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Frances_Zappa t1_j0uz8qp wrote

My friend is in school and says its still on the downlow, but that he knows people who have completed very intricate coding assignments. Essays comparing literature.

Im curious if I can use it to create music. Generate MIDI sequences and such.


chisoph t1_j0v1etd wrote

I was able to use it to generate some very simple LaTeX documents, like a resume template. It's so fucking awesome


checker280 t1_j0vzfel wrote

This! I was trying to figure out how to write an intro letter to a corporation I hoped to work for that wasn’t geared toward new graduates or free internships and it offered a few templates easily


hus_k_ t1_j0v4o17 wrote

It is text only, I just tried haha. It'll tell you where to place a beat but can't output a file. If it was connected to another sub Ai that could do it, perhaps


TeH_MasterDebater t1_j0v8mkh wrote

In this video a guy managed to do it by asking ChatGPT to produce a melody in the form of a tuple expressing pitch and duration. Then he played it using Python and a library called Scamp. It's a pretty cool workaround to not being able to express music notes directly but I don't think it'll be winning any Grammy's soon.


uqde t1_j0vtpca wrote

There are ways around the text limitations if you’re creative enough. I saw a youtuber play chess against ChatGPT by using standard written-out chess notation. (The AI started attempting illegal moves after about 10 turns, but according to the person that was better than any other text-based AI he’s tested)


TangoDeltaFoxtrot t1_j0vg373 wrote

Yeah, I imagine it would be relatively simple for another program to translate text to music


elglas t1_j0w1g8o wrote

Our national broadcaster raves about it... It won't be on the down low much longer.


commodoregoat t1_j0vdmey wrote

Yeah it can make music & MIDI sequences. Search for Musenet, it's another OpenAI project.


ApatheticWithoutTheA t1_j0vvo6e wrote

It doesn’t do well at coding anything past a novice level right now.

If you give it something complicated, about half the time it will give you a very convincing wrong answer that appears it will work at first glance but is slightly off. Or it will give you an answer that works but isn’t done in a way that is considered best practice or is just outright a security issue.

It would probably mostly work for some freshmen/sophomore computer science classes though.

Source: I’m a Software Engineer that has been using it since the day it came out. It’s an amazing tool but it has a ways to go in regards to programming.


4hometnumberonefan t1_j0w3yvs wrote

Yeah it’s honestly screwed me over a few times and would have been better off just watching a youtube video. But still pointed me in the right direction.


checker280 t1_j0vz1un wrote

What is the copyright issues around you using their tool to come up with new creative sequences?

Say you used it to come up with a midi sequence that you use to create a billion dollar song… who wrote the song? It’s a for profit tool - do they deserve a cut?


VansAndOtherMusings t1_j0wc2vb wrote

You can use it to create fusion cooking recipes. Which I found pretty damn neat. May not taste good but it can blend and merge foods to create new dishes.