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fordfan919 t1_j1mpknc wrote

Hopefully they can make super high capacity memory modules with this.


RYUMASTER45 t1_j1mzlv0 wrote

This is brilliant.


carvedmuss8 t1_j1n3fkn wrote

20% increase in performance with a 23% drop in power usage. Even with the numbers being tested in a lab and not the real world environment, that's crazy


firedrakes t1_j1ok434 wrote

the largest market for this will be hpc/servers. power reduction they will switch fast.

good server ram will be cheaper on used market... 500gb or a 1tb cheap.


Synaptic_Jack t1_j1ojztd wrote

True, and I’m looking forward to someone getting their hands on them and putting them through their paces


mark-haus t1_j1pg7dt wrote

When I hear Ram and power usage I immediately think of the benefits that gives unified memory systems like APUs. That basically means faster APUs that are already approaching middle gaming performance


Xen0n1te t1_j1o1mlj wrote

and it’s gonna cost $700


TheBrave-Zero t1_j1o4yt4 wrote

800$ by next year because inflation got inflated


NootHawg t1_j1p9odn wrote

Yo dawg, you got inflated inflation in yo inflation, so we inflated some more inflation fo yo inflation… some billionaire in their best Xzibit voice😂


EmperorOfNada t1_j1pw5ut wrote

Means my finance guy is gonna make me pack more virtual machines on hosts in the datacenter. Once they learned about virtualization it was all over.

Damn you ‘cost over performance’ analysis guy!!


TeamSevenLeader t1_j1nrzfv wrote

I don’t know electronics very well, is this for laptops or desktops?


StarsMine t1_j1nshl6 wrote



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CloneEngineer t1_j1o9rss wrote

12 nm is the size of the internal wiring. Smaller feature size means lower power, higher speeds and.greater density (smaller physical size).

The DRAM packages can be mounted to Printed circuit boards (PCBs) for laptop, desktop or server form.factors.


_AutomaticJack_ t1_j1p75sm wrote

Servers, at first. High capacity and low voltage. Cutting your power budget is real shit when you're running thousands of machines... Trickle down to laptops and then desktops eventually....


-Stuxnet t1_j1ptepo wrote

First probably servers and other businesses needs, after that probably consumer pcs and laptops might take a bit longer.


futuristicalnur t1_j1oclch wrote

All of that went past my head


nomnommish t1_j1p5gwt wrote

You need to be a dramurai to understand this


mvfsullivan t1_j1pcrbu wrote

What in gods flat green Earth is a Dramurai?

(btw flat = joke just fyi - I know Earth is a donut)


nomnommish t1_j1qndt3 wrote

Never mind. It is an old The Register reference. Old school tech journalism


Chr0ll0_ t1_j1nm0wk wrote

Pretty cool


Yeetus_McSendit t1_j1o8zjo wrote

Can they use the 5nm process from processors for ram?


mdoom23 t1_j1on41n wrote

Well transistors vs capacitors.

But if you really want your mind blown, the "5 nm process" isn't actually transistors that are 5nm in length. These numbers are more marketing terms and names of distinct generations more than actual physical dimensions.

In fact, the 5nm generation of CPUs actually are closer to transistors that are 35-40 nm in length.

The physical dimensions and the names haven't really been aligned in nearly three decades.

Drives me nuts. So misleading.


gramathy t1_j1pdsvt wrote

is 5 nm the resolution of the process? So the transistors aren't 5 nm, but creating a usable semiconductor structure requires precision on the order of 5 nm


andynator1000 t1_j1pf6en wrote

“5nm” is not related in any way to feature size or precision. It’s just a marketing name for the manufacturing process that followed “7nm”.


FreeLegendaries t1_j1pnlmi wrote

what happens after 1nm


47ES t1_j1or730 wrote

Kind of yes, but way too expense. RAM is a commodity, even the ultra high end stuff.


TESEVLA t1_j1oenwy wrote

The engineering put into this is mind blowing!


