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moneymanram t1_j45h82a wrote

More than fair considering apple is 6 years I believe


BobbyP27 t1_j45zugy wrote

The iPhone 6s, that came out at the same time as the Fairphone 2 has been moved to the vintage list, meaning it still has both hardware and software support, but it no longer gets the latest version of upgraded software. It'll probably stay there for a couple more years before being moved to the obsolete list, when support is finally dropped.


The-Protomolecule t1_j46c58z wrote

And to clarify for everyone. Vintage means apple might have the parts on hand to fix it, except a few states that require it. Obsolete means apple will not stock hardware to repair them.


L4RK1N t1_j46w1lq wrote

It’s a mandated 5 but recently was pushed out to 7 years of software & hardware support for Apple phones & computers. In some cases it can be up to 10 years.

If an Apple Store has the parts they will service your device. If they don’t they often times know a local shop that still holds inventory for old parts.