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Bronteandlizzy t1_j4giuml wrote

“And in her ears the little Seashells, the thimble radios tamped tight, and an electronic ocean of sound, of music and talk and music and talk coming in, coming in on the shore of her unsleeping mind. The room was indeed empty. Every night the waves came in and bore her off on their great tides of sound, floating her, wide-eyed, toward morning. There had been no night in the last two years that Mildred had not swum that sea, had not gladly gone down in it for the third time.”
― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451


rplanet t1_j4gwqmh wrote

Second day in a row I’ve seen 451 in the comments, I love it. Can’t believe I never read that book until last year


juice_box_hero t1_j4i5o97 wrote

Thanks for sharing this quote. I actually just picked up an old copy of the book yesterday while at work. I’ll have to pull it out of the pile and start reading it. I’ve never read it before and this speaks to me. Thanks, friend


littlebitsofspider t1_j4hwhta wrote

This is a deep cut. My pick was gonna be Ender's earring from Speaker for the Dead that he uses to talk to Jane.


lavender_dreams95 t1_j4j4ynt wrote

I haven’t thought of those books in ages


littlebitsofspider t1_j4jmfqb wrote

Probably good, turns out Card is rabidly anti-LGBTQ.


hour_of_the_rat t1_j4kyop0 wrote

You don't have to, but I am willing to separate the art from the artist.

His science fiction is remarkably progressive.


Lord_Oglefore t1_j4l0i1s wrote

Yeah but it sucks to talk about because you have to repeatedly state how he’s a piece of shit and his political views are garbage but boy can he write a space book


hour_of_the_rat t1_j4l261f wrote

>you have to repeatedly state

No, I don't. And even if I did, it takes two seconds, "Sure, he's a dick, but let me finish telling you about how awesome Ender's game is..."


SevenSebastian t1_j4hbr5v wrote

Yes, but more people are going to try and talk to you. They can’t see that you’re wearing headphones. I want to buy big over the ear ones just for this reason.


TroubledNature t1_j4hlt6p wrote

This is what I did, but it doesn't work. I wear them to walk my dog while listening to audio books. Neighbors are constantly talking to me. I live in a very friendly neighborhood though, so your mileage may vary.


mrdevil413 t1_j4iw3j7 wrote

I second this. I have always had over the ear headphones. People still try and talk to you. Even when they are driving by in a car and you are walking. Or in the middle of a rep at the gym. No where is safe ! :)


ronsauce t1_j4ju0le wrote

“Sorry mate I can’t hear you, my audio earrings (made with real pearls) have built in speakers that transmit sound up and into my ears” easy as that


NewDad907 t1_j4j5edc wrote

When I wear big over the year headphones MORE people seem to want to talk to me. People seem to ignore headphones.


dazedabeille t1_j4j5yw0 wrote

People. Why?


NewDad907 t1_j4ji2xx wrote

I have no idea. If I see earbuds or headphones, I specifically do not bother the person unless it’s urgent. I hate being bothered when listening to something, so I don’t do it to others.

People are just oblivious I guess?


knightriderin t1_j4k0ua8 wrote

Especially because it can be a conference call, too. For a while I used to go on walks when I had a conference call that didn't need me in front of the computer. People always talked to me and especially with older people it's difficult to explain that you are working while walking down the street and can't talk about the weather now.

I don't live in a rural place, but in freaking Berlin.


DeathByPetrichor t1_j4f4ax2 wrote

God they’re hideous


KeyserHD t1_j4hmkea wrote

They look like plain pearl earrings at first glance and nobody would know the difference. I think they’re far from hideous


sweetsunny1 t1_j4l0xix wrote

Did you see the picture showing the model wearing them? Not even close to earrings in that shot, based on where they are sitting


KeyserHD t1_j4l3abs wrote

Watched the entire video of the woman wearing them… looked completely fine


WavisabiChick t1_j4l8kfb wrote

As a woman I wouldn’t want wear them, unless I could position them on a different part of my ear, then be able to wear my other earrings. Alone they look like bad designed jewelry.


