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sysaphiswaits t1_j2x5fln wrote

I think this would increase my stress, on several levels.


Neo_Techni t1_j2yf4lh wrote

I'm not a parent, I am a programmer though and I agree


OthmanT t1_j2zdj47 wrote

I’m both, and yeah me too. What a stupid and expensive invention


Neo_Techni t1_j2zltek wrote

Anyone who orders this should also receive a Darwin award in the mail


WorkO0 t1_j30r3dl wrote

One can only get it post humously


Neo_Techni t1_j30usfd wrote

Also you can't get it if you get someone killed, but you get my point


Radulno t1_j3109d7 wrote

Also it's too late because they already reproduced themselves (presumably if they buy a stroller). So the natural selection didn't work actually.


t3rmina1 t1_j42ht55 wrote

>The stroller is packed with sensors, motors and AI and is capable of driving itself when empty, keeping up with parents while they hold their infants and stopping automatically if it goes out of reach or encounters an obstacle.

>Electric motors also aid when manually pushing the 13.6kg stroller, similar to an e-bike, assisting with inclines and automatically braking when going downhill

It doesn't navigate by itself when you've got a baby in it. But of course, you're incapable of reading more than a title


Neo_Techni t1_j42kom4 wrote

> It doesn't navigate by itself when you've got a baby in it

That makes it pretty useless

> But of course, you're incapable of reading more than a title

If the title is inaccurate, blame the person who wrote it. It's meant to convey all relevant data. Though your rudeness is not required.


t3rmina1 t1_j42luyb wrote

Says the person who said the buyer should receive a Darwin award.

And let's say it could drive with the baby in it, why not say: anyone who buys a self-driving car should also receive a Darwin award

But, rather than checking if it was possible, you jumped straight to conclusions like it was an Olympic sport.


Drogdar t1_j31nbaa wrote

I'd also like to add in that this cost more than one of the cars my baby rides in... ridiculous.


brickyardjimmy t1_j31zna2 wrote

A stroller that can run out of batteries sounds like a horrible idea.


shmeebz t1_j3a3mx8 wrote

And drive itself into oncoming traffic


MadLintElf t1_j2x0r0y wrote

Never had stress from pushing a stroller, it actually helps because you could put some bags on the handles or under it.

And that price tag, wow more expensive than a motorized wheelchair.


Damnesya t1_j2x8e60 wrote

Right, that price stresses me out more than having to push a stroller.


mixedd t1_j2xadyh wrote

This! Who have stress by pushing stroller? It relaxes me


7-SE7EN-7 t1_j54cnwp wrote

I may not be a parent, but I feel like not having control of the stroller that your child is in would be quite stressful


mixedd t1_j54e5wo wrote

Exactly. While I trust most precious being in the world, to my own hands, eyes and reflexes, I would be stressed seeing that this is overtaken by some automation (all of us seen those Tesla autopilot fails right?)


icefire555 t1_j2xb8xf wrote

Something tells me they have some overly complex method to prevent it driving off on its own. When all it needs is a handle with a button that is durable enough to not jam closed.


MadLintElf t1_j2y0lrn wrote

But I work in IT for the last 30 years, you know someone would hack it and make it drive away on purpose.


icefire555 t1_j2y5bm3 wrote

But you could use something like a push lawn mower's grip together to engage the motor design, and push hard on that safety feature to make people aware of what needs to be bypassed to make it more dangerous.


MadLintElf t1_j2y68vf wrote

Agreed, I just don't want to trust a child let alone mine to cutting edge tech.


MLuka-author t1_j2xpalz wrote

It's a great stress reliever pushing stroller too. You can hit people on purpose with it and no one will do a thing because there's baby in there and two they always assume they are in the wrong.


cryonine t1_j2ylvvq wrote

The headline is quite a bit of clickbait, IMO. The stroller will only self-drive if empty and even then it's very limited. The use case they highlight is if your little one wants to walk or be carried, you can do that and not have to push the stroller... which, whatever. They buried the lede here, because the real benefit is smart breaking and motor assistance uphill. As someone that lives in a hilly area of SF, this stroller would be awesome.

