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reevee69 t1_j1ycyxx wrote

I wonder if the phone will have issues with TPS reports.


Miraclefish t1_j1yjie4 wrote

The thing is, we're putting cover sheets on all our TPS reports now. I'll go ahead and make sure you get another copy of the memo.


chrispyfur87 t1_j1yomkx wrote

I already got the memo.


FrogTeeth86 t1_j1yryo4 wrote

Corporate accounts payable, linda speaking, JUST a moment.


EntMe t1_j1yzgki wrote

What is it that you do here?


TlGHTSHIRT t1_j1z6qzj wrote

Is Michael Bolton your REAL NAME


fpsmoto t1_j200fvt wrote

Why should I change? He's the one who sucks.


blastradii t1_j1znzxh wrote

I’m gonna need you to come in on Sunday. Mmmmkay.


BluehibiscusEmpire t1_j1yazlp wrote

Cool - better camera quality and the possibility of a smaller camera bump. Colour me interested.

These huge imbalanced bumps are quite irritating


xcalibre t1_j1yf5oc wrote

wish they would make phone same thickness as cameras and increase battery


wimpires t1_j1ylvut wrote

The Pixel 1 was ever so slightly wedge shaped, you wouldn't notice it but the back slowly sloped up so there was no bump. I like that best, if the Pixel 7 for example had the camera slight higher up and a wedge to make it flush


tailuptaxi t1_j1ywuy6 wrote

Weird—never noticed that. Maybe because I had it in a case the whole time.


xRockTripodx t1_j1zscsj wrote

Yup! I don't like these cameras that stick out. Yes, you should probably use a case, but if you don't, it literally just rests on the camera(s) when laid flat.


ubiquitous_delight t1_j1zunjo wrote

No point in designing phones around reckless people who don't use a case imo. But maybe that means basic cases should be included.


xRockTripodx t1_j1zy7jm wrote

That doesn't make sense. Why design a stand alone product that requires additional protection? What other device do we use that is made that way? I don't need to put a nerf bumper on my car


BluehibiscusEmpire t1_j22yeup wrote

Yeah having a case as a standard requirement is pretty absurd - I mean all the money they spend on premium materials colour and design and then you need to hide it in a case that will age a lot faster than the phone is plain idiotic design


elksteaksdmt t1_j22bb3n wrote

But they’re marketed as being “durable enough” for not using a case


thefartographer t1_j1ywmxr wrote

You're looking for the brand Ulefone. They offer phones that'll last days on a single charge. The Power Armor 13 Pro even could be purchased with an attachable endoscope.


xcalibre t1_j1yythh wrote

yep they are pretty good but ive checked out a few of those and similar over the years, theyre always a couple gens behind and a little too thick/heavy

somewhere in between; an extra 2mm on a s22u with double battery mah would be perfect. even less robust to make it lighter, plastic back.. i can dream 🤣


rewardsthroway t1_j1znch8 wrote

Android 11 AND 4G!? Amazing!


thefartographer t1_j1zv24h wrote

No one said anything about it being a decent phone. They just asked for a battery. A battery with Android attached to it.


Horizon96 t1_j1z148y wrote

Yeah, why on my OnePlus 9 pro, is the fucking camera bump so thick I can't sit the phone down flat without a case. It's such shit design, I hate it.


TEKC0R t1_j1z45a9 wrote

Supposedly the iPhone 14 can’t charge on most qi chargers because the bump keeps the coils too far away. It’ll work with a small puck or MagSafe, but bigger mats like you’d find in a car or those built into a table are just useless for the latest iPhones.

I am so done with the “bigger bump” fad. Rumors are the next iPhone will use a periscope design, where the camera lenses face the side of the phone, but use a mirror to see out the back. I hope this will solve the bump problem, but I have my doubts. It needs to end.


ChristopherLXD t1_j1z87kz wrote

Nah. Flat surfaces like cars and built-in chargers work fine. Where I have the most issues is with mid-sized tabletop chargers. The distance between the phone and the charging pad isn’t the problem, the problem is that the camera bump tends to catch on the sides of the charger or falls over the side (depending on the design), leaving the phone too far out of alignment to charge effectively or even to be detected properly to start charging.


TEKC0R t1_j1z8qvd wrote

I know with my 13 I can barely get a connection with the flat surface charger in my car. I’ve heard other drivers complain about it being impossible with the 14.

