote

>Might need to be on low settings for the big titles like Cyberpunk if you want to be closer to stable 60

The Deck is not capable of a stable 60 in Cyberpunk. Older games run great but I would tell people to expect a 30~40 cap on most modern titles.


tym0 t1_j0rcr4r wrote

Absolutely, I would say that Cyberpunk is not "playable" at native res. You can get to 30 sometimes but it's bad enough that it's not gonna be a good experience. By comparison Horizon Zero Dawn can get dips from 40fps but you'll still enjoy yourself.


NeverComments t1_j0rhj4w wrote

The built-in Deck configuration for Cyberpunk does give me a pretty stable 30 which I would consider very playable! But I wasn't able to achieved a locked 60 even at 400p on the lowest possible settings.

I think a 30-40 target is perfectly fine for portable play but the post above was setting up potential buyers with unrealistic expectations. You won't be able to run games like Spider-Man, Cyberpunk, Elden Ring etc. at a stable 60 even if you drop the settings as low as they can possibly go.


IslandHamo t1_j0rmsb1 wrote

So are the internal components upgradeable?


NeverComments t1_j0ry0r1 wrote

The storage is upgradeable but the rest of the system (CPU/GPU/RAM) is a single package.


tym0 t1_j0tr92b wrote

I don't have my deck with me but doesn't the Steamdeck preset enable FSR? I found FSR turns game into mush at that resolution, especially Cyberpunk with its UI rendered in-world so I only play at native res.


vassadar t1_j0s7iiu wrote

How is battery life?


NeverComments t1_j0sjup6 wrote

The Deck has a theoretical maximum of 8 hours at the battery’s peak capacity if all components are using minimum power draw. Real world battery life is around 90 minutes in max workloads (e.g. playing Cyberpunk) and 2~4 hours in most workloads. You can manually limit TDP and clamp clock speeds on CPU/GPU to extend battery life upwards of 5~6 hours in retro 2D games.


caribbean_caramel t1_j0qci6x wrote

Its a gaming PC, it just run SteamOs/Linux but you can install Windows 10/11 on it, though it won't be as nice as Steam Os.


sarrazoui38 t1_j0qd1g7 wrote

Its not close to a gaming pc in terms of performance.

You're running games like elden ring at low settings


caribbean_caramel t1_j0qdd9m wrote

Its a low end gaming handled PC, its more comparable to a gaming laptop than a desktop gaming PC


FerricDonkey t1_j0rhp2b wrote

I have a ~$1200 gaming laptop (when I bought it a couple years ago) and a steam deck. The steam deck is an amazing little machine, and I quite like it, especially at its price point. But it's not as powerful as the laptop.


sarrazoui38 t1_j0qdlq2 wrote

You'll get better performance from a laptop though.

Its not powerful at all.

You're buying this for portable gaming. You should not buy this for any performance expectations at all


realityfooledme t1_j0qxl4p wrote

I have one. After being a console gamer since 2002-ish. This is my soft open to seeing if I want to invest in a gaming PC.

It totally eclipses my switch and I have a much smoother experience than I’ve had with my ps4 lately. It runs gamepass pretty well and games like prey,control, and dishonored 1/2 run on it just fine without any performance changes.

The steam shop lets you know how well set up the game is for the deck and it often undersells how well it works. I’ve got a couple games that aren’t certified for the deck that run without issue. I have a 3rd party dock with a 2tb memory bank for playing on my tv with a scuf control or keyboard and mouse and it switches modes seamlessly.

You obviously aren’t getting a full bore gaming PC experience but this thing has exceeded my expectations and I haven’t even got into the tweaks and emulator side of things. Its good enough that I’m not really sure I can justify a pc. I’ll probably just get s gaming monitor.

I cannot recommend it enough.


duke_skywookie t1_j0qruwy wrote

Switzerland still waiting. Gnnnnnnnnnn.


Fredasa t1_j0r4l71 wrote

I've been tempted to pick one of these up, but if I'm being honest, the one game I've played this whole year that would have made sense to play on a portable device was Pentiment. I'm just too married to 4K60+ on a 55 inch display. I really admire Valve for doing everything right with this thing, though.

Is supply still constrained or something?


Beischlaf t1_j0r9yo3 wrote

Australia counts right?


...right Anakin?


rk9__ t1_j0ss7o9 wrote

It ain’t easy being OCE


triadwarfare t1_j0pw7hj wrote

We've already got sellers here in the Philippines, but I'm not sure of their legality. They may be grey market sellers. All of them are out of stock though.

I kinda wish I had the money though, but the high prices of everything's killing my savings.


arthurdont t1_j0qafk1 wrote

I never expect any company to sell stuff in India, the article unfortunately didn't disappoint :(


The_Mindbender t1_j0rwqfe wrote

Got one a few months ago and I love it. Next gens will be amazing.


Elnaur t1_j0qti4q wrote

As a South African, I wonder if we'll ever get it...


alien3d t1_j0si473 wrote

is this joke title ? across 3 country only. japan, south korea and china specific (taiwan and hongkong) ?

3/ 48 country = 6% country only.. Across . fake news.