Self-driving when empty makes sense, because no fucking way am I trusting my kids to sit inside a self-driving stroller. The price is definitely high, but this is aimed in the luxury market, which already has strollers around this range anyway.


ackermann t1_j2xw1c1 wrote

It certainly doesn’t need to be self driving. But motorized wouldn’t hurt. Give tired parents a rest from walking. Perhaps where the adult can stand on the back axle, like those standing lawnmowers that have become popular.


MadLintElf t1_j2y0gyr wrote

That I can deal with, it certainly would help especially with twins.


Ragnarok314159 t1_j36shxy wrote

I always liked pushing the stroller around, was one of the few forms of exercise I got with kids, especially with my twins.

If they want to lessen parental stress, figure out how to feed kids in the middle of the night and let us sleep.


oinklittlepiggy t1_j2yp0ca wrote

Shit man..

Just something easily turnable with one hand is all I need.


ackermann t1_j2xw8hh wrote


charleswj t1_j2ykays wrote

That would be terrible. Anyone who's ever had kids and strollers knows the last thing you want is something heavier.


ackermann t1_j2ykwu6 wrote

Fair. Heavier is probably harder to load and unload from the car, and climb stairs, even if it is motorized. Still, might be preferable when you know you have a long day with a lot of walking.


Tommy_____ t1_j2zph5k wrote

i'd rather get my family some electric scooters, some bikes, and maybe a fucking moped with the left over money for the soon to be graduate holy fucking shit man.


wifeagroafk t1_j2x17x9 wrote

Useless inventions for $1000 please Alex


KosmicTom t1_j2x38ei wrote



Setari t1_j2x4ni3 wrote



Samura1_I3 t1_j3c68ss wrote

Classic venture capitalist stupidity.

At least it doesn’t hurt us lol


raven_god t1_j2x3rrx wrote

Save yourself the £2,700 and strap your car seat to a Roomba.


EggSandwich1 t1_j3ayx4r wrote

I had to double look the first time I saw the title I thought it said 270 pounds. That’s just stupid who needs a 3grand stroller the kid grows out of the pram when it starts walking


brainsizeofplanet t1_j2x0fwq wrote

As I would trust my kid to a self driving stroller - 😂


cryonine t1_j2ylztp wrote

I thought the same thing when I read the headline. However, after I read the article they point out that it's only "self-driving" when empty.


imadragonyouguys t1_j30z4f3 wrote

Tesla self driving stroller. Can't run over the toddler if it's inside the thing!


bkornblith t1_j2x1qkv wrote

If you have that kind of money, hire a nanny lol


LooseLeaf24 t1_j2xi7jv wrote

How much do you think a nanny is?

$3300 / $15 per hour = 220 hours

220 hours / 12 months = 18.33 hours

18 hours a month / 20 days = 55 minutes a day

Typically kids are using strollers for 2 to 4 years so we are now down to 13.75 minutes to 27.5 minutes a day.


bakingNerd t1_j2y56wu wrote

Where can you find a nanny for only $15/hr?


TheW83 t1_j32lrju wrote

Right? I guess "Nanny" in this case would be the neighborhood teen that wants some spending money.


highlighter416 t1_j2y5hwl wrote

My friend just hired a night nanny for 60k plus benefits a year.


LooseLeaf24 t1_j2y5xbc wrote

That a bit more than I've seen.

My friend has a full time nanny for 45 or 50k but as a 1099 employee


MVPizzle t1_j32l26x wrote

Kids use strollers after age 2?


TheW83 t1_j32lzyx wrote

My daughter didn't much after 2 but I think our last go with it was at Disney World when she was around 2.5 yrs.


diacewrb OP t1_j2x04is wrote

It costs $3,300 for you yanks.


TheGoldenVV t1_j2x7uwn wrote

So like $46 more than a regular stroller….

