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Supafly22 t1_j24c4tj wrote

Jokes on them. All they’ll hear is me and my wife arguing about how much seasoning I use when I cook.


obolobolobo t1_j24ffrj wrote

Nice try. You’re cooking meth.


Am__I__Sam t1_j25mh7h wrote

It's artisanal, he's using spices


Supafly22 t1_j26hy2s wrote

Artisanal, organic meth. The kind of meth you’d find at the local farmer’s market instead of those big box retailers. Meth made with love.


Databit t1_j2944rw wrote

Why does this meth have so much coriander?


obolobolobo t1_j29bz75 wrote

These hardened criminals have code words for everything.


luckydwarf t1_j28lgix wrote

Make sure when you post your meth recipe to include a 10,000 word blog post that covers what it was like growing up, what meth meant to you as a child, how nothing can beat grandma's methcakes, etc. And I want ads. A LOT of ads. Make it almost impossible to navigate without having an aneurysm.


Supafly22 t1_j28whp1 wrote

It’ll absolutely have at least 1000 words and pictures of us refinishing the hardwood in our meth lab.


ChalkDoxie t1_j28qg8p wrote

Also a pop up for the newsletter, then a pop up add, a pop up discount spinner, and a pop up text message for discount. Also video ads, that don’t load right, and continue to move the screen on your mobile browser up and down.


SucksTryAgain t1_j273z6o wrote

We have an Alexa device and my wife and I see these articles about hackers etc. we’re like damn they’re gonna be massively disappointed when they get to us.


butterbutts317 t1_j28exkt wrote

Which one of you thinks mayo is spicy?


Supafly22 t1_j28wd24 wrote

Her. I love spiciness so I have to wait and individually season my plate. It’s not as effective.


twohubs t1_j282see wrote

My MIL was telling me that the Prime Rib was the easier meal to prepare on Xmas. My reply to her was it didn’t sound like it from the living room, as the FIL and MIL were arguing about how to season it.


ray_web t1_j289c1c wrote

Time is a greater gulf than space. Or for OP: Thyme does it