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fordanjairbanks t1_j255rz1 wrote


Tempest_1 t1_j259zdj wrote

It’s the nature of money in politics.

You’ll get voter referendums/initiatives that get deadlines pushed back and wording changed as soon as the politicians have to codify the law change already voted in my people.

Robots would do a better job at this point


Erisian23 t1_j25joy5 wrote

I've been wanting AI government since I began to understand people.


blacknine t1_j28d5dp wrote

you know who makes AI right


Erisian23 t1_j29rwqy wrote

Yes, the difference is, If I make an AI with X Goal and end it's training phase.

It isn't going to deviate from that in order to enrich itself and it's friends.


renasissanceman6 t1_j26jufm wrote

And people saying “that’s how politics are” has been said since the beginning of politics.