Babies costing too much


ChronWeasely t1_j2xai3g wrote

I was about to say good strollers are really fucking expensive already


WeToLo42 t1_j2x7l0h wrote

If it works like self driving cars it will run over other strollers and crash into walls.


whyNadorp t1_j34rahy wrote

i thought the main feature of self driving cars is bursting into flames.


sysadminbj t1_j2x0u73 wrote

I can see it now….. Remember the stroller scene from Ghostbusters 2? Someone with more money than they know what to do with is going to buy one of these as a flex and someone is going to take remote control and drive the damn thing off. Either that, or some colossal jackass is going to rig the thing to walk his own baby while he’s playing XBox.


dzakich t1_j2x9908 wrote

What stresses me the most about parenting is a construct struggle for time and balance of commitments, not pushing the stroller...


MercatorLondon t1_j2x5iz3 wrote

This is called solutionism.

They solved problem that didn't exist in a first place.


cryonine t1_j2yme3k wrote

When you read the article / watch the promo video, it makes a lot more sense. It only "self-drives" when empty, and provides the benefits of assisted breaking and climbing for hilly areas. This would be a godsend for the grandparents... but expensive.


MercatorLondon t1_j2yokv3 wrote

I never had that issue with any of the prams or buggies I used. And pulling 14kg of buggy (to the bus or up the stairs) seems too heavy for anyone - mums or grandparents..


cryonine t1_j2yzqmv wrote

If you live in a flat area, definitely not an issue. I live in SF and deal with a lot of hills. I don't need it, but it would be nice. The stroller we're currently using is already heavier than this too. Is it necessary? Nah, but luxury strollers are just about that - a luxury. You don't need a self-rocking bassinet either, but those are selling like hotcakes at $2k.


MercatorLondon t1_j2z1u5n wrote

Nah, it is a fad.


cryonine t1_j2z8qsg wrote

Probably, but the point is it’s not just a problem looking for a solution. It’s just overkill for the price.


[deleted] t1_j2x3uw6 wrote

I hope it doesn’t go on a wild police chase or drive over an embankment.


12kdaysinthefire t1_j2xazit wrote

You’re gonna push a kid out but can’t even push a stroller around? Yikes.


thefartographer t1_j2xhfbh wrote

Tesla should purchase this company. Imagine how many more kids they can splatter with strollers that can bring the children directly to them!


blaze53 t1_j30s67g wrote

If a parent is stressed out by pushing a stroller then being a parent probably wasn't a good choice in general.


AlyssaImagine t1_j2xeuom wrote

Sounds like a stress increase, rather than decrease. Who is going to trust a self driving stroller with a kid?


amscraylane t1_j2xjimz wrote

Right! Now I got to remember to charge the damn thing or fear running out of juice mid-walk. It probably weighs a ton, and it has the potential to catch on fire.


Monsantoshill619 t1_j2yyxd7 wrote

Well this one isn’t made by elon musk so it’s probably less fire prone


cryonine t1_j2ymkfl wrote

No one, not even the company. Per the article and promo video, it only "self-drives" when empty. If loaded, it has intelligent breaking and assisted climbing for hills. The title is a bit clickbaity.


sethgi t1_j2xsaiv wrote

As someone who has worked on autonomy at self driving car companies and knows how fragile the tech is for everyone but the multi billion dollar giants (waymo), and how even for them it’s still not close to perfect, I promise you this would only increase my stress levels


Stonehill76 t1_j2zhzdl wrote

I don’t need a stroller that drives itself. I need a laundry machine that feeds itself and that folds clothes


Nammoflammo t1_j30r0t2 wrote

Pushing a stroller can be very calming though, especially if the child is asleep. Not stressful


adroitaardvark t1_j30sxsn wrote

No way in HELL. Keeping a baby safe and secured is expensive enough with the way any stroller costs now! Could NEVER trust something like this. Completely dystopian.


