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hel112570 t1_j31tbzv wrote

OH MAN WE'RE GONNA GET WIPEOUT! (Shouts in Sasha Xpander)


CL1122 t1_j360ajl wrote

If they don’t play techno music while racing they better at least have power weapons!


jjj49er t1_j324bdq wrote

Every time I read about these things I get so upset. I had a design for one of these in the 80s and my physics teacher told me it was impossible and discouraged me from trying to make it work.


SevenSebastian t1_j326esm wrote

Well, you know what you have to do now.


jjj49er t1_j326jhn wrote

Find a flux capacitor so I can go back in time?


Salmol1na t1_j36mpiv wrote

Get in the damn pod race and win the young queen amadala’s heart


multitaskgod t1_j337ws1 wrote

Yes you totally invented this as a no name student 40 years ago. And I’m a wakandan Oompa Loompa


jjj49er t1_j339cah wrote

I didn't invent it. I never made it. I only had the plans drawn up for it. I wasn't trying to impress anyone. I doubt I'm the first one to have that idea. I bet others were also told by professionals and scholars that it wasn't possible. My point was: don't listen to people when they say you can't do something.

I can't say that I would have perfected it, or even been able to market it, but I kick myself for not even trying, just because someone I looked up to said it wouldn't work.


arguix t1_j3flfdc wrote

i had this with solar powered LED light, for areas without power, so people can do stuff at night. tolf not doable, failing grade. later found proff won award for similar idea. one of several reasons i dropped out.


StreetCornerApparel t1_j33pgq4 wrote

My exes dad had the idea for the salad spinner, and his dad took him to a patent office and gave his idea away to the person there because it was “stupid and nobody would use it” and I’m sure we all know how that went.. lol… He would get drunk and sadly rant about it pretty often 😅😕


RushEm2TheDirt t1_j372op2 wrote

If you had it in you, you'd have ignored him and kept going


jjj49er t1_j3731fz wrote

I started, but I hit a tiny snag and I gave up because his message of "it can't be done" kept running through my mind. I was very easily influenced by "authority figures" when I was younger.


RushEm2TheDirt t1_j376e9d wrote

I realize what I said had a bit of a nasty delivery, but I swear I meant well. It's just one of those "I could've/would've if only x didn't happen" that people hold onto that build resentment. Resentment can manifest itself in our physical and mental health in ways people might not even notice, and release of said resentment can be astounding. ❤️


jjj49er t1_j378li3 wrote

I don't dwell on it. I just get reminded every time I see a story like this. It's not my white whale.


arguix t1_j3flwrp wrote

flip this, decide your mind will "invent something that you can and will make now, doable and appropriate for your current situation in life" and just keep obsess over, with feeling.

get back to me in month or year. everything can and will change


FindTheRemnant t1_j340p1e wrote

Maca unveils a CGI model of something.


racerx21 t1_j34k9uf wrote

This doesn't sound like a real thing. No specs on it or actual pics.
Looks cool, but I think that's all there is.


Efffro t1_j34gb45 wrote

I’ll not hold my breath until I see one flying.


REHTONA_YRT t1_j33hvn0 wrote

What the fuck is the difference between a flying face car and a helicopter or plane?


Impossible_Garbage_4 t1_j34a31z wrote

A flying face car would have wheels allowing it to drive at standard driving speeds I suppose? A plane can’t do that and helicopters don’t have wheels typically


Scrotemeal69 t1_j3fas0q wrote

It would be so much easier to just strap a Honda Civic to the bottom of a helicopter than build a flying car


Impossible_Garbage_4 t1_j3guvlq wrote

Yeah but that wouldn’t be a flying car, that’d be a helicopter welded to an car. It probably wouldn’t even be able to fly


Korblox101 t1_j35lkb7 wrote

Perhaps it’s more of a hovercraft, in that it can only hover a short length above the ground.


halfaura t1_j331xki wrote

Are there any real pictures or videos of it? I can only find rendered images and videos.


Impossible_Garbage_4 t1_j349xgl wrote

It likely hasn’t been built yet


halfaura t1_j3d37v7 wrote

Sad days. I want to know if it is real or just a marketing scam. Hoping it is real.


Impossible_Garbage_4 t1_j3d3qmg wrote

Yeah, they’ve probably got a concept planned out and are working in prototypes. They’ve somewhat announced it now to generate PR and help raise their stocks so they have some funds for designing and building


Mtndrew420 t1_j36upef wrote

Isn't Maca Australian for McDonald's?


Hiseworns t1_j32d0hj wrote

Fucking finally a flying car, let's go


-praetorr- t1_j35drjt wrote

You have to fly over the X to activate rockets. Arrows give you a speed boost.


YadaYadaYou t1_j364es0 wrote

Oh, this must be the improved version of a hydrogen powered flying race car that no one has ever heard of!


Ok_Visit_1968 t1_j36je7l wrote

Finally . We will be the Jetson's.