MrDannn t1_j0slkvf wrote

This means little for those in South East Asia anyway. That’s why I ask my cousin in the Us to bring back one for me


Transaktion t1_j0ua9hr wrote

I am waiting for the next gen.


dbcher t1_j0s3ukh wrote

I'm super excited. I put in my pre-order (reservation) months ago and it might actually arrive before Christmas.


veotrade t1_j0qwoep wrote

Looks like Steam forgot Vietnam exists.

If anyone in Ho Chi Minh needs one, I’m happy to sell. Brand new, unopened. Have several with me. The decks are a better store of value than Steam wallet’s $2k limit or csgo skins, so I just have boxes of decks in storage.


jakart3 t1_j0pm380 wrote

Can I play pirated PC games with that ? (For games that can be played on it)


JustLixian t1_j0pmo4w wrote

yes, but there will be a shit ton more tweaking. and there will be little to no help when that happens. if you mean native linux, absolutely.

pay your games, if its indie. support small business


drmirage809 t1_j0pywm9 wrote

It's a fun thing he's talking about pirating his games. Steam basically killed the PC gaming piracy scene (or reduced to next to nothing). GabeN understood that piracy was never a pricing problem, but a convenience problem.

When it is easier to hack a game to work than it is to buy it then you're doing something wrong. So Steam just makes getting a game and getting it to work about as easy and painless as possible. (Outside of maybe GoG with their no DRM policy, but their selection isn't quite as big.)


wrongsage t1_j0qhgbj wrote

Yes, but fuck always online singleplayer games.

Sekiro, Doom Eternal... why?


OldBoyZee t1_j0r009r wrote

Sekiro is always online on pc?

I didnt even know it had an online on consoles.


CatInAPottedPlant t1_j0r67dc wrote

you can play Sekiro offline, the only difference is that you won't get bloodstains (I forget what they're called in Sekiro) which are nice but not remotely necessary to play the game.


OldBoyZee t1_j0racrw wrote

O, right, i remember those when i had psn. I didnt actually use it when I first played it.


HellsMalice t1_j0q9pd4 wrote

In case you weren't aware, real human beings with lives and families also work at big studios, so specifying "indie" is pretty pathetic. Support games you enjoy, period. If you're going to pirate, do it but don't pretend you have some moral and just excuse. You don't. You're hurting real people regardless of how many people are employed to work on the game.


JustLixian t1_j0s168g wrote

yeah, i would totally support company that's ok with sexual harassment, not adding rhe most basic feature , predatory behaviour, micro transactions in 60$ GAME, and adding denuvo to harm nothing but their own user.

i would repay hades or dead cells for the game anytime than this


Seven2Death t1_j0q2tcl wrote

yeah. you could also just install windows and pirate on there if you want. its just a pc.


IslandHamo t1_j0rn2cb wrote

That’s so bad dude. Pay for games as you are supporting developers


Seven2Death t1_j0rtj9j wrote

i own black ops. yet if i want to play offline zombies i need to use a cracked version. not all devs are humble little guys.


IslandHamo t1_j0s5rbm wrote

That’s fair was on more on the steam train of indie devs.


jdp111 t1_j0rbmcv wrote

Would be more steps and a bit more complicated on steam os. If you install windows it would be no different than any windows PC. Though steam os is overall a better experience but dualbooting is an option.


caribbean_caramel t1_j0qc3zn wrote

Technically yes you can, it's a full gaming PC on handheld format. But please don't pirate games.


NeverComments t1_j0ri2vw wrote

>please don't pirate games

The /r/gadgets community determined this statement "controversial" :)


Roro1985 t1_j0qlbef wrote

I cancel my order a few weeks ago the reviews I saw didn't inspire me to spend over 400 euro on it


VizualAbstract4 t1_j0q0w3v wrote

I wonder if we’ll hear reports about issues with hand sizes in Asian countries.

I remember when the original Xbox came out, there were lots of articles going on about how Xbox wouldn’t do well, or wasn’t doing well, and all of the reports claiming it was because the controller was “too big for them”, and totally not related to a lack of software for their target audience (no RPGs), lol.

Because now it totally shouldn’t be due to a lack of software, but times have changed and curious to see if a sliver of racism will reappear in these so-called reports.


Abestar909 t1_j0qb8k4 wrote

You know different types of people do have different size hands, right? Not sure how it's racism to think comfort might play a role.

But hey this is Reddit and everything has to be racist these days right?


BIGSTANKDICKDADDY t1_j0qoxeh wrote

People often bring up Japanese hand size when discussing the design of the Switch despite the near identical hand size of the average Japanese and American male. Americans think their hands are larger when they’re actually just fatter.


PooperJackson t1_j0qxovm wrote

What was with that awful original Xbox controller size in the states when it came out? Did they just think everyone here had gigantic hands or something lol.


VizualAbstract4 t1_j1295zw wrote

Crazy how up in arms Redditors get when they think they’re being accused of fucking racism. Calm down.


Abestar909 t1_j12s3ns wrote

I didn't think you were accusing me of racism, is your reading comprehension really that poor?


LifeSad07041997 t1_j0q4krw wrote

Well... Bias would always be there. But this is like the 1st mass market handheld that you can play PC games on, that's probably the coverage.