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ApatheticWithoutTheA t1_j0vuvuz wrote

It’s very dependent on how much you interact with it.

If two people give it a similar prompt, yeah, you’ll probably get a similar answer. But the more you talk to it and it direct it, it can become very tough to tell.

You can even paste in another paper you have written and have it copy your writing style.


foxhelp t1_j0w136n wrote

Which I think is a distinction of "very low effort cheaters" getting caught verses the "moderate effort cheaters"


adrolter t1_j0x92pj wrote

Still miles easier than actually doing the assignment, and will only become more so.


foxhelp t1_j0xs3ag wrote

I think that is where the other comment comes in that education needs to change / improve. Cause if you can google the answer, (or just ask chatgtp) does it make sense to be asking the question anymore as a form of evaluation?

my other comment goes as follows:

"The high school principal I talked with said it is actually a good thing this came about, as it is forcing them to rethink:

  • what kind of questions they ask in class/essays
  • evaluation methods that have largely been static
  • learning outcomes"

VansAndOtherMusings t1_j0wbxah wrote

In addition to the essays which I trialed and got a great passing score. You can manipulate it into incorporating academic sources and real world use cases. Yes of course you still need to read it edit, add nuance but the more you interact the more personal it gets and the line between chatGPT and Grammarly is blurred to all hell.

You can even paste your resume and have it write you a cover letter based on facts from your résumé incorporating the following job description: (pasted here)

And it works magnificent. Again still need to edit and clean up but it gets the majority of things right.


ApatheticWithoutTheA t1_j0wcrml wrote

Since I’ve been looking for a new dev job I’ve probably had it write me 20 cover letters in the last week lol.

I just paste in the job description, paste in my resume points. And boom, customized cover letter that is better than anything I could write. This thing is amazing for that. It’s pretty much made cover letters a non issue at this point.


VansAndOtherMusings t1_j0wd87j wrote

Oh yeah 100% I even use it to answer the other silly questions of why are you excited to work here or what about our mission excites you and as long as that organization has been around before 2021 it answers all of those questions.

I think the true key is using the chatgpt api in some way to make some money. Even if it’s not life changing money just something.


Whaines t1_j0xnkur wrote

And an AI is reading them too!


ApatheticWithoutTheA t1_j0xool7 wrote

Which reminds me that I filled out about 15 applications only to find out that my new resume wasn’t being parsed correctly by one of the major ATS software products API (Lever).

I probably wasted 8 hours of my life on those only to find out that the parser was putting everything in the wrong spots.