But regardless, the core issue in every scenario is the bump.


rewardsthroway t1_j1zo8wu wrote

I use those over the top thick OtterBox cases and it charges just fine. That being said I haven't used a phone without a case since flip phones.


kushasorous t1_j1z94xr wrote

The fact that phones don't lay flat is a crime. Why not just make it first with a bigger battery?


BluehibiscusEmpire t1_j22xpey wrote

Yeah - I would be much happier if it was flat and the extra space went to battery . But I guess people with smaller hands or weaker wrists might complain


DrawTheLine87 t1_j1zff9n wrote

I came from an 11 Pro to the 14 Pro, and I was not prepared for the giant lenses in the new phone. They’ve definitely gotten a bit too large at this point.

I use a pop socket wallet, and when taking pictures, I have to be mindful of where my fingers are at so they don’t cover part of the lenses. I never had that issue with my older, smaller iPhones.


jessquit t1_j1zkurw wrote

I would expect a zoom lens to have a bigger bump to account for the more complex optics.


BluehibiscusEmpire t1_j22y8md wrote

Which is why this is so exciting. Adding lenses and trickery to achieve zoom that would take a lot distance is in some ways magic


ValyrianJedi t1_j1zc9zj wrote

Ive never had a problem with a case on. I have a Z fold and the camera sticks out a good bit, but with the case on the thing us actually lower than flush, not higher.


BluehibiscusEmpire t1_j22xsd2 wrote

Yeah - cases tend to do that. But of course the problem is that not everyone likes a case. And definitely all the time


jiminy_cricks t1_j1y5kki wrote

I love the idea but I can only imagine how fragile it will be

Edit: I learned the are already moving parts in today's cameras so I'm just dumb


Bearloom t1_j1y74i4 wrote

They're only making the camera lense, not the phone itself.

There's still a risk of it breaking because of cut corners - it is LG after all - but there's a much lower risk of having to deal with their call center in Phuket.


Crruell t1_j1yo89o wrote

It is LG after all? Care to elaborate? I could understand if we're talking about Samsung, but LG? Always had superb quality from them..


c0mplexx t1_j1yukkj wrote

For the most part it's people still butthurt from the bootloop fiasco


aldeayeah t1_j1yxrrg wrote

I used to love LG flagships until I had to literally bake my motherboard to recover my data in two consecutive generations (G3/G4)


Checksout__ t1_j1z4rze wrote

Haha I also remember having to bake my motherboard, family thought I was crazy putting my phone's insides into the oven. Surprised it worked.
I really miss the phone. Fingerprint placement on the back was nice


Crruell t1_j1yw1tw wrote

Oh ok, but the burning batteries of Samsung, the poor quality and the software that makes your phone go dead after 3 years doesn't matter to anyone.. especially if you're talking TVs, Samsung is trash.. the world really is twisted


purekillforce1 t1_j1yx2zs wrote

Samsung TVs I've never had an issue with. They tend to last me pretty well (never replaced one due to a fault), but I wouldn't get a Samsung phone. Same way I'll buy an HP printer, but not an HP laptop.


Crruell t1_j1yxloa wrote

I had two Samsung's. They had REALLY big latency (I pressed something on the remote and it literally took 3-5 seconds). This was especially annoying in menus. And overall just bad (e.g. ads in menus?!) Then I got a LG OLED and it runs like on the first day. He is 5 years old now. Yeah definitely, HP is a printer company, that's like buying a apple car. Good way of thinking!


purekillforce1 t1_j1yz3sm wrote

That's a fair point about the menus. Mine aren't annoying slow, but they definitely aren't instant, either, unless it's volume etc. I also forgot about the ads, as I block those at the router, but yeah, that's a bit shitty, too. I'm certainly not a brand loyalist. I'll just get the best in my budget at the time. Last couple times that's been Samsung.

Makes sense to judge a brand on their individual product lines, rather than the entire brand, as they will often do some products better than others.


Crruell t1_j1yzdzo wrote

Oh does PiHole/DNS blocking work??? I thought you would get big blank boxes instead. Being loyal to one brand just doesn't make any sense at all. LGs good at Oleds, so I got one from them. PC wise I have a lot of ASUS, my phone is OnePlus after I had a bad experience with the Samsung S3 and S5.. I couldn't be happier, since I ditched Samsung completely.

Yes definitely. Samsung makes everything, they can't be good at everything, no one is.


Not_Under_Command t1_j1zfrav wrote

What if we can integrate ram on samsung TVs, is ther a way? Its really annoyingly slow.


Skaterdude5000 t1_j20xux7 wrote

There were other things. Their g7's often had hotspots on the bottom of the screen. Many phones would have their charging ports die. Many of their more creative phones were also either budget, underpowered, or under engineered.

