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DontTreadOnBigfoot t1_j1b5oyv wrote my laser-scanning microscope is gathering dust.


G0dofNothing t1_j1bea56 wrote

Well hey now you can finally start watching those old blu rays you got laying around with it!


vcsx t1_j1bklm3 wrote

Aw fuck now that’s gathering dust too THERE’S DUST EVERYWHERE.


Aeroshock t1_j1bm0vf wrote

The dust, it's recursive!


ball_soup t1_j1c6hej wrote

No problem, set your vacuum to rm -rf /usr/sbin/dustbin to forcefully and recursively remove the dust


Aozora404 t1_j1cq663 wrote

rm -rf /

Ah shit my finger slipped


Nick85er t1_j1cqi1j wrote

Lmfao goodbye system, Linux CLI can be brutal lol


The_Troyminator t1_j1egoi9 wrote

Dust is actually very interesting. You know, I have just the thing for you to use to look at it more closely....


M3at_Waffle t1_j1abpx3 wrote

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here's the video referenced in the article. Let's get it straight from the horse's mouth.

Edit: added link to part 2


xlylax t1_j1b02nd wrote

Arnold has found the circuit boards lllaaallllwwwll


1980techguy t1_j1b5we1 wrote

That laser microphone demo is wild.


SwitchRoute t1_j1bi6yz wrote

Spy craft has used laser beam mics..


1980techguy t1_j1bn0gn wrote

I was aware of this, but to DIY one with a common bluray drive is pretty dope.


BrandoLoudly t1_j1eys2j wrote

Was thinking ‘I’ll just watch this and build me one’. Expert DIY discovered nope


ImPeachMint t1_j1dplaz wrote

Hoo boy, you'd like what IFOS (intelligent fiber optic systems) is up to.


TheFox30 t1_j1cpy1r wrote

How is someone so knowledgeable about electronic and software, its mind blowing


Hugh_Jass_Clouds t1_j1d7qdu wrote

And to think this is someone who is only riding on the backs of someone who created this technology first. His genius is in making it even cheaper to make and use.


TheFox30 t1_j1dyj9f wrote

Even the team who made it don't have the same knowledge individually, they are a group of smart people, each have specific expertise in lasers, some in electronic, some in software , some in optics,


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ToolMeister t1_j1da2az wrote

To hear that the Samsung BluRay player was bricked in 2018 because of software is a crime


reightb t1_j1msbwo wrote

why is the horse talking and more importantly how does the horse make videos


[deleted] t1_j1bzdto wrote



FlaminJake t1_j1c1rtq wrote

How lazy are you? Literally was the next video for me on YouTube or check the creators YouTube page. Does your mom wipe your ass for you still?


Achtelnote t1_j1cda5b wrote

Was proly on phone or something, the fuck is with that aggression?


luigilabomba42069 t1_j1aeiq9 wrote

that's actually amazing


michaelcmetal t1_j1br6zp wrote

Ever see an optical mouse used as a low res camera? also an awesome little trick.


HandsOnGeek t1_j1c0tq2 wrote

No, but there was once a mouse that doubled as a scanner


Solace-Of-Dawn t1_j1cbdfs wrote

I actually have one of those. Unfortunately the scanner in mine stopped working after only two months. I still utilise it as a normal mouse.


wolfie379 t1_j1ctwfp wrote

I’ve seen (late 1980s/early 1990s) a magazine article about using a 16k DRAM chip as a low-res camera.


RolandMT32 t1_j1ajqtv wrote

I still use my blu-ray player.. Actually I have 2 of them.


[deleted] t1_j1auaz6 wrote



zerpified t1_j1avl3e wrote

Significantly. The slow death of physical media makes me intensely sad


[deleted] t1_j1awmsz wrote



zerpified t1_j1awzym wrote

I don't even have a great setup, pretty bare minimum 4k hdr10 tv, and it still makes such a huge difference just in compression alone. I'm not vehemently against streaming, but man physical media is such a better experience.


