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kkeiper1103 t1_j43hcdi wrote

Yeah, but there's 3 ghz difference between both of them. Kinda like like 30mph is 30x as fast as 1mph, but 30-1 is 29 and 60-30 is 30.


r_golan_trevize t1_j43iuyt wrote

Yeah, that's one way to look at it and it is kind of neat that it splits the difference but the relative speed difference between 1~4.77mhz 6502s, Z80s and 8086s and the 3mhz Pentium 4s and their contemporaries is way more profound and impressive.


professorDissociate t1_j44qbox wrote

> 6ghz is twice as fast as 3ghz > > 3ghz is three thousand times as fast as 1mhz. > > s




All I can say is I hope we don’t keep the same pace slowing down.


guyonahorse t1_j44akq7 wrote

Heh, 3mhz Pentium 4s. They were slow, but they weren't *that* slow.


trebuch3t t1_j45juaj wrote

But imagine going from a vehicle that tops out at 1mph to a vehicle at 30mph, and then after the same period of time getting to a vehicle that tops at 60mph. Despite linear progress, 1mph max speed to 30mph is clearly much more impressive


mypostisbad t1_j4691rz wrote

It might FEEL more impressive but it is actually more technologically impressive to go from 30mph to 60mph


CoolFreeze23 t1_j47kykc wrote

You'd be right but technology gets harder to improve the higher you go up. Going from 1mhz to 3ghz was really impressive, but the technological advancements needed to double that even further are insane.

Its like this, the iPhone 1 was released in 2007 and had a 2MP camera. And the iPhone 7 has a 12MP camera and was released in 2014. That's like in another 7 years the iPhone 15 had a 22MP camera. Sure it might *seem* like the same thing, but there's reason the phone's been at 12MP for a while. Your not doing the same thing you did from 1mhz to 3ghz as your doing from 3ghz to 6ghz

Linear progression with exponential technological advancements.