I am writing this reply from a v60 and I dont see any reasonable replacements other than mild side-grades. But boy oh boy do they have issues. Moreover, if you can even convince them that they should fix your phone, they only offer the repair it which takes times, never a replacement/refurb.


Bearloom t1_j1z63hx wrote

As someone who had to go through their runaround twice - once for the boot loop issue and once for their Nexus digitizer that was under enough tension it sometimes broke in people's pockets - consider yourself one of the lucky ones.


Crruell t1_j1z6qvz wrote

Sounds like 10 year old problems to me. I had more problems with Samsung phones and TVs.


jiminy_cricks t1_j1y7dwl wrote

Right but in any phone that small of a manual moving part I feel is going to be prone to damage very easily.


djshadesuk t1_j1yhk19 wrote

How do you think optical image stabilisation works?


mcnabb100 t1_j1ymwps wrote

And also focusing. We already have phones with lens elements moving around on multiple axes.


jiminy_cricks t1_j1z5vhj wrote

I had no idea. My idiot self thought it was all software in phones. Time to do some reading!


jiminy_cricks t1_j1z5slc wrote

Well color me stupid because I thought that was only through software in phones. Time to do some learning!


thebrainypole t1_j1zyd2q wrote

That's electronic image stabilization, often used in conjunction with optical stabilization.

Some phones can actively move the OIS hardware to get a desired effect, like shifting the sensor to get more detail out of image stacking


blaz1120 t1_j1ycovf wrote

And you assume the because?


AntalRyder t1_j1yk1lr wrote

Because replacing a fixed component with a moving one introduces additional failure points.


Alphalcon t1_j1ycsgs wrote

That kinda reminds me of the initial suspicions about pop up front facing cameras. Like, did we ever get an answer to whether they were durable enough?

It seems like they fell out of favour due to things like waterproofing, thickness and weight issues, but I can't seem to find much about how they fared in that department other than early predictions.


DonQuiBrained t1_j1yfql1 wrote

I've been using a Mi 9t with the popup camera since August 2019, still works fine. Waterproofing would be nice but I don't have any issues with the thickness or weight. I love the lack of notch/pinhole on the screen.


DonUdo t1_j1ykuxh wrote

My OP7TP from 2019 is also still working with its periscope camera and not having a notch or punch hole is to this date one of my most important factors when looking at new phones.


Alphalcon t1_j1yvulb wrote

I can definitely see the appeal if pop-up cameras made good on their promises of durability. Probably deserved a better chance than we gave them.


time_to_reset t1_j1yijxr wrote

I've had one of those optical periscope zoom lenses in my phone for the last 3 years (Oppo Reno 10x Zoom) which has moving parts as well and it's been 100% reliable despite carrying it with me on my motorcycle and in general being quite careless with it.


Majezan t1_j1ytpud wrote

You have OIS and autofocus in smartphones. Both being movable parts


AvidReader212 t1_j1ykv84 wrote

Have you heard the tale of Darth LG the Wise? I thought not, it is not a tale the iOS will tell you. It’s an Android legend.

Darth LG was a Dark Lord of the Android, so powerful and so wise he could use the Camera modules to influence the OEMs to create phones. He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. The dark side of the Cellphone Market is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

He became so powerful, the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice Samsung everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep.

Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.


icoomonyou t1_j1zbag1 wrote

Youre funny but youre right. LG business model is like that. They got great technology and research team only to be ruined by their shitty leadership, quality control, and shitty manufacturing management.

You can look at their batteries too and they are in the process of getting shot with their eyes wide open in their sleep.

(Former LG employee)


AvidReader212 t1_j20aral wrote

Sadly yes. Hoping they strive to bring back some form of phone. Would be glad if this Camera module launch kicks off a modular phone attempt by them at least.


aphasial t1_j216bdr wrote

I'd been an LG user since the days of "The V" and finally switched to a Samsung after their pullout from the market... I'm still depressed about it.


[deleted] t1_j1yxz11 wrote



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_lili t1_j1yygpp wrote

I remember i used to have an LG phone before. With the pen and all. I hope they get back to the top! A lot of people were asking about my LG phone in 2017 plus their phones dont cost as much but does the job done.


mcfleury1000 t1_j1zazrm wrote

LG closed their phone division. They just make parts for phones now.


jeff_tatum t1_j1zoadk wrote

They sucked tbh


Noxious89123 t1_j1zss74 wrote

I really liked my Nexus 5 (made by LG) but the battery life was mediocre even when new, and after a few years it could only just get me through an 8 hour shift at work.


jeff_tatum t1_j24cd8p wrote

I don't consider the Nexus an LG phone. I loved my Nexus 5X too. But google helped a lot there.

