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Sir_Justin t1_j3vgh4o wrote

Another site says they're not making it, just providing specs and design.


Avieshek OP t1_j3vvecy wrote

I guess, Apple is making it but not producing it?


MonkeyChonky t1_j3vxvy8 wrote

they’re designing the displays, like they do with their miniLEDs or their chips. (though i’d consider this an even more custom effort than the latter, since they probably have to teach and set up with suppliers how to even produce the displays vs using existing fabs). They’ve been researching and prototyping these displays for nigh a decade


Avieshek OP t1_j3vy82f wrote

I am aware about their decade long investment but if they’re supplying (or sourcing) the machine (like GT Advanced Technologies), I suppose it makes it different that the new (Chinese) partner wouldn’t have any R&D of their own and work for any other party outside Apple.


NOUSEORNAME t1_j3vocbw wrote

Just make it like a 90s slap bracelet already with a screen all the way around. I aint buying no ipod shuffle for my wrist. This is the future.


Ok-disaster2022 t1_j3wgb4j wrote

If someone actually starts producing micro led displays for consumer devices this could be huge. I've been wanting bezel-less micro led displays since Samsung's CES 2017 demonstration.


NewDad907 t1_j3wf9vj wrote

AWU is the Apple Watch they should have made to begin with. I get 72+ hours per charge, which is about right for something you wear all day.


MoRegrets t1_j3w8kao wrote

Please add a camera /qr code scanner as well.


marty_76 t1_j3wdqeb wrote

They're doing this to lock down repairs in totality. No more third-party screens being disabled in software when you can only get them (for a premium, of course) from Apple.


SUPRVLLAN t1_j3xmi3n wrote

They’re doing this to increase their margins on new displays.

The screen repair market for smartwatches is exponentially smaller (and probably almost non-existent in reality) than just selling watches.


Avieshek OP t1_j45bjcb wrote

I suppose he’s saying it as in long term? Remember, OLED started with  Watch too.


Avieshek OP t1_j3whbut wrote

Hmm… this is an interesting perspective. I recently changed my battery for the iPhone X but didn't go to Apple for the new $80-90 they're asking (for a 5-6yr old phone that isn't even 3000mAh meanwhile Androids have 6000mAh) and the battery health (iOS Shortcut: PowerUtil) is showing 102% for 1/3rd the price.


MrFluffyhead80 t1_j410s1i wrote

What screens are you using? Also last I saw Apple was testing a vending machine to repair iphone screens

Edit: added word screens