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mprziv t1_j2no6f8 wrote

Why would anyone want an E-Ink device as a smartphone?

BW display combined with a 10-15 fps refresh rate sounds like a miserable smartphone experience.


InstinctWrites t1_j2nomo7 wrote

That's kinda the point. Make the phone less appealing to use so you don't use it for mindless scrolling

You can easily make calls on this thing or shoot a quick text. However, you won't be wasting 3 hours scrolling on Instagram or Reddit


weluckyfew t1_j2nrlen wrote

And would still be good for music too - wonder, though, if it would work ok for maps/navigation?


PloxtTY t1_j2oqdta wrote

Someone above said it was great for it


weluckyfew t1_j2oxun7 wrote

Oh, thanks!

The more I think about it, the more it does appeal to me. ABout the only surfing I do on my phone is Reddit, otherwise I just use it for texting, music, navigation, and weather.


PloxtTY t1_j2oy738 wrote

Sounds like it would be great for reddit but you would miss out a bit on the video content


weluckyfew t1_j2pfttg wrote

I'm an idiot - I forgot the number one thing I love about cell phones - the camera.


SpecialNose9325 t1_j2qsuu4 wrote

Theres a specific high refresh mode that you can enable at anytime to use apps that require scrolling like maps and video.


HandyWangCoffin t1_j2pdl3w wrote

You should be able to mimic this on your phone now (at least the B&W part). Free new year's resolution.

Settings>Accessibility>Display>Color and motion>Color correction, toggle Use color correction on, select Grayscale

Settings>General>Accessibility>Display Accommodations>Color filters, toggle Color Filters On on, select Grayscale


charleswj t1_j2p3s1y wrote

Maybe not IG but reddit is primarily text


paprok t1_j2npsjz wrote

> Why would anyone want an E-Ink device as a smartphone? > >

apart from what others said - eink display is highly energy-efficient. once you "print" it it does not require energy to keep displaying the content. with proper use it could extend battery life considerably.


deadwlkn t1_j2nvtwg wrote

Youre not wrong. I had an old Kindle Keyboard back in the day; with the wifi off, that thing would last well over a month on a single charge.


charleswj t1_j2p3n58 wrote

Why do I need a phone whose battery that lasts that long? And the target market is the exact same people that rarely use their phones, so they're already likely lasting well beyond a day.


paprok t1_j2qumpj wrote

> Why do I need a phone whose battery that lasts that long?

you don't remember/didn't use Nokia 3110/3310, did you?


detectiveDollar t1_j2so0lo wrote

Imo that's a huge benefit, but the big draw is using it as a mini e-reader/Kindle.


DoctorWTF t1_j2rzgpd wrote

Some of us live in this space called "outside"...


giuliomagnifico OP t1_j2np97z wrote

I think it’s more an e-reader that can be also a phone.

But could be useful as a second phone. The battery will last x days and you still have the ability to write messages/mail/etc.. like a phone for adventures, emergencies or sport.


marvolo24 t1_j2o839m wrote

Few years ago, they offered two e-ink phones. One was similar to this pro version but also included camera. The second one had I think IPS on the front and e-ink on the back.


Suicicoo t1_j2oilbi wrote

they had more than one, i had the A2 pro, till I drowned it ;_;
was awesome. Today I'm reading through Reddit or Twitter when idling, but back than, I'd pull out my book.


lllldddd01 t1_j2q7frh wrote

Android uses too much battery life for it to be useful as an e-reader, at least much more so than a normal phone.


SpecialNose9325 t1_j2qsz9x wrote

Its not an e-reader that happens to be a phone. Its a full Android device that happens to have a really power efficient screen.


duckduckohno t1_j2nop34 wrote

There's been a growing trend in reducing the noise of current social media and technology addictions.

This phone might force users to have a sub optional smartphone experience which may be a purposeful choice for consumers.

I'd be interested to see if the display type carries and real world benefits to battery life.


Knosh t1_j3ekmb2 wrote

The Light Phone I had previously would go all day on a 900mah battery and E-Ink display.

I'm interested in these devices since I loved my Light Phone, and just wanted it to have a camera, but to my knowledge there are ZERO E-Ink devices that have the 5G antenna required to operate properly in the United States


rosesandtherest t1_j2nwkg2 wrote

Long last battery to just take calls as business phone, perfect for one hand reading

I want this


OohMaiJosh t1_j2nxtss wrote

Ever heard of the Light Phone. Minimalist Phones are growing for sure


ahecht t1_j2olake wrote

> 10-15 fps refresh rate

It's closer to 2-3 fps for B&W E-Ink.


SpecialNose9325 t1_j2qt3lr wrote

I assure you its not. I have used a Hisense B&W E-Ink phone and the high refresh rate mode on it allows video playback at around 25-30fps.


FluffyTheWonderHorse t1_j2olsdi wrote

Conventional displays are burning my eye out. It’d be nice to not stare at a source of bright light when using a phone.


wakka55 t1_j2o8on3 wrote

They wouldn't. It would be a secondary e-reader that fits in their pocket. Keep in mind that these androids with e-ink (boox, mobiscribe, etc) only run about 10-20 android apps made for the device. You can sideload normal android apps but they are not very usable.


Sk1rtSk1rtSk1rt t1_j2qbzp9 wrote

Because people are addicted to consuming nonsense quickly and easily


SpecialNose9325 t1_j2qsr5s wrote

My friend who charges his e-ink phone twice a month is laughing maniacally.


im_thatoneguy t1_j2nspvw wrote

OLED displays have gotten so good that it really is hard to justify these days.