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AzLibDem t1_j3ls13z wrote

Pointless, since you can't get a Raspberry Pi anywhere.


WorstPapaGamer t1_j3lsdha wrote

Raspberry pi 5 is rumored to come out this year (hopefully early 2023). Hopefully it’ll be a decent stock (although I doubt it).


MetabolicCloth t1_j3lthgq wrote

That’s not true. The first 2 quarters will be improving stock levels of raspberry pi’s, by the second half of the year they’ll be back to pre-pandemic levels. The Pi 5 has been pushed back to 2024 so that they can get stock levels back up.


PotusThePlant t1_j3lxjnn wrote



MetabolicCloth t1_j3lye1l wrote

The interview posted above highlights what I said although its 30 minutes. There's articles from Tom's hardware, Ars Technica, etc. That all go into more depth on their coverage of the interview. The short answer is Eben doesn't want to hurt the supply of the other products to release the Pi 5 so they're waiting. He said maybe end of year 2023 they could start thinking about a release