Purely LG phones such as G3, G4, G5... They just sucked.


brentiis t1_j1z57tu wrote

The LG Stylo?


_lili t1_j1z5ivf wrote

Cant remember what it was called. But you can take photos with the button belo the camera at the back. Had leather back casing too!


danny-G-plays t1_j1z32v4 wrote

It's sad that they won't have a flagship of their own to put them in though. I've rode with the V60 since it came out, and the V50/V40 before that. I dunno what it was for me, but I've always found them just perfect. Their Android skin is well made and not all that different from stock. Their displays have always been bright, with good color balance. I've got some big hands, so their size was just right, the V60 even more so. The V60's manual camera is phenomenal, too. Tbf, there are no phones on the market right now that I'm even remotely interested in. I'm just gonna ride this one out till it craps out, probably.


SirCheesington t1_j1ztbwc wrote

Hello fellow V60 fan, I thought I was alone. My only complaint is the firmware restrictions, getting VOLTE to work with an MVNO is fucking impossible, but the hardware in this phone is absolutely fantastic.


knox902 t1_j1zv8y9 wrote

I have seen so many people shit on lg phones over the years but they were great phones. Loved knock passcodes, the camera app, the IR on the G3 and other stuff. G5 modularity was kind of a mistake though. I have an S22 now but I still keep my G6 close even though it's smashed.


thebarkbarkwoof t1_j1yrrq2 wrote

Thinking of my Nikon in wondering how they can do that with any power


ABeardedPartridge t1_j1zmhuz wrote

I wish people just bought more LG phones so they would still make them and just just put their cameras in their own models. I'm gonna miss my Velvet when it's gone.


HugeAnalBeads t1_j1zyq7y wrote

The velvet was the worst one

That curved screen would always flashbang me in my vehicle. If the screen is basically 180°, you're always picking up the sunshine at every angle

Plus it just died on me. And it was weirdly rectangular

I'm using an earlier LG and its better in every way. Especially the "back" button. The velvet would often pick up my movements as sliding the screen back


gagt04 t1_j1y790i wrote

It'll be interesting to see how this would pan out, if at all. I'd try it.


Maddan32 t1_j1ywr4a wrote

So, like Sony has been doing for a couple of generations now?


tiempo90 t1_j1zel5q wrote

Did you read the article?

Sony's NEW camera has it, but it's insignificant compared to this LG camera, ie Sony's implementation is disappointing.

Also check out MKBHDs blind votes. Sony's phone camera performed THE worst, even losing to Chinese phones


camelzigzag t1_j1z6dj7 wrote

I thought LG got out of the cell phone game.


batt3ryac1d1 t1_j1zhlxb wrote

I hope they make phones again my G5 was cool as shit.


GoldenCeks t1_j1zlpk5 wrote

Well Sony does optical zoom in the current generation already in the tele range. Look at the xperia 1 iv.


HugeAnalBeads t1_j1zy0lh wrote

Do they have removable batteries and an AUX jack?


SonderAndLament t1_j204ruf wrote

Looks like this was a breakthrough by Michael……. Bolton…?!!


mariegriffiths t1_j20ewje wrote

Didn't the Nokia 1020 have this 10 years ago?


stunkcrunk t1_j21k5jk wrote

i prefer the ones from Innotrode.


Brattius t1_j22o37l wrote

LG software on phones was top notch. Going from then to a Samsung has felt like a step in the wrong direction. I miss my voice recording and Capture so much


FrogTeeth86 t1_j1yrqvb wrote

Last time i trusted an LG phone to give me a good picture, they burned me. So doubtful this will prove to be any good…


luke1lea t1_j1yi6dj wrote

Maybe I'm the only one, but does anyone else not really care about the cameras? Since like 5 years ago cameras on phones have been good enough for almost every situation. Not sure why they keep going so hard on cameras


theFrenchDutch t1_j1ykjk8 wrote

Not in every situation at all. Landscape photography for example requires much more optical zoom than the wide angles that are on cameras. Buying a phone with x2 optical zoom was already a big boost to my photography during hikes and it still is FAR from enough to take the pictures you'd want to take with a real DLSR, going up to x30 and the like for satisfying pictures.