Nomis420 t1_j1o414f wrote

This is probably the technology that Linus from LTT has in his custom RAM


DarkerSavant t1_j1ob9z4 wrote

I don’t think so. I think his was the same as everyone else’s he just got to make his own set.


New_Area7695 t1_j1ojea2 wrote

He got some weird module config that was NDAd


FUTURE10S t1_j1ovf7p wrote

Yeah, instead of being a power of 2, he had 24GB sticks. It's weird.


danielv123 t1_j1pptd0 wrote

I believe those are what micron uses to make their dualsided 48gb server modules.


SpectralMagic t1_j1orwtz wrote

This is why we buy Samsung electronics, they actually out here making everything in-house to never skip on quality. Mostly speaking about their m.2 ssd's as they don't use shit components to build them.


rosesandtherest t1_j1yh15g wrote

Lmao, just two days ago a post said 600,000 dishwashers are bring recalled as many are setting themselves on fire, or like how their washing machines exploded a few years ago or how other of their appliances are prone to fire


lavendermp t1_j1pqcin wrote

ever heard of evo 980?


SpectralMagic t1_j1r6t9o wrote

Yush, I own one. Is there something I should know about them?? o_O


lavendermp t1_j1r6zh1 wrote

i dont want to upset you but they are trash


SpectralMagic t1_j1r9xmc wrote

Untell me rn 🔫


lavendermp t1_j1race0 wrote

usually m2 contains ddram to perform caching. they removed it on 980 (try copy large file over 10 20gb you will see how slow it is)


THEKONIG t1_j1omitn wrote

Awesome. Moores law is still alive!!!


pi_designer t1_j1pspw3 wrote

Interesting fact. The silicon memory die has bond pads running down the centre and it is fitted face down. The package substrate has a slot running through the centre. The silicon is electrically connected to the bottom of the substrate (the side with solder balls) by wires stitched through the slot. This is then covered in a strip of mould compound visible in the image. Super fast signals, super cheap construction.


awvandyke t1_j1pqwht wrote

Jokes on them, I download all my ram


misc0007 t1_j1pxuep wrote

How many years away... to benefit common man?


rekabis t1_j1oh8qg wrote

If it’s anything like their domestic appliances, it’ll destroy most any computer it’s installed into, and likely burn the house down as well.

Edit: Ooo… fanboys be upset someone be calling out their tech god for a legitimate slide in QC.


SomewhatIntriguing t1_j1ojsqu wrote

Guess you haven't heard of Samsung NVME chips, they're among the highest quality SSDs.


rekabis t1_j1ola0s wrote

Oh, I have. But large swaths of Samsung’s product lines have not just dropped into the gutter over the last 24-36, but have gone clear down into the sewers. Their QC has gone from abysmally bad to pretty much non-existent, and I fear that many formerly-lauded products are no longer up to snuff. That it’s only a matter of time before real-world usage reports start overwhelming the inertia of stellar prior impressions.

I know people in the local appliance repair industry, as well as in appliance sales. According to them, Samsung now accounts for more product issues within the first two years of ownership than all other brands combined. Including the cheap Chinese and Indian off-brands.

And that can’t be good.


Stunning_Honeydew201 t1_j1omgfo wrote

I'm an appliance repair technician & have been for 10+ years & can confirm. It's so bad one big box store almost refused to sell them anymore. Samsung had to make some concessions on warranty stuff because the store was loosing a lot $$ on their extended warranty.


SomewhatIntriguing t1_j1pzad2 wrote

Cool, I just thought we were talking about computer memory, not large appliances.


rekabis t1_j1qn7be wrote

> I just thought we were talking about computer memory, not large appliances.

When a single company makes both, the company culture that allows one product line to rot into supremely unreliable crap is the same culture controlling the other as well. It’s only a matter of time.


SapFireMC t1_j1sopd1 wrote

That's a slippery slope. So far, Samsung electronics are perfectly fine. Their appliance sector is a whole another thing.

Can you really not think of a single company that has a spectacular line of one type of product but also has a terrible line of other products? In fact, I'd say the vast majority of companies are like this, and I can't name a single company that has perfect SKU's all around


gsoClarke t1_j1qmwql wrote

Apple had entered the chat.

