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jotegr t1_j1zo6k1 wrote

  1. The title feels like a poor attempt at an Xzibit throw back to a simpler time of the internet

  2. Strapping a 15 pound battery pack to a seatstay seems like a really cool way to fuck up your Specialized Stumpjumper

  3. Kill it with fire - it seems vastly inferior to an fatbike, electric or not, and I doubt it'll provide superior flotation than a 5 inch tire fat bike

Edit: Yo Dawg, we heard you liked snow bikes, so we strapped a belt to yo bike so you can bike in the snow.


TheDarkClaw t1_j1zxzy8 wrote

>so we strapped a belt to yo bike so you can bike in the snow.

I earn this this was already a thing and it doe make biking in the snow easier because the belt drive wont rust.


BadMedAdvice t1_j23vxht wrote

Umm... Belt instead of chain? Yes. Belt instead of rear tire? Just... Why?


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j25a2r0 wrote

It just seems like a poorly conceived idea being marketed towards success. A lot of "technology" or ideas that aren't that great get bought and marketed as this cool new thing that will totally change X industry, despite everyone in that industry knowing exactly why it won't. The sad part is, many are successful because people fall for it, like those things you plug into your OBD or "essential oils".


>The S-Trax Snowbike Conversion Kit sells for €2,499.99

That's as much as a (cheaper) used snowmobile from what I see. It also apparently doesn't even come with its own motor, which other conversion kits do too.


jotegr t1_j25b95k wrote

A sled can handle deep snow too, I don't think this could do anything better than a similarly priced electric fat bike.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j25bwgg wrote

But this thing costs more than many electric fat bikes alone, and doesn't even come with its own motor. It's just a really bad deal. Again, this is without a motor, something from what I've seen other companies include, and costs more than other options including an entire electric bike on its own.


muddbo1 t1_j1z8kaj wrote

Is it called a yo bike? I read the article. Still confused.


Wolfarc732 t1_j1z96eh wrote

Yo, as in short hand for your bike, to facilitate the bit of wordplay between to and snow (turn yo bike into a snow bike).


muddbo1 t1_j1z99sg wrote

Oh thank you. Makes sense. English isn’t my first language but I’m mostly fluent. Things like that sometimes escape me


Wolfarc732 t1_j1z9ctn wrote

Np. I wish they'd have just used 'your' instead of 'yo', but I can respect the intent lmao.


LeicaM6guy t1_j1z9obu wrote

I’m really confused by the use of yo’ over your in this headline.


YourNameIsThurman t1_j1zvc0o wrote

Almost feels like they were trying the old pimp my ride meme


Bucktabulous t1_j1zy3wd wrote

Yo, dawg - I hear yo and yo dog like to yo-yo. So we put yo dog in yo yo-yo so yo can yo-yo yo dog while yo yo-yo, dawg.


aleksfadini t1_j1z61m8 wrote

Seems vastly inferior to walking. As opposed to an actual bike, you dont have the advantage of the wheel (and reduced friction because of rolling)


RelativeMolasses4608 t1_j1zeiqc wrote

You must have missed the use an e-bike part and goes 16-19 mph easily


RelativeMolasses4608 t1_j1zi3sj wrote

Unlike a similar kit made by Canadian manufacturer Envo, the S-Trax does not come standard with a motor. This means that if you don't already have an electric mountain bike with a mid-mount motor, you'll be turning the Crawler's track by muscle power alone. If you do have a mid-motor eMTB, though, a pedaling cadence of 60 to 70 rpm should reportedly be sufficient to maintain a speed of 25 to 30 km/h (16 to 19 mph), in a higher gear ratio. Here I posted it so you will be forced to actually read the article partially first.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j25assu wrote

>The S-Trax Snowbike Conversion Kit sells for €2,499.99

At that point, just buy a used snowmobile or something, cheaper ones are at that price. There are so many better, more cost effective options.


LetterheadOwn3078 t1_j1ze2af wrote

But when you slip, now you can have a metal bicycle frame crush your legs. Smart.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j25b23o wrote

You should talk to a doctor if a bike frame is turning your bones into powder. I'm actually really curious how your skeleton can support the weight of your own body in that case.


palex25 t1_j1zscs5 wrote

Yo’ mama.


CountChoculasGhost t1_j21wvhi wrote

Wow. People in these comments really can’t appreciate a little bit of rhymey wordplay. I enjoyed it