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bleue_shirt_guy t1_j24szxy wrote

NY fucked up the bill by putting the following in it: "...allows for original equipment manufacturers to provide assemblies of parts rather than the original components when the risk of improper installation heightens the risk of injury." The problem is that mfgs will default to saying it heightens injury allowing them to only sell assemblies, which often cost ~75% of the hardware, making repair by 3rd party companies unprofitable.

The fight has been to get access to the constituent compoents like screens (minus the bezel, connectors, etc) or the the individual chips instead of having to buy the entire main board or power board.

So now Hochel and the NY government will pat herself on the back like they accomplished something when they did nothing to improve the situation.


MrFantasticallyNerdy t1_j25nom6 wrote

>The problem is that mfgs will default to saying it heightens injury allowing them to only sell assemblies, which often cost ~75% of the hardware, making repair by 3rd party companies unprofitable.

Not only unprofitable for the repair businesses, but unviable for the consumer, thus making the law entirely toothless.


Omnizoom t1_j29d0i8 wrote

Perfect example was fixing a wire on my dishwasher , one wire got chewed and it was chewed to close to connector for me to just splice it , I needed one connector and 3 small wires , that’s it , my only option was to spend 250 for the entire wire assembly


MrFantasticallyNerdy t1_j2bvxei wrote

That sucks!

We the consumer need to be more mindful about our purchases. We need to pay more attention to available information that can help drive purchase decisions, like the repairability scores for smartphones. We then need to vote with our dollars so manufacturers know this isn't acceptable, both in terms of environmental sustainability, and financial prudence for the end users.


godnroc t1_j2cat7p wrote

Voting with your dollar is great when there are good options to choose instead, but if all options are bad regulation is better.

Your money is used as a carrot to lead manufacturers along, regulations are a stick when they go astray.


fordanjairbanks t1_j255rz1 wrote

That’s how all politics/legislation in New York works, especially the city. Trust me, I’ve spent my whole life here.


Tempest_1 t1_j259zdj wrote

It’s the nature of money in politics.

You’ll get voter referendums/initiatives that get deadlines pushed back and wording changed as soon as the politicians have to codify the law change already voted in my people.

Robots would do a better job at this point


Erisian23 t1_j25joy5 wrote

I've been wanting AI government since I began to understand people.


blacknine t1_j28d5dp wrote

you know who makes AI right


Erisian23 t1_j29rwqy wrote

Yes, the difference is, If I make an AI with X Goal and end it's training phase.

It isn't going to deviate from that in order to enrich itself and it's friends.


renasissanceman6 t1_j26jufm wrote

And people saying “that’s how politics are” has been said since the beginning of politics.


Ghstfce t1_j25hned wrote

You forgot that this only applies to devices manufactured after June 2023. So most of the devices that will require these services aren't going to be covered.


dissident46 t1_j280wah wrote

Doesn't matter all that much. Future BS is still BS...


rhamled t1_j28z8uf wrote

This add makes the bill even worse


anevilpotatoe t1_j25h0ge wrote

>...allows for original equipment manufacturers to provide assemblies of parts rather than the original components when the risk of improper installation heightens the risk of injury

At some point, our legislation at the Federal Level is going to have to come to a visionary bipartisan agreement to shift how we do business from Engineering workflows to Corporate Business Models. Some revolutionary ideas are needed to maintain the momentum of the Chips Act and I think Rights to Repair fits into it. For example, less revolutionary methods in Modular design offer some relativity to repairing your own devices and equipment. It could also potentially motivate companies to take less aggressive measures of protecting patents by redesigning security restrictions that don't impede repairs/shift the burden of costs on customers so much so they have to replace it.

Many critical pieces of Technology and machinery that rely on semiconductors can be developed to be almost care-free in maintenance, which in turn would free up resource availability for manufacturing tech and (I tragically wouldn't enjoy talking about) would be extremely viable for our defensive industry demands, that would require a bulk of materials and manufacturing prior to end consumers.

Three major goals are highlighted below:

  • A.I. will fundamentally change development, labor, infrastructure, and ROI.
  • Automation will increase productivity and provide efficiency at the same rate of labor needed to maintain equipment.
  • Chips Act can only go so far in market volatility, as much of the reliance on semiconductor development requires stable sources of material extraction.

If we are to meet those measures, then we will need to shift how we Engineer and manufacture for demand. And Rights for Repair fits into part of the larger goals and as a model to capitalize on its notes.