Seth_Imperator t1_j1b59kg wrote

But i feel it difficult to find new movies that have added value to watch in 4K atmos nowadays...or is it me? Appart from the marvels/hobbit and 90's feels like a waste of money. Edit: of course add alien, nolans or the thing


zerpified t1_j1b6h3m wrote

I mean, that's absolutely a valid opinion, but to me there is a ton of value in it. Some of my favorite 4ks are older movies, like Blade Runner, others are modern action flicks like John Wick that benefit from the wider color pallet of HDR. I'd say, for me, 9 out of 10 times a 4k disc is a notably better experience than streaming the same movie. Plus I just appreciate actually owning the movie. Its always a bummer when I want to watch a comfort movie that I thought was on Netflix, onky to find out that its gone. But that said, if it's not worth it to you, that's cool, I understand it doesn't matter to everyone. I just find it sad that it's becoming difficult to find physical versions of some movies.


Seth_Imperator t1_j1b6sc0 wrote

Forgot to add, i try to get only 4k BR with actual 4K scans, which is far from 100%. Sadly, we cannot get all the movies when you see the BR prices.


crazy_gambit t1_j1b8ezi wrote

Physical media for me is a terrible experience. Like I'm not getting up to change a disk. You can rip physical media to an HDD with the same quality and a nice interface to watch all your movies. That seems like a better experience to me.


zerpified t1_j1b8pjf wrote

That's all well and good, but to rip a disk, you still need the disk in the first place lmao. I do take your point though, I just like actually owning things when I can. Standing up won't kill me, if anything I should do it more


crazy_gambit t1_j1b92tb wrote


I mean I can't think of another way it could possibly be done...


cbzoiav t1_j1cttk8 wrote

You're not getting up for 30s to do something to keep you entertained for 2 hours?

If nothing else you probably want to go to the toilet before starting it playing anyway.


crazy_gambit t1_j1d57k0 wrote

You overestimate me. I have to get up, look for the case for a lot longer than 30s, pray it's inside the right case, hope it's not scratched to oblivion and then do the same for the case of the disk inside the player.

Yeah, I was not made for physical media. I game on consoles and even understanding the advantages of physical media (namely that you can resell them) I never went back once they offered the option to buy digitally.


fish_in_a_barrels t1_j1b0dvg wrote

Local server quality seems just as good to me as physical media.


Mr_pessimister t1_j1b1n4f wrote

It is as long as it's a source quality rip and thus the same bitrate.


[deleted] t1_j1b8xxm wrote



fish_in_a_barrels t1_j1bdi1n wrote

I agree.

edit: I looked for a physical copy of halo infinite for 3 days yesterday in a city of 500,000 to no avail.


Raziel66 t1_j1bkl5x wrote

I thought a physical copy of halo infinite just prompts you to download the game?


rhandyrhoads t1_j1bvwql wrote

While this is generally the case these days (there are installation files on the discs iirc, but they're usually out of date), the benefit of a physical disc is that you actually own the game. Digital copy it's tied to your account so if you get banned then you lose your games as well while a physical copy you can download across accounts and resell as you wish.


fish_in_a_barrels t1_j1cb74x wrote

Thanks for this. I asked the store clerk about this and they didn't know shit.


fish_in_a_barrels t1_j1b1sgk wrote

That's what I figured as long as the hdd isn't some potato from 20 years ago.


eobardtame t1_j1b24bt wrote

Ebay has become an awesome cheap source for old console games, dvds, blu rays, and audiobooks on CD. No more messing around with what streaming service has what, and when itll randomly disappear. I just keep building the collection


marklein t1_j1b7wyf wrote

My problem is that I never want to watch anything twice.


elton_john_lennon t1_j1bbkb9 wrote

Not owning a copy and being able to play it whenever you want is what makes me sad as well.

Streaming platforms can take down whatever they want at any moment, HBO Max is taking down Westworld from the platform, and I feel like the newest season was uploaded yesterday..


Maktesh t1_j1brb6h wrote

Agreed. I'm not pro-piracy in an unrestricted sense, but I will resort to whatever means necessary to preserve the media I love.

Insofar as quality goes, the difference between watching (true) 4K UHD on disk vs. a compressed steam is quite noticeable. The recent remaster of The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a great example.

  1. Actual ownership
  2. Tangible display
  3. Overall quality

These are reasons enough to maintain some physicality in media.


Dirtylicious t1_j1bvf18 wrote

They already took it down. I was in the middle of binging and it was suddenly gone. I thought i had until the end of the year.


