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1cheekykebt t1_j2557ux wrote

ITT: People who didn’t read the article and freaking out.

The article gives step by step of what happens in order for this to occur. And it involves the “hacker” being in close proximity, forcing google home to disconnect from network, adding the google home to their own account, and then calling the device which has visual cues that’s the device is in a call.

Given that the infiltrator has to be physically present I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. No one would actually do this if they had malicious intent, they would just set up their own listening devices if the wanted to hear inside your home.


androidusr t1_j25ji51 wrote

There's a lot of cheap wifi lightbulbs and wifi outlets that people buy from Amazon, and then install some app that works with the lightbulb. So it's easier than ever to be on someone's lan, jumping from a cheap microcontroller to other hardware.


The_Troyminator t1_j25qdux wrote

That's why all my IoT devices are on the guest network which only gives them internet access and blocks them from seeing any other device on the LAN. If one gets compromised, they can't reach anything else on my network.


androidusr t1_j25s4po wrote

Without being in the same lan, how do you cast to Google home devices? Or do you just not use that?


daleus t1_j26uis7 wrote

not the person you asked, but someone in the same position - the answer is it depends on your use case.

I only have the audio devices so all I ever cast is spotify, the trick is to ask google to play something on spotify first and then open the app on your phone/tablet/whatever, which then connects to that session and acts like a cast/remote.


The_Troyminator t1_j25qtht wrote

Once they set it up, they can listen in from anywhere. However, they still need to be within wifi-range to set it up. If anybody does this, it will likely be a neighbor or somebody with a reason to target you. I can't imagine people driving around trying to do this to random devices.


ARX7 t1_j2884t3 wrote

Not to mention the device has a hardware switch for the mic.....


VerdureNotMurdure t1_j25o2fz wrote

Disagree. This is exactly the kind of thing I would have been trying as a teenager against my neighbours…