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JustChillDudeItsGood t1_j0ued5i wrote

I also asked it to write an ABC adventure story featuring my two toddlers, it did very well - now need to get the images done and printed from midjourney


HBPhilly1 t1_j0up8cz wrote

Lol I did a kid story about cats. Fucking thing wrote a pretty good story in 2 seconds. Scary cool stuff.


TaxingAuthority t1_j0vr316 wrote

This is a fantastic idea! What service are you using to print and bind the book? Do you have any advice on getting good illustrations from AI image generators?


JustChillDudeItsGood t1_j0w0me2 wrote

I'm going to print it as a photo book through Google photos - I'm using Midjourney and Niji Journey for images and upscaling them through my iPhone app AI Enlarger's 4k anime setting

I'm also a graphic designer by trade md will be using photoshop to clean up weird hand and make minimal changes. A is for adventure!

C is for crossing Crocodiles

P is Pirate Port

B is for a boat ride adventure across the seA

Those are all raw outputs - I'm using the same artists for each prompt but will still need to bring the vibe together and make it feel seamless


Tommyg725 t1_j0vxon3 wrote

I have been trying to put ChatGPT responses into AI art generators to no avail do you have any tips, all my respects are just mush