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feverishfox t1_j24wicu wrote

Honestly I ask mine to find my phone a lot, it's pretty helpful. If anyone is listening then they're just catching my husband and I making weird noises at each other.


jacesonn t1_j25hbew wrote

This. I know mine listens to me, but it's not like I'm spilling government secrets in my kitchen. If hackers want to listen to me badly sing along to disco that's their problem, not mine


FliPhisher t1_j293m9i wrote

For me, the 'I have nothing to hide' argument doesn't get me to the point where I'm willing to allow a monitoring device in my home. It gives me the heevie jeevies and I have noticed over the years that I have started doing a little mental 'check' before I say something or when I'm singing to myself or being silly- 'who else is hearing this?'. It's not good for us as a species.


Not_floridaman t1_j28rka4 wrote

Lol yes, mine finds my phone a lot for me when my watch is charging. And answers obscure questions my kids have that I couldn't even begin to answer.