PerpetualCalamity t1_j1bxwzi wrote

Aww, wtf. I didn't even get a chance to watch the last season, it was taken down today. I usually pause my subscriptions during the summer thru winter holidays and start them back up again for the slow winter months into spring.


Two_Coast_Man t1_j1byxws wrote

Consider yourself lucky. I wish someone had told me it was cancelled after season 2 and then I just never found out about the other seasons. It's like season 8 of GOT but somehow makes less sense.


SebasLop t1_j1b4odx wrote

Then I guess you better not turn it into a laser-scanning microscope


KFR42 t1_j1cuej5 wrote

I get a much better picture from discs than from streaming. So I always get films I care about on disc.


GeT_Tilted t1_j1czqkt wrote

Because movies on streaming services have lower bitrate to ensure everyone can stream it to their homes.


KFR42 t1_j1d0luh wrote

I know, but my broadband is pretty crappy too, which makes them even worse. Perfectly watchable, but if I want the best experience I have to go physical.


Horizon96 t1_j1d0yf1 wrote

Yeah I love my 4K player, streaming is great for a lot of stuff but if I'm watching a really good looking film, there's just no comparison to physical media.


smaugington t1_j1d1dfz wrote

Blu-ray disc is actually the only storage unit that can last a lifetime currently. They have no organic material in them so don't breakdown as easily. 25-100 years depending on the disc compared to a HDD that doesn't last longer than 10 years.

The only downside is the cost of blank discs aren't that cheap because they aren't a common thing anymore.


Woodrow999 t1_j1bcshd wrote

What do I turn my laser-scanning microscope into when it starts to collect dust?


Tidesticky t1_j1bewdg wrote

Anyone make a list of things to scan with my laser scanning microscope?


Frido1976 t1_j1bn7py wrote

Scan the collected dust...?


Tidesticky t1_j1cfl0j wrote

Some real good ideas. Glad I asked your advice


Frido1976 t1_j1cnjir wrote

Yeah, wouldn't want to miss that one, eh? You're welcome 😁


roninXpl t1_j1bdr9r wrote

But someone must rip BR movies for torrent!


1aranzant t1_j1d3l00 wrote

all those sweet remuxes


Sector__7 t1_j1dcaho wrote

I only download full ISOs so that I can convert the entire disc down to a BD-25 to then burn to a blank BD-R and watch in my player. The extras are really worth it. Especially, for the old movies that you’ve watched a million times but have never seen the deleted scenes.


VRDV2 t1_j1appeu wrote

PlayStations made blu rays obsolete for me.


arthurdentstowels t1_j1bpdbs wrote

Original PS3 was GOAT. Even did Stereoscopic 3D for my series 6300 Samsung and Dolby TrueHD over optical. That machine was developed too early and never utilised to its full potential.
I remember Folding@Home where people all over the world used their PS3’s power to help protein folding simulations. I ran mine A LOT when I wasn’t there, probably helped kill it.


SupposablyAtTheZoo t1_j1cn0or wrote

I still use 2 as dvd and Blu Ray player. I also have the media remotes, they're awesome!


mechanicalgrapes t1_j1b3b3a wrote

I initially was super excited as I misread the title and thought they were creating a rust/corrosion removal laser from a blu-ray player. (Which would be f-ing incredible!!) I saw the model and it is the same on collecting dust on my entertainment center. 🤩🤩

Holy crap!! I can do this!! Then, I read the article. 😔 This went from level 1000 to 75. Still very cool though!


arthurdentstowels t1_j1bpz41 wrote

Hi guys. Today I’m turning these 120 Blu-Ray players into a 240 Megawatt laser that can give a blue whale a suntan in four seconds!
^Don’t ^forget ^to ^like ^and ^subscribe.


sndeang51 t1_j1brume wrote

Go back to bed Styropyro :p


wellcooked_sushi t1_j1ebh0x wrote

I love him and his work with lasers and electricity and everything that can kill a human in less time than it takes someone to say "oh crap I'm gonna die"


Tibbaryllis2 t1_j1c03jx wrote

Sigh. How many microwaves do I need to take apart without dying?


jaydawg_74 t1_j1c1928 wrote

Or I could use it to watch my blu ray collection.


