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Kevin_Jim t1_j3m5etf wrote

I doubt they RaspberryPi foundation will have match trouble porting their libs, and it’ll be relatively straightforward to maintain the same GPIO.

It’s a matter of resources and commitment. They have the resources, but the moment they even think of deviating from Broadcom, there will be not coming back from it. So, they have to be 100% in.


yumri t1_j3mze74 wrote

As VisionFive is a competitor to the RaspberryPi foundation but they actually have a product you can buy. Again the problem is most is made for ARM not RISC-V but as you explained it will be relatively straightforward to use as the same GPIO count and connectors.

So the Camera module should work with their board when the environment is made for RISC-V not just for ARM. I am hoping it will be but i do not know how hard it will be as i don't know RISC-V programming.


Kevin_Jim t1_j3n8q8u wrote

LLVM made porting across architectures much easier than it ever was.