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buttorsomething t1_j3x4peu wrote

Funny enough the free games are some of the best experiences. There are some damn good $20-$40 games but 9.99 are all standing in place stuff. Not for me. I enjoy shooters.


AkirIkasu t1_j3xqmz6 wrote

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that. Most of the VR games I bought were disappointing (especially Skyrim), and the game that I enjoyed the most was a stupid tie-in thing for one of the spiderman films that I downloaded for free.


buttorsomething t1_j3xyktu wrote

Skyrim just like any other PC game you definitely need to mod for it to feel like an actual VR experience. If you play half life Alex, it will ruin all other VR experiences for you. There is a game called the grim Lord that is coming out and it will be a souls like experience. And there is a game called contractors on quest, two standalone and PC that will allow you to play halo call of duty and many other Mabs from the late 90s and early 2000s. And another shooter is called Pavlov. This will let you play call of duty zombies and some other game modes as well. Also, it has all of the maps from 007 goldeneye which is pretty cool. All these maps are modded and re-created by the community.