Zeromius t1_j30t4e9 wrote

Good, the stroller and Teslas can coordinate into running into each other.


themikeswitch t1_j30y4rd wrote



MediumDrink t1_j311hgn wrote

So for only 3 grand I can buy a stroller that will run off with my child? What a bargain!


nostalgic_angel t1_j31eah9 wrote

Stroller: Parent stress detected, stress level: high. Actions suggested: self destruction. Press the button on left to detonate the machine, press the right button to accelerate machine toward the nearest obstacle at 300km/h.

Parent: Shit! how do I turn this off?

Stroller: Turning off, oxygen and water depleted from internal chamber. Thank you for using our product, refund is not available


giggidy88 t1_j2x6i6j wrote

This would increase my stress exponentially


jamasha t1_j2x8olr wrote

Ghostbusters 2 says hi.


____Vader t1_j2x983e wrote

This a terrible idea


muttmunchies t1_j2xmv4y wrote

This has got to be in the top 5 dumbest products for parents to buy.


shepherdofthesea t1_j2xo2co wrote

Pushing my kids in a stroller ranks very low on things that add to my stress. I'd even say that it relieves stress to some extent.


killerbake t1_j2zfq2r wrote

I think a self driving stroller would add more stress


avatarfire t1_j2zw7on wrote

Solution in search of a problem


OldWrangler9033 t1_j305mbr wrote

Reduce stress? It will increase stress if it malfunctions and takes off with child onboard.


StevieKix_ t1_j308tlo wrote

This just screams bad idea


anengineerandacat t1_j30crhe wrote

And I worry about my $700 stroller being stolen 😂 that thing wouldn't leave my sight for a moment.


DontToewsMeBro2 t1_j30gdd1 wrote

Yeah until some kiddy buys your password online & takes it for a spin


grumpyfrench t1_j311hyn wrote

i would not trust this with my dog


skgody t1_j311snx wrote

Is this FSD, asking for a friend?


karimamin t1_j313saa wrote

Do they drive themselves into the street?


CrankNation93 t1_j31cvxf wrote

The real solution to less stress is not having kids.


brickyardjimmy t1_j31zktm wrote

Unless it comes with a self-raising baby, it's a waste of money.


Yiayajkak t1_j326zml wrote

I’m not gonna read this, but do they need people to walk the stroller or does it have self driving capability? 😐


Adventurous_Aerie_79 t1_j3336nv wrote

> aims to reduce parents' stress

No baby, no stress. Mission accomplished.


Any_Check_7301 t1_j2x75kr wrote

Is it too soon to expect a self driving shoes so they find my feet and slid on, self-tie and encourage me to run ?


OrgJoho75 t1_j2xffv2 wrote

"Mr Bean Goes to the fun fair 2 : many decades later"


NxPat t1_j2xh85q wrote

Lawsuits in 3,2,1…


kielsucks t1_j2xjz16 wrote

Can’t wait to see strollers doing 110 on the interstate


ReganH22 t1_j2xkrav wrote

I don’t remember feeling any stress when pushing my son in a stroller. If anything it was a stress reliever because I knew I had control of the stroller and didn’t have to worry about him getting away from me. Now he’s 2 and wants to walk everywhere which is more stressful.


El-Monsoon t1_j2xnni1 wrote

Ah yes. A stress free life style at only $2,700. No no, there's no chance of any type of malfunction that will cause it to veer into the street. No need to worry. If it does though, you're monthly expenses will decrease. It's a win win!


Kuchbhhi t1_j2xo2sp wrote

Haven’t we learned from Tesla?


FS_Slacker t1_j2xojut wrote

Stroller stress isn’t from pushing it. It’s from pushing it through a crowd when you’re trying to get somewhere and people cut in front while you’re trying not to clip those same people.

£2,700 should get you a stroller with a taser like probe that extends in front of the stroller and gently discourages people from walking in front of you.


