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Themasterofcomedy209 t1_j40sm44 wrote

You just explained why apple hasn’t made a touchscreen Mac yet, if you could use the Mac for iPad reasons or visa versa there’s no reason to buy both


Yalkim t1_j40tv4t wrote

That is 100% true. In fact that is why this headline came as a surprise to many.


OlorinDK t1_j50fdf6 wrote

I feel like this "cannibalization" argument that always comes up, fails to take into account, that it' not about cannibalizing iPad vs. MacOS. I think it would be more about unifying the MacOS and iOS userbase, making it an even bigger total market for app (and games) developers to target. Also, don't forget, that expansion could also come in the shape of PC users choosing Mac instead, if a real (and good) alternative existed to touch-based PC's, such as the Surface Pro that I'm typing this os.