Might you have any links to support those claims, Mac?


rekabis t1_j1qo5tr wrote

> Apple had entered the chat.

Ah, yes. The company with a fraction of the issues of any other tech company in the same sectors. The only reason you hear more about Apple is because of how big they are, and how passionate their users are.

> Might you have any links to support those claims, Mac?

Failed to read where I clearly stated “I know people in the appliance repair industry”? That’s me clearly stating that it’s hearsay.

And failed to notice the follow-up comment from an actual appliance repair tech? That’s called corroborating evidence.


MafiaMommaBruno t1_j1p7cqu wrote

Samsung has a hospital and people aren't dying from failing technology.


Mjs217 t1_j1my9u6 wrote

Friends don’t let friends buy Samsung electronics… it will probably burn your house down.


JRR_Not_Tolkien t1_j1myuyx wrote

I bet you have Samsung electronics and don’t even know it. Do you have an iPhone? The screen is most likely made by Samsung


Moscato359 t1_j1nbdc2 wrote

My aunt had a samsung dryer, and it actually did light on fire

Manufacturer defect, with class action lawsuit


Aluconix t1_j1nm1ym wrote

Tell your aunt to stop being lazy and clean the lint.


Moscato359 t1_j1nm7gx wrote

That wasn't the problem

There was a manufacturer defect, which had a class action lawsuit around it


KillerMan2219 t1_j1p5p3a wrote

Not that it's the case here, but remember that toyota issued a recall for people being dumbfucks with their floor mats, that was a "manufacturer defect" with the stuck gas pedals.

Just because a company issues a recall doesn't mean it was actually not user error.

Again, not that it is in this case, but something to keep in mind.


Eshuon t1_j1oo6pl wrote

Lol the 2nd post after this, is about samsung recalling over 660 000 washing machines due to reports of fire hazards.


Mjs217 t1_j1n0l18 wrote

I don’t have a phone or a computer. I’m writing these messages on a piece of paper and giving them to my carrier pigeon and my secretary makes the posts for me.


cool2hate t1_j1n3o7s wrote

Samsung actually greatly influenced carrier pigeon development during WW2 and their fuel sources are still used in most birds to this day.


LVAUGHNZ t1_j1nfh3t wrote

good way to tell us you know absolutely nothing, thanks for making it easy


beefcat_ t1_j1ni977 wrote

Samsung DRAM and NAND flash is among the best in the business.


rekabis t1_j1ohl84 wrote

You need to be explicit and talk about domestic appliances, otherwise you’ll piss off the fanboys.

But seriously, Samsung is now one of the worst possible brands to buy when it comes to domestic appliances. No clue what happened, but holy crap their appliances are pretty much a liability to own these days.


Mjs217 t1_j1oiigj wrote

I like to shitpost and piss off the fan boys.


rekabis t1_j1oippk wrote

Fair enough, everyone needs a hobby.


Mjs217 t1_j1okiua wrote

It’s a comment if people want to down vote me cool. It doesnt effect my portfolio


Moscato359 t1_j1nbecj wrote

My aunt's house lit on fire with a bad samsung dryer


beekeeper1981 t1_j1nfi7c wrote

Many appliance repair people say stay far away from Samsung appliances. Their phones and electronics are great though.


beefcat_ t1_j1nid99 wrote

Well except that one time their phones started exploding in people’s pockets


ClippersEaglesAngels t1_j1npjj4 wrote

That happened to iphones too


MafiaMommaBruno t1_j1p7l2e wrote

I remember when, instead of iphones exploding, they were holding water enough to be used as water guns. Good times. iPhone went full circle for faults.


stupidwebsite22 t1_j1nkuwk wrote

And my Samsung fridge is more than 20years old.


Moscato359 t1_j1nmdx4 wrote

Random quality control is random

You can get lucky or unlucky

In this case, it was a design defect


stupidwebsite22 t1_j1npyh2 wrote

Plus stuff was made differently 20years ago. More expensive it was but it lasted longer