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Fruooop t1_j31f7cp wrote

Wait, so its just a laptop with a 3ds screen?


[deleted] t1_j31g3yf wrote



Calfredie01 t1_j31y7mj wrote

The New 3DS had the head tracking thing so that way the 3D would adjust to your position. I’m sure this is more advanced, but it did become a thing in the later model.


samanime t1_j32ta8h wrote

Yeah. Which made a big difference in the effect... but I still had it off 99% of the time. Even a super fancy, advanced, works perfectly every time and in all conditions... I just can't see how it would useful at all compared to the tools we currently have.


camatthew88 t1_j31qa57 wrote

Now I can finally run 3ds games in hd


xpayn3 t1_j31c41i wrote a 3D designer myself, its a hard no from me.


samanime t1_j31cbki wrote

Yeah. Maybe if I saw it in person I'd "get it", but I just can't imagine any possible scenario where it'd be beneficial.


what595654 t1_j3gs752 wrote

3d modeling, CAD, architecture, gaming, art, medicine, so on.


endthepainowplz t1_j33c4zr wrote

As a 3D designer as well, I’d probably go crazy looking at it for more than 2 minutes. I just move the model around to get a sense of depth. I can’t see the appeal of working 8 hours on this.


OozeNAahz t1_j35wqgh wrote

I design a lot of 3D parts for 3D printing. Would be handy to have this at times so I can see depth of extrusions and such without constantly rotating the part. Wouldn’t think it would be necessary often, but might be handy to have when you do need it.


GuestNumber_42 t1_j3fs7hd wrote

But... Even for hobbyist 3D printers, wouldn't getting the measurements be more effective as a judgement of depth for parts that would be produced/prototyped?


OozeNAahz t1_j3ftm7o wrote

Well sort of. I use Fusion 360 for instance. Not always able to see if a hole actually got pushed into a part properly when looking straight onto it because all of the material is the same color. So being able to make sure I cut a hole deep enough would be nice without having to rotate the part. And it might also help to see if a cut I made was too deep and intersected with another void when I didn’t want tit to. Or text I tried to extrude up from a face was pushed in instead. Stuff like that.

You do all this by telling the software the measurements but sometimes there is no substitute for visualizing it.


GuestNumber_42 t1_j3g0s87 wrote

>... Fusion 360...Not always able to see if a hole actually got pushed into a part properly when looking straight onto it because all of the material is the same color...without having to rotate the part...

I've never used Fusion360. Although it sounds like they need to improve on their pre-render shading in their visualisation windows.

But I can imagine having the additional benefit of the option of tilting ourselves just a little bit to check if the through-hole really made it through or not in our models, is not a bad thing to have.

Also gives us the additional excuse of the momentary-tilting-seated farting position. Haha!


xpayn3 t1_j33t2vs wrote

Exactly! It would be cool to look at for about 15 minutes. But working on this daily for 8 hours or more?

If studio would demand us to use this for work I would quit!


endthepainowplz t1_j33t875 wrote

It can be straining sometimes with a regular monitor. This screams vision problems.


Socile t1_j34xw36 wrote

You guys are making a lot of assumptions about something you’ve never actually laid eyes on. You don’t even have an acquaintance who has used one. Why not reserve judgement?


Omegalazarus t1_j35jh5p wrote

This has been some for years. And already seen it. To "see" it, just got watch an active 3d tv and pretend like you aren't wearing the glasses or okay a 3ds and think about if the screen were bigger.


what595654 t1_j3gr2rt wrote

No. It is not the same. This is eye tracked. Think hologram, as you can look around the image a bit. Much brighter. Higher resolution.

Old 3d glasses tech was/is terrible. Inconsistent effect. Ghosting. Dark. Low resolution. Breaks if you are at the wrong angle or rotation, etc...


YadaYadaYou t1_j3656nv wrote

“actually laid eyes on”? I “see” what you did there.

(I”m in this really weird place tonight)


endthepainowplz t1_j354ipe wrote

I’ve seen a 3DS and other 3D technologies. We work in this field. You don’t need to see a product to know how it’s going to turn out. Ask the remind me bot to remind you in 5 years, and then you can tell me that you told me so if it’s the future. It’s a cool product, don’t get me wrong. I think it’s just aimed at the wrong audience.