And this is exactly what they're going hard on, thank fuck. Wide and ultra wide don't need any more progress. I still don't want to go on hikes with a big camera, it's too cumbersome


effortDee t1_j1yvmrl wrote

Micr four thirds system will change your life.


c130 t1_j1zeub8 wrote

I don't even know where my DSLR is any more, I stopped using it nearly 5 years ago when I got a Huawei P20 Pro and tried them side by side on a camping trip. Now it's finally dying and I don't know what to replace it with. In the last 2 years I've tried 3 top flagship phones ranked best for photography and they were all goddamn awful compared to the P20 Pro.

I'd be up for carrying a lightweight camera if they were linked so photos transferred onto the phone automatically - is that a thing yet?


effortDee t1_j24rzzr wrote

Yes thats a thing, seriously look at /r/m43 its an incredible system, especially for travel/backpacking/hiking and when weight and size is a concern.

After I do a shoot in the mountains, i connect to my phone via bluetooth, put a handful across i like there and then, edit them quickly on the phone and upload and save them to a specific google photo album.

The rest i import to laptop later for another look.


Gozal_ t1_j1ytu97 wrote

I think we mostly need better sensors and optics. For landscape photography when you zoom in a bit you can see all the artificial processing and the lack of detail.
I do agree camera lenses are wider than they should be, like the main lens is more wide than I'd like, and then there's an ultra wide which is even wider.


Gozal_ t1_j1yto0j wrote

Phone cameras 5 years ago we're only decent in daytime outdoors and are a bit better today, they're only good enough if you never view your photos outside of a smartphone.


time_to_reset t1_j1yisn3 wrote

I don't care about much else bút cameras anymore. Screens are solid, speed is solid, batteries are getting pretty good if you choose a device with a solid battery, but cameras are still behind dedicated cameras by quite some margin and that's mostly due to the lenses.

It's the main reason I haven't switched to the Galaxy Fold 4 yet.


itsaride t1_j1z2d6z wrote

I remember when they compared the iPhone 4 camera to a full sized DSLR…with a straight face.


bingwhip t1_j1z5k1p wrote

I care only because it's hard to find one that has good slow motion, and a macro lense in one package. I care now about those than another 5Mp on the main camera or a zoom


wubbbalubbadubdub t1_j1y6zdg wrote

I don't care, there are more important things to a phone than camera quality.


weizXR t1_j1y8h2r wrote

Yea, I could see maybe people into photography liking it perhaps... but also I would think people into photography would prefer using an actual camera for that stuff.

If it simply turns out to be a replacement for digital zoom and works out well, robust and clear, I'm down... but if it's something special/fancy; Nah.


theFrenchDutch t1_j1yoaq0 wrote

I'm into photography but not enough to actually carry a dedicated, bigger and cumbersome camera on me, especially when going hiking. So any advancement on phone camera optical zooms is exciting for me ! Already have a x2 optical zoom lens on my phone and it's not enough, wide angles don't work on landscape photography


ataraxia_ t1_j1yrfnm wrote

You should investigate wide angle landscape photography, my dude, because it definitely ‘works’ and could bring a whole heap of new photography opportunities to you if you take the time to work on the composition.

Plus it’ll let you use the camera you’ve got with you a little more.


theFrenchDutch t1_j202oda wrote

Sure I'm definitely not more than a beginner, I need to look into it! I'm already glad to have a wide angle whenever I'm in some space like a forest, perfect for that


janksnake t1_j1ylb3s wrote

Such as...


wubbbalubbadubdub t1_j1ylvqr wrote

Processor, screen resolution/ refresh rate, battery life, storage size...

A camera is a necessary feature sure, but anything above ~20MP is unnecessary for the overwhelming majority of people.


guareber t1_j1yg6cl wrote

It's pretty much top3 for most people after smartphones. Top1 for some.


wubbbalubbadubdub t1_j1ym8z2 wrote

People see it as a selling point because it's what's been marketed to them, the vast majority of smartphone users will never need a phone camera with more than a 20 megapixel sensor.

Screen resolution, screen refresh rate, battery size, processor, and storage are important.


guareber t1_j1yuduf wrote

People see them as a selling point because a) no one wants to carry a DSLR on them at all times; and b) social media makes people want to take pictures 24/7

I, for one, know nothing of photography, don't have any pictures on social media, and still take all pictures at max size for the simple reason that I want to be able to zoom on my pc (with a vastly bigger resolution than a phone) without pixelation. I'd never spend iPhone moneys on a mobile phone, but I still try to get a good camera for my budget.

I'd argue refresh rate is meaningless for most users, though. I hardly notice the difference between my high refresh screen and my wife's standard 60.