DragoonXNucleon t1_j25wo5y wrote

Or... they just won't because they make more money this way, and money buys votes so.... democracy?


chaotic_world t1_j28eevn wrote

This message was paid for by the Democratic National Committee (and possibly a bit of mob money).


Doomquill t1_j25wqsi wrote

It'll never happen as long as the Dollar is God and King, and the Uber rich control tech and politics. It would be awesome though.


hgs25 t1_j25j4gi wrote

Can’t wait to see Luis Rossman’s video on this bill from his former home state.


Adamstrudel t1_j27huuc wrote

He posted it already. Saw it earlier...he's ranting in his recliner taking pulls from a Ciroc bottle lol


Busterlimes t1_j25z9su wrote

We need a government agency to address this the same way DOT addresses vehicle safety


khoabear t1_j261ywc wrote

And then that agency gets directed by former tech executives because they are the "experts" in tech


Busterlimes t1_j262fc2 wrote

Yeah, there are other problems with government relationships with corporations too. The Oligarchy is an entirely different topic


Mike2220 t1_j27jy3j wrote

>The problem is that mfgs will default to saying it heightens injury allowing them to only sell assemblies, which often cost ~75% of the hardware, making repair by 3rd party companies unprofitable

This might swing the other way if they want to be pedantic enough

Rather than selling laptop fans as the subassembly they'll sell the fan blades separate from the shaft, separate from the housing separate from the bearings, and the motor and cables etc

To make it as annoying as fucking possible for anyone to repair


sneaky_squirrel t1_j27pe32 wrote

It is a shame that a collective boycott and shunning is impossible.

I love the fantasy of boycotting companies that take these kinds of decisions, which again, is only a fantasy at best.


danuser8 t1_j27gsit wrote

What about battery replacement? That can’t have risk of injury


SquirrelAkl t1_j281uuy wrote

I bet someone (company, lobbyist etc) raised the spectre of potential future lawsuits if there was an injury. There are so many downsides to such a litigious society.


chaotic_world t1_j28e6sk wrote

Back pats... sounds like you know NY politics! I know I do, living on the "long" island for 46 years. On our way to VA shortly, where I still have the right to protect myself and those I love!


rhamled t1_j28z49u wrote

Even worse, they're setting bad precedence for other states' similar bills.


Rap-scallion t1_j2bspgy wrote

Some screen replacements are made more difficult when you don’t get the full assembly. Samsung galaxy phone screen replacements in particular really suck when they aren’t full assemblies, it’s just better to do the full assembly with new battery installed as opposed to trying to install just the display


Me_Krally t1_j25yg8o wrote

So I won't be able to repair my AI that is trying to kill me because in doing so it might harm me??!?!


Opetyr t1_j26sep2 wrote

Allows companies to sell like the whole motherboard which could cost as much as a new computer when only a 5 dollar chip from Texas Instruments would fix it. This is exactly what Apple does. Samsung did this with batteries. A battery might be let us say 100 dollars but nope you can only get from Samsung the screen and the battery for 400 dollars or you could might as well get a new phone at that price. This bill was to reduce e-waste but it's going to increase it dramatically. It will also make it harder for actual true legislation to happen. Agree used the same excuses that were proven false in a FTC document.

This was going to be a big step since it was almost completely unanimous with only 2 nays. The governor made something that was supposed to be a giant step forward into a giant step back. Proves more and more why NY is just pure corruption.


voltagenic t1_j24szi4 wrote

There is an article attached to the post...


imakenosensetopeople t1_j24vh43 wrote

While true, remember we are on Reddit


CodingLazily t1_j24wdqs wrote

Indeed. Telling a redditor to read the article is about as insensitive as telling a paraplegic guy to throw a basketball. We all need to learn to respect the differently-abled.


DaRadioman t1_j26pnow wrote

I can't forget since now I am stuck in a loop.

"Remember we are on Reddit" "Remember we are on Reddit" "Remember we are on Reddit" "Remember we are on Reddit" ...


Juxtapoisson t1_j25127l wrote

Bad headlines are clickbait. Don't reward bad behavior.


thetomahawk42 t1_j2517lt wrote

If someone has already read and summarised it, it's less ads and cookie-gates that one has to get through to get the information.


Lefty21 t1_j26vkvv wrote

Are you actually 5? It’s literally in the article, click the link and read.