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BluehibiscusEmpire t1_j1yazlp wrote

Cool - better camera quality and the possibility of a smaller camera bump. Colour me interested.

These huge imbalanced bumps are quite irritating


xcalibre t1_j1yf5oc wrote

wish they would make phone same thickness as cameras and increase battery


wimpires t1_j1ylvut wrote

The Pixel 1 was ever so slightly wedge shaped, you wouldn't notice it but the back slowly sloped up so there was no bump. I like that best, if the Pixel 7 for example had the camera slight higher up and a wedge to make it flush


tailuptaxi t1_j1ywuy6 wrote

Weird—never noticed that. Maybe because I had it in a case the whole time.


xRockTripodx t1_j1zscsj wrote

Yup! I don't like these cameras that stick out. Yes, you should probably use a case, but if you don't, it literally just rests on the camera(s) when laid flat.


ubiquitous_delight t1_j1zunjo wrote

No point in designing phones around reckless people who don't use a case imo. But maybe that means basic cases should be included.


xRockTripodx t1_j1zy7jm wrote

That doesn't make sense. Why design a stand alone product that requires additional protection? What other device do we use that is made that way? I don't need to put a nerf bumper on my car


BluehibiscusEmpire t1_j22yeup wrote

Yeah having a case as a standard requirement is pretty absurd - I mean all the money they spend on premium materials colour and design and then you need to hide it in a case that will age a lot faster than the phone is plain idiotic design


elksteaksdmt t1_j22bb3n wrote

But they’re marketed as being “durable enough” for not using a case


thefartographer t1_j1ywmxr wrote

You're looking for the brand Ulefone. They offer phones that'll last days on a single charge. The Power Armor 13 Pro even could be purchased with an attachable endoscope.


xcalibre t1_j1yythh wrote

yep they are pretty good but ive checked out a few of those and similar over the years, theyre always a couple gens behind and a little too thick/heavy

somewhere in between; an extra 2mm on a s22u with double battery mah would be perfect. even less robust to make it lighter, plastic back.. i can dream 🤣


rewardsthroway t1_j1znch8 wrote

Android 11 AND 4G!? Amazing!


thefartographer t1_j1zv24h wrote

No one said anything about it being a decent phone. They just asked for a battery. A battery with Android attached to it.


Horizon96 t1_j1z148y wrote

Yeah, why on my OnePlus 9 pro, is the fucking camera bump so thick I can't sit the phone down flat without a case. It's such shit design, I hate it.


TEKC0R t1_j1z45a9 wrote

Supposedly the iPhone 14 can’t charge on most qi chargers because the bump keeps the coils too far away. It’ll work with a small puck or MagSafe, but bigger mats like you’d find in a car or those built into a table are just useless for the latest iPhones.

I am so done with the “bigger bump” fad. Rumors are the next iPhone will use a periscope design, where the camera lenses face the side of the phone, but use a mirror to see out the back. I hope this will solve the bump problem, but I have my doubts. It needs to end.


ChristopherLXD t1_j1z87kz wrote

Nah. Flat surfaces like cars and built-in chargers work fine. Where I have the most issues is with mid-sized tabletop chargers. The distance between the phone and the charging pad isn’t the problem, the problem is that the camera bump tends to catch on the sides of the charger or falls over the side (depending on the design), leaving the phone too far out of alignment to charge effectively or even to be detected properly to start charging.


TEKC0R t1_j1z8qvd wrote

I know with my 13 I can barely get a connection with the flat surface charger in my car. I’ve heard other drivers complain about it being impossible with the 14.

But regardless, the core issue in every scenario is the bump.


rewardsthroway t1_j1zo8wu wrote

I use those over the top thick OtterBox cases and it charges just fine. That being said I haven't used a phone without a case since flip phones.


kushasorous t1_j1z94xr wrote

The fact that phones don't lay flat is a crime. Why not just make it first with a bigger battery?


BluehibiscusEmpire t1_j22xpey wrote

Yeah - I would be much happier if it was flat and the extra space went to battery . But I guess people with smaller hands or weaker wrists might complain


DrawTheLine87 t1_j1zff9n wrote

I came from an 11 Pro to the 14 Pro, and I was not prepared for the giant lenses in the new phone. They’ve definitely gotten a bit too large at this point.

I use a pop socket wallet, and when taking pictures, I have to be mindful of where my fingers are at so they don’t cover part of the lenses. I never had that issue with my older, smaller iPhones.


jessquit t1_j1zkurw wrote

I would expect a zoom lens to have a bigger bump to account for the more complex optics.


BluehibiscusEmpire t1_j22y8md wrote

Which is why this is so exciting. Adding lenses and trickery to achieve zoom that would take a lot distance is in some ways magic


ValyrianJedi t1_j1zc9zj wrote

Ive never had a problem with a case on. I have a Z fold and the camera sticks out a good bit, but with the case on the thing us actually lower than flush, not higher.


BluehibiscusEmpire t1_j22xsd2 wrote

Yeah - cases tend to do that. But of course the problem is that not everyone likes a case. And definitely all the time