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aliendepict t1_j46ix69 wrote

"AI" is becoming a little too markety... Is this thing zipping up a ton of my information and sending it back to a cloud to be computed, then learning how I typically move my head and using predictive analysis to anticipate that?

Or... Is it just using pre programmed algorithms to match my movements to the speaker position and moving the speaker?

I'm guessing the latter... So not an intelligence at all...


barzamsr t1_j46mmtp wrote

I agree that the word AI is too "markety", but I think you've fallen into the same trap.

The most commonly held definitions of AI amongst actual experts in the field lie along the lines of being able to use information to make decisions in pursuit of a goal.

If "pre programmed algorithms" use information about the position of your head to direct hardware to "beamform" (apparently that's an actual thing?) with the goal of improving the quality of the sound you hear, then it is perfectly fair to call that AI.

AI doesn't necessarily or by definition have anything to do with cloud computing, machine learning, or predictive analysis.


aliendepict t1_j46o8u8 wrote

I also do work in this field... AI is referred to when a computational device is being used to imitate or perform a human like interaction, or is facilitating something that typically would require human level intelligence.

This object was likely trained using ML algorithms which is where they get the "AI based" as ML is a subset of AI and refers to the training of such things. So in that way it is not incorrect. My gripe is that with how loosely the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Co have defined "AI" we will not be able to hold truly meaningful conversations about what AI is. The definition has lost value when everything from ChatGPT that facilitates true AI qualities and values, to my Samsung TV simply turning on because I walked into a room is being called AI, how do we delineate to the masses?

TLDR: I'm a grumpy codger that is tired of marketing dumbing down definitions to simply sell things, that have existed in some form or fashion for a decade and revitalizing it by slapping the term "ai" on it.


barzamsr t1_j46xtrk wrote

The phrase "is referred to" is too vague for my taste. I'm all for descriptive language when it comes to the everyday, but for technical terms, I think definitions are what should matter.

With that said, AI is certainly not defined in terms of human intelligence. "Aeronautical engineering texts do not define the goal of their field as making machines that fly so exactly like pigeons that they can fool even other pigeons" (stuart russel).

Also, AI is not defined by corporations. It's defined by computer scientists. As for delineating to the masses, I think the answer to that is proper education.

Your TV turning on when you walk into a room IS AI. It's not a dumbed down definition, it's the definition widely agreed upon by computer scientists. Just because marketing is deplorable doesn't make it otherwise.


j_dog99 t1_j4b62an wrote

It depends on what your definition of 'is' is


croto8 t1_j4a61v2 wrote

Path finding algorithms were some of the first research in AI. You’re confusing AI with AGI, and there is correct terminology in the field to differentiate robustness of different models. Source: I actually work in the field.


xiaopewpew t1_j4a0pzu wrote

I dunno what is the origin of the trend of people cosplaying programmers and talk about shit they have no clue about. You sound like the guy Google fired for falling in love with a natural language model, except you dont know what a natural language model is.

Now substitute that with AI and ML


Thathappenedearlier t1_j4a49ej wrote

Beamforming has existed for a long time, do a speed test while walking around with your laptop then stop moving halfway through, your wifi speed will increase slowly as your router hones in on your device and finds the fastest way to bounce the signal to your device


shyouko t1_j4afmh5 wrote

Make sure the test is long enough that the effect is from beam-forming and not from TCP window scaling.


Sirisian t1_j48f8pa wrote

If they used a binaural audio dummy setup and compared against a ground truth surround sound system it's possible this is machine learning technique to configure the setup. Sound propagation especially with specific speaker configurations (and ear positions) is hard to model. (Could use a non-machine learning approach to match the sound in the ground truth and construct a table of speaker configurations).


shyouko t1_j4afnki wrote

I bet this is not how they did it tho.


flufylobster1 t1_j49v8e8 wrote

So AI is being used correctly here.

AI is just a field in computer science.

It doesn't matter if it is or is not intelligent, it just needs to seem intelligent.