SpecialCut4 t1_j2xz9zw wrote

Pushing a wheelchair too. People just think they can walk right in front of you. Those things are so heavy you can’t always stop on a dime then you get nasty looks when you bump their ankles 🤷‍♀️


JELLY-ROCKET t1_j2xollh wrote

How does it perform in the Trans Am bumper test?


Commie_EntSniper t1_j2xouhc wrote

Really makes me aware for the first time of the amount of stress experienced by who can afford 2700 for a self-driving stroller. This is clearly responding to the dire need for relief in the privileged-and-stressed-set. I feel so bad for them. I hope they get pay for help.


preperforated t1_j2xpyye wrote

Self driving by TESLA!

if that happens, ill just invest in baby sized caskets


motociclista t1_j2xq5ar wrote

I’m not a parent so forgive my asking, but doesn’t that seem cheap? I feel like I’ve seen non-self driving robot strollers for not much more.


IAmTheClayman t1_j2xqd23 wrote

Yeah, the type of parents who have £2700 to spend on a stroller aren’t the ones pushing it. They leave that to the help /s


FullyStacked92 t1_j2xqs89 wrote

Anyone who can afford this has already hired someone to push the thing for them.


itsvoogle t1_j2xr3ec wrote

Ready to see strollers just take off down the road with an infant in it….


kingfetis t1_j2xrg9l wrote

so 16 yr old girls cant drive without restrictions but babies can?


Blastoxic999 t1_j2xsd1d wrote

Fast and Furious, but the babies are driving.


Hirokage t1_j2xt24a wrote

How does a device that pushes your baby around based on programming reduce your stress? It would increase mine 10 fold.

It's all fun and games until actors start hacking computerized cars and baby strollers.


Starbuksman t1_j2xv0mh wrote

People can barely afford gas, food, and housing….🙄


FuriousGeorge50 t1_j2y0bwa wrote

The price of strollers in general is what gives me stress. A good stroller car seat combo is an entire paycheck.


TONKAHANAH t1_j2y0hki wrote

im not a parent.. but I'd be WAY more stressed worrying about if my kids self driving stroller is going to drive it out into traffic or down a set of stairs. I'd think the least stressful stroller scenario is the one where you're in 100% control


zjustice11 t1_j2y1nal wrote

“Why would I push my baby AWAY from me??”


krom0025 t1_j2y4rfp wrote

Does this thing jump over uneven sidwalks automatically? There are so many obstacles you need to maneuver strollers over that I doubt this can handle it without issue.


DLBaker t1_j2y6ggq wrote

Any paren't that's going to *need* something like this won't have the money, and those that have the money aren't going to be pushing their children.

I don't see this going anywhere, except maybe into the street by itself. Bad idea all the way around.


Surfguitar t1_j2y78h5 wrote

Taking my kid out in his stroller was one of my favorite things about his childhood. We'd load it up for the day and cover the whole town.


dolerbom t1_j2y799q wrote

No way in hell am I putting a child in something called a self-driving stroller.


Neo_Techni t1_j2yf0vd wrote

Um, I'm not a parent but I feel this would increase my stress

  • We've seen incidents of self-driving cars crash or drive off cliffs
  • How is it tracking you? How hard is it to lose you?
  • How far does it stay behind/ahead of you? Cause this sounds like a recipe for a car impact

PunxsutawnyFil t1_j2yga1i wrote

This is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard


DexJones t1_j2ygw7f wrote


Pushed two kids in a pram, loved it.


redditor0303 t1_j2yiom8 wrote

From reading the article, it's only self driving when the kid is NOT in the stroller. So that if the parent needs to carry the child, e.g. to settle the child, then the stroller will automatically follow them where they go.


TrainingTough991 t1_j2yk83w wrote

The attention should always be focused on the baby. I can see where it would be handy to have it follow you when you are carrying the baby but what if parents focus on the task at hand, think the baby is in the stroller and following them but baby is not in the stroller? What if it catches fire, runs out of power? I bet it’s heavy and probably harder to maneuver.


