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the_first_brovenger t1_j3ra7q5 wrote

If there one thing I've come to accept it's that yes, my generation (millennial) is extremely entitled. Like christ we're honestly as bad as the boomers, just different.

The latest iPhone, the greatest GPU, multiple consoles, all online services should be free, etc etc etc.

For instance I got so much shit for pointing out if you don't like ads on YouTube just pay for it. It's cheap as hell compared to what you get for it.



Capitalism works a little more tolerably for the middle class when consumers advocate strongly for themselves. Choosing not to consume when prices are too high is how prices get lowered. Want us to suck it up and pay? Take it to /r/HailCorporate.


edvek t1_j3rv0s6 wrote

I refuse to listen to ads. I will always and forever use ad blockers. I have YouTube Vance on my phone which I mirror to my TV. If I don't feel like getting up I'll suffer through ads from Hulu on the TV but ad blockers still work on the computer for Hulu. Fuck tiers of ads/no ads.

Also people can complain and the complaint can be valid and not be entitled. YouTube has gotten more aggressive with ads and unskipable ads. People say "well that's how they make money and if they dont have ads/paid they will close." That is untrue and YouTube will die when Google dies. It's too big of a platform for them to close and they would run it at a loss for 100 years before think of closing it.

Also gpu prices are out of control this is well documented and well known.

Your points are bad and you should feel bad.


Activedarth t1_j3sdot6 wrote

I will never ever pay to remove ads on any service. Hell, I just want YT for free without ads and I’m adamant about it. Ad blockers forever!


the_first_brovenger t1_j3sfcjb wrote

Case in point.

I use ad blocker myself. Everywhere.

But be honest, you're an entitled little shit expecting everything online for free.