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OozeNAahz t1_j42lvlt wrote

From what I have seen they price similar to normally built homes. So may be cheaper to produce than traditional but don’t know it saves buyers money yet.


Ok-disaster2022 t1_j43x215 wrote

Well it's concrete walled construction. If it sells for the same price per square foot as stick framing it's something of a bargain. Concrete can be better insulated and structurally stronger, though it comes down to methods and builders. The downside is concrete will reduce EM penetration and reduce the range of cell and wifi reception. Proper planning would be needed to ameliorate the issue.


LayWhere t1_j45schr wrote

Considering the insulation in a typical timber frame house has an R value of 5-6 and a 200mm concrete wall has an R value of 0.3 you're looking at 16x more insulation in a regular house.


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OozeNAahz t1_j43w39f wrote

Housing costs are through the roof right now. So more affordable housing is very desirable. And lower prices because of cheaper manufacturing is usually an outcome you see with these sort of changes.


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OozeNAahz t1_j44pju5 wrote

Not always. You can get folks that realize they can leverage an advantage based on their efficiency to make a lot more by producing at a discount but at greater volume which tends to put a whole lot of pressure on their competition. Whole lot of ways those sort of economics can play out. And no reason that the model that has always occurred for housing stays the same with improved tech.


PineappleLemur t1_j45in06 wrote

They're not affordable for other reasons.. construction materials price rise is a small part of it.

Demend is through the roof the building takes time.. people are willing to pay a lot more than it's "worth" and then there's corporations that will buy for renting and they do massive buys.


kurotech t1_j461mw4 wrote

It's just concrete and a robot the concrete is like 5k the robot 100k but it could be moved they will still sell these places for 500k and call it a day