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luckydwarf t1_j28lgix wrote

Make sure when you post your meth recipe to include a 10,000 word blog post that covers what it was like growing up, what meth meant to you as a child, how nothing can beat grandma's methcakes, etc. And I want ads. A LOT of ads. Make it almost impossible to navigate without having an aneurysm.


Supafly22 t1_j28whp1 wrote

It’ll absolutely have at least 1000 words and pictures of us refinishing the hardwood in our meth lab.


ChalkDoxie t1_j28qg8p wrote

Also a pop up for the newsletter, then a pop up add, a pop up discount spinner, and a pop up text message for discount. Also video ads, that don’t load right, and continue to move the screen on your mobile browser up and down.