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MrFantasticallyNerdy t1_j25nom6 wrote

>The problem is that mfgs will default to saying it heightens injury allowing them to only sell assemblies, which often cost ~75% of the hardware, making repair by 3rd party companies unprofitable.

Not only unprofitable for the repair businesses, but unviable for the consumer, thus making the law entirely toothless.


Omnizoom t1_j29d0i8 wrote

Perfect example was fixing a wire on my dishwasher , one wire got chewed and it was chewed to close to connector for me to just splice it , I needed one connector and 3 small wires , that’s it , my only option was to spend 250 for the entire wire assembly


MrFantasticallyNerdy t1_j2bvxei wrote

That sucks!

We the consumer need to be more mindful about our purchases. We need to pay more attention to available information that can help drive purchase decisions, like the repairability scores for smartphones. We then need to vote with our dollars so manufacturers know this isn't acceptable, both in terms of environmental sustainability, and financial prudence for the end users.


godnroc t1_j2cat7p wrote

Voting with your dollar is great when there are good options to choose instead, but if all options are bad regulation is better.

Your money is used as a carrot to lead manufacturers along, regulations are a stick when they go astray.