Knowledge based artificial intelligence, uses rules & algorithms to deterministically be smart, no learning required.

Machine learning on the other hand is a subset of AI & needs actual data to learn & be trained on how to respond to certain things , make predictions on new unseen things.

Both AI & ML have been around for a long time. Just recently there has been a lot of hype around AI.

The system could easily have both.


engineerfieldmouse t1_j48gpbz wrote

Everything that flys is a drone too


ryocoon t1_j4cnt1w wrote

Well not everything that flies. (Lets not get into the 'Birds aren't Real' conspiracy). Your average pigeon isn't a drone, nor is a parrot. However, those are biological things. So they have something piloting them (ah the joys of meatsuits). While some flying insects are classified as drones (see worker bees as example), we still think of them as insects/bugs. However, a non-biological that does fly and does not have a pilot residing in it? Effectively a drone.
Yes we have ancient RC helicopters and model airplanes. They are essentially referred to as drones now. Even more so if they transmit back telemetry or visual data and take remote commands. In this way, it is being corrupted by marketing, but it is very much what the language has vernacularly evolved to.

If you want to get technical, then by all means, whip out the documentation and point to the definition.


HibeePin t1_j4ac8qo wrote

So do you not think chatgpt is AI? It's also just a pre programmed/trained algorithm that isn't learning from how people use it. Once training is done, using the model needs much less computation. Or do you just think head tracking is not complex enough to be "AI"?


ug_unb t1_j4gqlkf wrote

What? AI doesn’t mean something is being continuously trained, once you have a model you can run inference on it which is much lighter on resources (especially specialized hardware) than training


paperpatience t1_j5muv81 wrote

Yep. It's really annoying when society learns a new buzz word. Doesn't matter if they're incorrect. They'll use it anyways.


_khanrad t1_j47hjsw wrote

My dog, getting audio blasted at its head for sitting on the couch


jetstobrazil t1_j47k79i wrote

Just completely unnecessary the shit these companies do with new technology.

A great many things I have which do not need to be connected to the internet to function.

When I grow up….older than I am currently… I will produce goods that last a long time and do not require a subscription or internet access to function. I will make a meager profit, as that is all that is necessary.


DookieShoez t1_j47zew6 wrote

Wouldn’t say completely unnecessary. Sounds like it has the benefit of not bothering others, especially at night, without the discomfort of wearing headphones for a while, especially if you wear glasses.


HibeePin t1_j4acglq wrote

Where do you get that this needs an internet connection to function?


jetstobrazil t1_j4c1hzl wrote

I didn’t say that


HibeePin t1_j4cto32 wrote

I thought you were talking about this product when you were complaining about internet connected devices and subscriptions. Were you just complaining about products unrelated to this post? Or are you saying you're disappointed that companies often put internet/subscriptions into products like these when the products would be good without internet/subscriptions, so you hope this product doesn't require internet/subscriptions?


Waggles_T_Snugdragon t1_j49esvn wrote

Sound? That thing that fills the room and ricochets off all the surfaces anyway?


Another_Meow_Machine t1_j4f766g wrote

Audio engineer here. Yeah and that’s what actually makes it sound good anyways, theaters sound better cause bigger speakers are flowing through a bigger space and (dampened-ly) bouncing off the walls. It’s why surround sound feels surround.

This tech is gonna require internal reverb and delay processing to mimic those effects and not sound sterile like headphones. This may overall lower the noise in the room a little, but at the cost of expensive tech to mimic.. the thing it’s trying to solve?


synthjunkie t1_j486ahv wrote

What a load of marketing bullshit lol a speaker inside a sound bar moving left or right an inch is not going to make a significant difference in quality of life for listening. Plus it’s Razer so expect an always on bloatware app on your computer collecting information and using 10% of your cpu and gpu.


maxlax02 t1_j4ag9uu wrote

The speaker doesn’t move dude.

