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CthuluTheGrand t1_j45tzmn wrote

Who actually uses it any-more? There are plenty of things I hate about new phones but wireless is too good not to use.


nathanfay t1_j45zrd6 wrote



CthuluTheGrand t1_j4611tw wrote

But what headphones do you use? If they are very old then why not stick with an old phone as well?


zilist t1_j462mz2 wrote

Because every high-end headphone is wired. A wired connection is 100% better than a wireless one, irrelevant of what's connected.


olqerergorp_etereum t1_j461mjh wrote

every high end or studio quality headphone uses wires instrans of Bluetooth because the difference in quality is easily recognizable.

if you like Bluetooth and have never tried professional headphones o luxury quality headphones, i don't fault you, but nobody that takes seriously their gear is going to mix or market music with Bluetooth headphones lol.

not because something is new it's going to be instantaneously better than what came before, wired headphones still have plenty of big benefits over wireless headphones.


CthuluTheGrand t1_j464ja6 wrote

Ah yes, the ol' audiophile argument.

So what "luxury" headphones are we talking about? I use XM4s, they are wireless and have good sound quality in relation to the source. As in a phone, using spotify. Which is what most people use.

And if you want to use your 10k studio headphones with a cord dangling from your pocket then how does a USB C adapter change anything?


olqerergorp_etereum t1_j469a06 wrote

>So what "luxury" headphones are we talking about? I use XM4s, they are wireless and have good sound quality in relation to the source

that doesn't even come close to be high end, audiophile, studio/monitor quality and not even a shadow of what luxury means on headphones.

>spotify. Which is what most people use.

yes, but Spotify its not a great source for music anymore, between tidal and apple music, you can hear a big difference in quality that only becomes more evident the better gear you use.

>And if you want to use your 10k studio headphones with a cord dangling from your pocket then how does a USB C adapter change anything

totally annoying to have another thing to worry about, and can be loose easily, also, when you use a case most USB adapters become incompatible due to the fit. also, yet another thing you have to spend money on. I can go on all day on why I don't like adapters, I'll better ask YOU, why do you like them to being with?


[deleted] t1_j46f5wc wrote



olqerergorp_etereum t1_j46j99l wrote

>you just told them their XM4s were bad, which isn't true.

because they are, it is truth. they're decent if you need headphones with active noise cancellation, but compared to open headphones, they sound like ass. this is factually true due to how ANC technology works, you cannot make a ANC headphone and expect the audio quality of a pair of HD600 for example.

>You didn't really address why Spotify "is not a great source for music anymore."

low quality low bitrate music, sounds worse and this is factually true, again, it's not something I'm making up, Spotify is not lossless, has never been.

>Most people who support adapters do so because it allows for one less hole on their device and a slimmer profile for aesthetic purposes.

and thanks to that one less port, now you cannot use wired headphones while charging your device, bravo.

>People who know about hardware also like adapters sometimes because you no longer have a single point of failure for headphone connections. It's easier to replace an adapter than replace the headphone port on your phone

I've NEVER, EVER seen a headphones jack failing, but I've had lots of cables fail due to natural bending of the cable due to normal use. I've never ever had the necessity to change a headphone jack on my phone, not even on the phones that fell into water, the headphone jack always worked just fine.

>Additionally, is you're really obsessed with "luxury audio," you'd almost certainly need to buy an external DAC for your phone because the built-in one is nowhere near audiophile quality, which would require using a different port anyway.

I already have a DAC and they can connect either via the standard 3.5 jack or USB c jackz i don't really understand your point here, what's the problem with having headphones jacks? just aesthetic? just a slimmer phone that you won't even notice in daily usage??

I'm not trying to make you mad here or sound condescending. I'm not a native English speaker so sorry for my tone. and please don't feel offender because I said the XM4 were bad, they're not, but they're average at best, I've used them before, and they just aren't high fidelity headphones, they're bassy headphones for the general market and that's ok because that what works with most people, but not for those who look for true high quality audio.


nathanfay t1_j461ehi wrote

I use apple headphones with a Galaxy S9


TheRetenor t1_j46v5br wrote

My condolences. For both the headphones and the S9 at this point. I too use an S9, but I luckly had the chance to test the apple headphones before buying anything.


zilist t1_j462jic wrote

How about, and i know this might sound revolutionary, but how about choice? You can still use wireless headphones when a device has a headphone jack.


CthuluTheGrand t1_j463zwl wrote

Then this might sound just as revolutionary, you can still use wired headphones through USB C or lightning.


TrainsAreForTreedom t1_j46buix wrote

so I need a stupid dongle?


CthuluTheGrand t1_j4755pr wrote

Yes. So you can connect your stupid cord.

Or you can join the dark side and use wireless.


TheRetenor t1_j46vmve wrote

With a dongle that

  • will on average break much sooner than the headphones or audio jack so one has to buy a new one
  • in most cases allows you to either charge OR use Headphones
  • might fuck up your sound quality because 99.99% of those dongles come from china and have questionable specifications
  • is a hassle to carry around all the time just in case one wants to listen to music and lost way too easily ?

Pubelication t1_j48eqee wrote

It's a hassle to carry around? You're already happy dealing with 3ft of wire for the headphones, why does a 2in dongle make you angry?


TheRetenor t1_j48yc4y wrote

Because that wire is already connected to the headphones and pretty damn hard to misplace while the dongle is more of a "whoops gone" item that also adds a double point of failure to the tech I'm having to carry around.


zilist t1_j4al4h6 wrote

And how do you charge your phone at the same time? 🤡


CthuluTheGrand t1_j4c6uw1 wrote

You don't.

You simply buy a phone that can hold a charge and then charge at night. Battery is getting shit? Then replace it.


zilist t1_j4cabt8 wrote

Holy shit.. Is this how it is arguing with a Tesla fanboy who climaxes when Daddy Elon locks features already installed in their car behind a paywall?


CthuluTheGrand t1_j4cy9ze wrote

If you don't know how to charge your phone at night that's on you.


purpletooth12 t1_j46v2ny wrote

It doesn't have to be a "this or that" scenario.

Motorola and Nokia still have the headphone jack and bluetooth so people can pick.

If it was a cost measure, no one would've batted an eye had the price been an extra €5-€10.


pressedbread t1_j480xmh wrote

Lots of reasons, some don't want bluetooth on the head for various reasons. Others like me) listen to a ton of music and don't want to be recharging and waiting to connect all the time.

Wired headphones are just dead simple and work well. Also many audiophile grade headphones that require a wired connection