Sector__7 t1_j1dbxit wrote

Why would you want to do that when you can look at each disc under your new microscope? This has got to be one of the stupidest articles out there. Maybe it might be worth doing if you can pickup a used player cheap but even then it’d be a gimmick as you’d probably end up using it one or two times then that’s it. After that, it’d just become another e-waste product.


JonathanB72 t1_j1bmhdf wrote

Kipkay on YouTube doing experiments with lasers off of these was my intro into engineering tbh


tsunami141 t1_j1ev24r wrote

Now that is a name I have not heard in a long time.


Boloar t1_j1bosid wrote

Mount it on your cat and you'll have a laser CAT scanner


KRed75 t1_j1c6c13 wrote

Never went blu-ray. HD-DVD is the future.


stumac85 t1_j1ctaj6 wrote

I went from DVD, to HD-DVD (even bought the external drive for the XBOX 360 lol), to piracy (couldn't be arsed buying a Blu-ray when the rips were pretty easy to get) and finally to streaming services as a reward to the industry making things accessible at a fair rate.

Now, I do still dabble in piracy as there's too many damn streaming services!


KRed75 t1_j1e5cei wrote

I bought one for the Xbox 360 also. Used the hell out of it too. I got a bunch or movies for free when they were pushing HD-DVD. Picked up a bunch more on clearance when the discontinued it. I do have a PS3 which has blu-ray but I've only ever used it for games.

I do own several movies in blu-ray but I bought them for $3 to $4 at walmart for the digital copy only. Way cheaper than buying digital copies.

I have trouble keeping up with all the shows I'm watching on streaming services. Tried keeping a spreadsheet but after adding like 200 shows to the list, I gave up.


Ranzoid t1_j1cmp3g wrote

Dust? Dude, Netflix doesn't have behind the seen documentaries, filmmaker and cast commentaries and trailer libraries.


ZealousidealWinner t1_j1cnzu6 wrote

Why would I want to do that? I rather watch classics from 4K discs than the pap Netflix has.


not_a-button t1_j1axn0n wrote

Can I use a dvd player?


lemlurker t1_j1bc802 wrote

Yes, ang compact disc optical system will work


dzsimbo t1_j1bd07p wrote

You could, but the resolution would probably be worth due to longer wavelength.

But if you go through the hassle of making one, I'd really recommend getting a used or bricked blue ray player.


bernpfenn t1_j1bm7je wrote

This guy knows electonics


fuckpepsi2 t1_j1c77e2 wrote

Ah yes, another thing that my PlayStation 3 can do for some reason


357FireDragon357 t1_j1brvvn wrote

In the near future, dust will be worth more than Platinum.


goingneon t1_j1c6dul wrote

give me a blank check and ill shoot a movie with a bluray player


Locha6 t1_j1co9x2 wrote

I can do that?


Skipper_TheEyechild t1_j1fhayi wrote

Or maybe start buying blu-rays or 4K UHDs again. That way we can combat the stagnent wave of identical films coming out of Hollywood and put money back into independent filmmakers pockets.


model1966 t1_j1awzl5 wrote

This guy is next level brilliant.


xwolf360 t1_j1dn3ql wrote

My ps3 broke but the blue ray disc reader still works is it worth anything?


TheKingOfDub t1_j1dped0 wrote

Huge amount of effort and knowledge. Unfortunately, it doesn’t deliver much magnification


ernyc3777 t1_j1e63dw wrote

Now I can put my PS4 to use!


dudreddit t1_j1e8bqw wrote

Not another project! I'm on it ...


Doppelkammertoaster t1_j20e63r wrote

Not here. I am happy to have most of my favourite movies and shows on Blu Ray. Not only for the quality and extras but also the streaming provider shenanigans. I hate that we can't get some great shows on disc yet. Some of them are only on DVD and that's not an option.


crackeddryice t1_j1bzblo wrote

The only one I have is in my computer. It's from my previous build, but still worked, so I put it in this computer. It's about eight years old now. However, I still do rarely use it. Some movies I want to see aren't available any other way.

I can't think of any need for a laser scanning microscope--I think I'd rather not know, if you know what I mean.


tommad2000 t1_j1cz81c wrote



Yogi-DMetel t1_j1czd45 wrote

Boom… boom… boom… another one bites the..