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RushEm2TheDirt t1_j372op2 wrote

If you had it in you, you'd have ignored him and kept going


jjj49er t1_j3731fz wrote

I started, but I hit a tiny snag and I gave up because his message of "it can't be done" kept running through my mind. I was very easily influenced by "authority figures" when I was younger.


RushEm2TheDirt t1_j376e9d wrote

I realize what I said had a bit of a nasty delivery, but I swear I meant well. It's just one of those "I could've/would've if only x didn't happen" that people hold onto that build resentment. Resentment can manifest itself in our physical and mental health in ways people might not even notice, and release of said resentment can be astounding. ❤️


jjj49er t1_j378li3 wrote

I don't dwell on it. I just get reminded every time I see a story like this. It's not my white whale.


arguix t1_j3flwrp wrote

flip this, decide your mind will "invent something that you can and will make now, doable and appropriate for your current situation in life" and just keep obsess over, with feeling.

get back to me in month or year. everything can and will change