Iintl t1_j35zhbz wrote

That's what they said about VR headsets. "It'll never work, look at the VirtualBoy, silly gimmick etc etc." But it turns out that previous products failed not because the concept is useless or silly, it's because technology wasn't advanced enough to create an enjoyable experience. And now VR headsets are a viable and growing market, posted to get better as display and processing tech advances.

Who says the same can't happen of 3D displays?


ken579 t1_j35s1li wrote

Did you read the article? Because you'd probably know comparing it to a 3DS is pretty silly if you did.


endthepainowplz t1_j35sz8f wrote

“Similar technology has been used in a small number of laptops and displays before” tell me where it says it’s not like anything we’ve seen before. Also, it looks like it’s lacking a market. I don’t think any of my coworkers would sign up for this, I could ask them.


ken579 t1_j35uovf wrote

>The laptops each feature a 16-inch, 3200×2000 OLED panel with a 120 Hz refresh rate.
>The lenticular lens works with a pair of eye-tracking cameras to render real-time images for each eye that adjust with your physical movements.
>an Asus spokesperson said that because the OLED screens claim a low gray-to-gray response time of 0.2 ms, as well as the extremely high contrast that comes with OLED, there's no crosstalk between the left and right eye's image, ensuring more realistic-looking content


Cool, thanks for making me waste a couple minutes because you're lazy. So yeah, does that sound like a 3DS? High resolution, low response time, eye tracking? Do you even have any concept of what a 3DS looks like?

Similar technology does not mean the same specs. But cool deal on finding the first sentence that matches your negative vibe and stopping there. Real efficient at being what you are.


WangmasterX t1_j37bz1r wrote

For a professional you sure seem fucking clueless. Maybe try reading lessons?


endthepainowplz t1_j37cao6 wrote

Could you tell me what lesson I'm supposed to be reading? I guess I really am clueless and could use some help?


what595654 t1_j3grgm4 wrote

Just read the article or watch a video on it. Every comment hating on this thing has been from ignorance. Go watch dave2d video on it. Stop arguing out of ignorance and stubbornness.

It is equivalent of people hating on VR and bringing up old Nintendo vr headset. It just showcases lazy, ignorant, and closemindedness..

You aren't the people who build the future. You are the people who quietly adopt when you realize how wrong you were. But no one will call you out then.


VoraciousFungi t1_j34nr1n wrote

Don't get it either. But I wouldn't want to work with a laptop at all. I want my ergonomic setup with my screens and peripherals. I do not want to sit hunched over a laptop for even a second more than I need to.


Mufasa_LG t1_j31rwtg wrote

Wish I could get this on my oled TV.


Thathappenedearlier t1_j34xxhe wrote

You can theoretically you just need eye tracking


OozeNAahz t1_j35wj3k wrote

And if eye tracking is a part then likely it will only work for one viewer.


Mufasa_LG t1_j3582fq wrote

To make any TV work?


Thathappenedearlier t1_j358vkq wrote

At least to get the simulated depth stuff, it works but tracking your eyes and syncing the image deeper into the screen and pulling the main objects to the forefront then tracking your eyes to move the background to get real parallax


elton_john_lennon t1_j31tapt wrote

Wait, did they just revive early 2010s 3DTV craze that noone bought into? xD ;D


ObiWanCanShowMe t1_j3fdwdw wrote

glasses free was the main complaint back then.

"if this didn't need glases, I'd buy it"


what595654 t1_j3gq68r wrote

No. They developed glasses free eye tracked 3d. Meaning. It maintains the 3d effect as you move around the image. Like a hologram. It is limited to one person basically at a time though. Makes for an awesome monitor. But not tv.


lucellent t1_j32mvgb wrote

This feels like one of those products that are used to demonstrate how cool it is but in reality literally nobody will be using them, not even professionals.


what595654 t1_j3gpxhv wrote

The problem is cost. If it was just a value add to a monitor. I'd rather have it, than not. I'd be willing to pay up to $200 premium.


