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Levelman123 t1_j25k4yi wrote

Those tools exist en mass currently. Data centers get breached constantly, any incentive to steal your phone already exists. And that incentive doesnt go away just because the person behind the desk is from apple or a tech shop.

In fact apple service jobs have high turn over rate, so the incentives to steal phones is actually higher then if you just gave it to "tom's repair" down the street. Thats what im getting at. There is no difference in security, so when they block any repair bill using security as an issue, just know they are lying through their god damn teeth.


FeralCJ7 t1_j25peih wrote

I don't think I'm making myself clear.

I'm not talking theft from a shop. I'm talking theft from person. From car. Right now pawn shops (at least where I live) only take phones you can prove are unlocked. If anyone can just buy the stuff to unlock it thefts could go up.


Levelman123 t1_j25s4y2 wrote

You dont need to buy anything to unlock a phone right now. Those tools already exist is what i was getting at. Plus pawn shop aint the best example. All i need to do to get around anything a pawn shop looks into is factory reset the phone and remove the sim.


azvnza t1_j26a3pg wrote

a big example is more for iphones, you can’t remove the icloud account without the password. there is no way to do it, and it is still linked to the account post factory reset.


DaRadioman t1_j26qcii wrote

That's not how iPhones work. You can't factory reset away ownership on them, they stay tied to the iCloud account.

Hence this whole damned conversation...


Levelman123 t1_j27iqmy wrote

Okay. Then just make it so they have to sign in to their account first? I'm not sure where this convo ended up