From Google: Beamforming relies on different speakers responding to the same input signal in different ways—for example, by slightly delaying the signal, playing it at different volumes, or using cancellation effects. The different speaker settings allow the system to control the size, shape, and direction of the acoustic wave.


Quigleythegreat t1_j4a5zbl wrote

Audio is best the less processing it has. Why do you think so many audiophiles praise vibrating needles hooked to vacuum tube assemblies powering paper diaphrams. Eh it's Razer, who am I kidding, itl sell and people won't care.


RheaButt t1_j47pstz wrote

That sounds like headphones with extra steps


DookieShoez t1_j47zl0s wrote

Without the discomfort of wearing headphones for a while, especially if you wear glasses 🤷🏼‍♂️


RheaButt t1_j4811mq wrote

I promise you you can get headphones that don't cause any issues with glasses


DookieShoez t1_j4816wl wrote

I have a pretty nice pair, 3 hours of gaming later because im stuck home with covid and im back to speakers.


MFTWrecks t1_j48npal wrote

Then you either have weak ass ears or I'll fitting headphones.

I've worm glasses my whole life and wear headphones all the time. I've never had to stop due to discomfort.


DookieShoez t1_j48nsy4 wrote

Ok. Hate to break it to you but not everyone is the same Captain Strong Ears.


Unbelievable_Girth t1_j4cdwro wrote

Yeah. I have glasses and my KPH30i do not bother me at all! Most of the other over-ear headphones are extremely uncomfortable.


ExRetribution t1_j4ai2ow wrote

Wait until they find out about headphones


Draxus335 t1_j4awxiy wrote

Sounds fancy but the reality is that Razer has never released an audio product that didn't sound like shit. Their headphones are garbage, wouldn't expect anything from this.


ryocoon t1_j4cqk89 wrote

While it sounds technologically neat, it suffers from a cardinal sin amongst many smart/fancy speaker makers.

It doesn't have some plain input jack. No phono, no 3.5mm input (it has 3.5mm output/headphone port from the specs I've read). While basic USB Audio mode support is nice, it is not a replacement from dumb analog-in. 10 years from now when the product is EOL, and not supported, it has high potential to be landfill waste because there is no basic input connection to connect it to other equipment. And the drivers will be ancient and out of date for on Windows, so it would drop back to basic audio drivers and no enhancements if you connected it there. Kind of a fail on all accounts.

I complained about this on the Leviathan V2 and V2 X. Now with the V2 Pro at least it has a headphone out to function as a DAC when you aren't using it as a speaker. Still no analog in. Which effectively means I would never buy it.


Neo_Techni t1_j49ml19 wrote

And if I'm watching with someone else?


AlphusUltimus t1_j49pe9h wrote

Only $2000


ryocoon t1_j4cq2te wrote

$400 really. Also does bluetooth, has headphone out, Comes with a subwoofer as well.


newbies13 t1_j4ae47l wrote

And it sounds... exactly the same, but you spent $300 extra dollars on it, so it'sgotta be at least 5% better right?


richardawkings t1_j4duf9t wrote

Oh man, I can't wait until they start beaming non-skiplable ads directly at you to make them truly unavoidable! Want to gwt a snack during the ad break? Now the ads can follow you into the kitchen. Imagine seeing "Muting this video will be available after the ad". So many great advertisement opportunities to make ads more targeted and enhance user experience.


a1b3c3d7 t1_j4fogmn wrote

Yeah because I want another thing that can track me, with a camera as well, which no doubtedly will require internet connectivity for some bullshit reason.


Djragonslayer t1_j4gj3yl wrote

Hmm. How do we stick a camera in front of all the streamers? Oh, I got an idea, let’s create a useless feature and make people think it’s necessary. A camera in every single device, inside vacuums, doorbells, fridges, TVs, and every single home by end of 2023. Every persons every move tracked for the rest of their existence. Welcome to surveillance state. NWO in full effect. Let’s gooooo


paperpatience t1_j5mvocv wrote

Interesting. I'd like to see this in conjuction with AR!