CBreezer t1_j32wmtc wrote

It's taken this long to get the 3DS tech into an actual TV? Damn, Nintendo did not wanna give that shit up lol


Cross_22 t1_j34dwdk wrote

I remember autostereoscopic TVs being demo'ed at a consumer show back in 1996. Nintendo was the first to put it in a handheld gaming device. Asus apparently the first to put it in an OLED laptop.


D8able403 t1_j31p8x6 wrote

Future of gaming laptops look bright. Waiting to spurge forone when they released a 18"
GTX 4090 laptop =)


LoafyLemon t1_j324a23 wrote

4090 laptop with the speed of a 3070 desktop.

They should stop false advertising


xondk t1_j32xlkx wrote

I mean, couldn't this 3d tech be applied to VR headsets so you basically could have something similar to ready player one, a 'ski mask' which was simply screen and the tech itself in the screen made sure the right image went to the right eye?


Omegalazarus t1_j35jrcm wrote

The 3d in these setups have nowhere near the depth of a vr headset.


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what595654 t1_j3gpnka wrote

No. VR Headsets use it.

And actually, bad 3d died. The type that uses glasses. Glasses free, eye tracked 3d hasn't been tried yet. But, for TVs this wouldn't work because of the eye tracking. Only one person at a time.


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what595654 t1_j3gsicd wrote

Why is the iPhone relevant here?

How many VR headsets have been sold?

What is the definition of niche in this context?


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what595654 t1_j3gt35h wrote

Is the iPhone the only successful product?

What is your metric of successful?


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what595654 t1_j3gxsbw wrote

What is your definition of shit?

You seem to only speak in generalities. How are you drawing your conclusions? What data? What metrics?

Do all product categories start off as a success, or does it take time to refine the hardware? When the first computer was released, how many were sold? What about the second year? 10th year? What about smart phones? What about TVs? How long did these products take? Are there more TVs sold or iphones per year? What about microwaves? Laptops? Milk? What is your definition of shit? Compared to what? And why?


Jamie00003 t1_j3gy3bx wrote

What a stupid question. I mean, VR isn’t popular and isn’t selling well.

Plenty of other articles to suggest this. Even fever people care about 3D


DarthBuzzard t1_j3i8vx5 wrote

VR is selling pretty much as expected for an emerging industry. Nothing particularly bad or worrying going on here.

You often have a year or two with a decline (and this decline is arguably mostly attributed to the worldwide economy).


SK1D_M4RK t1_j35n3zb wrote

I see this is being useful for quickly viewing models before rendering or placing them into a 3d/vr enviroment. Kinda like viewing texture and shading renders quickly in a preview window before rendering the model fully.


Upper_Decision_5959 t1_j35n61t wrote

Why in laptops? Wouldn't this be better on TVs or even monitors which are a bit bigger than laptop screens. Anyways I was hoping with Avatar Way of Water that we would get glasses-free 3D in theaters after 10+ years especially with 3DS having it, but that wasn't the case


what595654 t1_j3c0g6e wrote

You need to sit in one specific place for it todidn't.

Edit: I was completely wrong about this. But, only one person can see it at a time.


detektor t1_j35p686 wrote

There is a company called zSpace that has done this for about 10 years but with passive 3D glasses with reflectors to track your eyes. This is really affecting and rich tech.

It is meaningful because you reduce nausea to near zero because your peripheral vision is still capturing the "real world" surrounding you.

Propers to zSpace for innovating this.


ProfessionalMottsman t1_j35sqih wrote

Hate those “3D glasses”, there’s a reason people pay a lot of money for laser surgery or hassle of contact lenses. Also do not believe they provide better quality


what595654 t1_j3gp7up wrote

No glasses required. And the cameras track your eyes to maintain a proper 3d effect. You can look at objects from the side.


Kaotecc t1_j34ebww wrote

Gonna cost $6400


darkdoppelganger t1_j36b280 wrote

3D is a useless gimmick and no one can convince me otherwise.


what595654 t1_j3gou53 wrote

3D is how you see the world. Adding it is useful for many applications where getting a sense of human depth is useful.

And admitting your lack of an open mind, isn't exactly something to be proud of.


ObiWanCanShowMe t1_j3fdzri wrote

It's glasses free and you can control the amount from 0 to full and if it catches on and they add it to all monitors you can just turn it off.