9fingfing t1_j2ymsdc wrote

Hmm…maybe…just maybe…don’t have kids if pushing them is stressful to you?


FeralCJ7 t1_j2ypyog wrote

Save more stress and don't have the kid at all if a stroller is causing problems


ShowMeDaData t1_j2yr6tm wrote

I see they are targeting the sizeable Mandalorian cosplay market.


TDaltonC t1_j2ytdtx wrote

The “pedal assist” and downhill regenerative breaking would be nice honestly.

. . . Oh sorry, are we only shitting on CES stuff this year?


mynaneisjustguy t1_j2yy3rc wrote

This works; if you have £2700 to spend on a stroller you probably don’t have much to stress about.


jgemonic t1_j2yyyo9 wrote

As a parent, a self-driving stroller sounds stressful as hell...


jolyneteevie t1_j2z7z7e wrote

ah yes now instead of putting your own life at risk in a tesla, you can now risk your precious child's life for the low cost of 2700!


jolyneteevie t1_j2z8ql3 wrote

ah yes now instead of putting your own life at risk in a tesla, you can now risk your precious child's life for the low cost of 2700!


CirnoTan t1_j2zf9au wrote

Why they tryna automate everything in this world leaving our brains hanging doing nothing


asyrin25 t1_j2zgk9d wrote

While this price is high, you can tell who hasn't checked the prices of strollers lately.

$1000 is not an over the top price for a high rated stroller that you push.


Jellybean-Jellybean t1_j2zhcsd wrote

Considering what I've heard about self-driving cars, I don't think less stress is going to be the result.


craftermath t1_j2zo4vf wrote

Don't know why, but I read that title as "self-destructing stroller". Got to the word stroller and was like, nope, not right, let's try that again brain.


J662b486h t1_j2zoapb wrote

Why not just put a steering wheel in it, send the kid out and stay home.


MoirasPurpleOrb t1_j2zoned wrote

The electric motor assist on uphill and downhill seems more useful than any of the other features.

But I wonder how much it weighs, people want to be able to collapse their strollers and put them in the car, and they are often heavy enough without the electric motor and batteries.


abark006 t1_j2zthl3 wrote

Full self driving with freeway lane change and traffic stop recognition coming soon for an additional 15000


NODA5 t1_j30gzt4 wrote

Can it drive me around


Rethious t1_j30zeg8 wrote

Every time there’s a new bit of tech there’s pearl clutching about its price. Pretty much everything new starts its life as luxury. If people with money to burn don’t want one, it dies. If people actually like it, it gets mass produced and prices drop.


danhoyuen t1_j3126ku wrote

if it's safe, it would be worth every penny.


*not a parent.


pnrgi t1_j32xuco wrote

I can’t wait to see this hacked at Blackhat!!


whyNadorp t1_j34rfza wrote

can it follow your car? fy isofix!


whyNadorp t1_j34sez4 wrote

just put the baby in a tesla and tell the tesla to go for a stroll.


PainOfClarity t1_j34zxll wrote

Getting a firmware upgrade for that critical bug doesn’t help after it drives itself into traffic…

As a programmer and a parent this just makes me laugh in a sad kind of way.


brou4164 t1_j351uws wrote

It doesn’t drive itself if there is a child in it.


KitteNlx t1_j35nylk wrote

Takes twice as long to get where you're going, at four times the price. You'll spend more time babysitting the thing to make sure it goes where you want, than you do spending time with your actual child.


BriggsWellman t1_j37j06f wrote

Anyone who would buy this doesn't parent their own kids anyways...


calls_you_a_bellend t1_j4pw4r0 wrote

Parenting is incredibly stressful.

Although rewarding, it's been the hardest three years of my life. At no point was a focus of that stress walking forward slowly while holding a plastic bar.


mathaiser t1_j2zv6v5 wrote

Can wait for the first one to go ham and self drive a baby at max speed.


Maenethal t1_j31b2zx wrote

A great solution for people affected by Roe v Wade being overturned.