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giuliomagnifico OP t1_j2np97z wrote

I think it’s more an e-reader that can be also a phone.

But could be useful as a second phone. The battery will last x days and you still have the ability to write messages/mail/etc.. like a phone for adventures, emergencies or sport.


marvolo24 t1_j2o839m wrote

Few years ago, they offered two e-ink phones. One was similar to this pro version but also included camera. The second one had I think IPS on the front and e-ink on the back.


Suicicoo t1_j2oilbi wrote

they had more than one, i had the A2 pro, till I drowned it ;_;
was awesome. Today I'm reading through Reddit or Twitter when idling, but back than, I'd pull out my book.


lllldddd01 t1_j2q7frh wrote

Android uses too much battery life for it to be useful as an e-reader, at least much more so than a normal phone.


SpecialNose9325 t1_j2qsz9x wrote

Its not an e-reader that happens to be a phone. Its a full Android device that happens to have a really power efficient screen.