Eccomi21 t1_j4foizm wrote

Remember when this bone transmission shit never worked.

(It sort of does but Theres basically no lows at all ever)


perinon t1_j4fpr2c wrote

I use a bone transmission headset when I go jogging, they are perfect. I don’t need high quality music, just a background to keep me pumped and entertained, and I can perfectly hear cars, bicycles, and other people passing next to me and stay safe…


PurpleNurpe t1_j4h0y0g wrote

AirPod Pro’s + Transparency Mode work quite well, just a suggestion.


KEVLAR60442 t1_j4hfqup wrote

In my experience, transparency modes kill the spacialization of incoming noise, so it's fine for holding a conversation, but it's definitely not good for hearing where something is coming up on you from behind.


Lost_subaru t1_j4i8d79 wrote

They don't stay in your ear when your sweaty though


elixier t1_j4hhg0f wrote

Sonys ambient sound mode on their NC buds is even better


NewDad907 t1_j4j5p09 wrote

Better than AirPod Pro 2’s?


elixier t1_j4j6aku wrote

Yes 100%


NewDad907 t1_j4jhx41 wrote

Nice! Don’t have any plans on getting to try them, but I’ll remember them if I ever get an opportunity to try them.


jakeb1616 t1_j4gd71e wrote

Which ones do you use? I was wondering if I should try them.


perinon t1_j4gl737 wrote

I’m using an older model from Shokz It seems that now they sell newer models and different sizes, but mine would compre to the “openrun” model I guess.

I prefer them to the AirPods Pro (with transparency mode) or other in-ear when I run. Of course, as mentioned in other comments, the music quality is not what you are looking for here…

I like them because they are very stable, they allow you to hear everything around, and there is never that weird deep sound that sometimes you have with in-ear when you walk, which I really hate.


jakeb1616 t1_j4glffg wrote

I mainly listen to audio books so don’t need great sound, and was looking for something that doesn’t go in the ear


perinon t1_j4gpwaz wrote

I often listen to those Nike Run Club couching sessions and there is often a guy talking through the session, and I can clearly hear what he says, so they should be fine with audio books too.

One thing to consider though is the amount of noise or traffic where you run. I normally run through fields, so it’s very quite, but indeed when I need to go through a couple of noise roads I need to volume up quite a bit to distinctively understand what he says


Nokomis34 t1_j4h8oak wrote

I've used Shokz, but I find things like the glasses to sound much better. I currently use the Bose Frames Tempo. Still not great bass, as to be expected, but I don't feel like it's completely missing like the bone conduction.

And yea, any pass through type headphone is just not the same as open ears.


Eccomi21 t1_j4g0cf4 wrote

Unthinkable for a basshead like me. But if it works for you then that's perfect. I use passtrough on mine and have the volume relatively low, so while not as safe its still safe. Though, I don't run, I only walk to and from work in a pedestrian area


Milena1991 t1_j4gcrem wrote

Same. I’m a basshead and need noise canceling headphones. I have a energizer cutie pie (he’s 3).


JimiDarkMoon t1_j4gb97t wrote

Is that gimmicky tech even still in production? Downvoters are senseless anyways.


CptCrabmeat t1_j4gqfx9 wrote

This isn’t bone-transmission, just tiny speakers angled towards your inner ear


aquamarine271 t1_j4fgs55 wrote

Price tag?


tenbatsu t1_j4fqr8l wrote


Glad_Air_558 t1_j4jb863 wrote

Use a period


SpotfireVideo t1_j4i66vo wrote

How long until we see a thread on Reddit about someone who got their earrings confiscated for listening to audio while working or in class?


[deleted] t1_j4ioh1f wrote



artikangel t1_j4iuft8 wrote

They’re roughly 750 USD. Not going to pop up in high schools but not 6 figures either.


lightlysaltedclams t1_j4j5yh5 wrote

Eh I’ve seen loads of kids wearing $700+ shoes all the time. Obviously not the same but either the kids or their parents are willing to pay that much for stuff.


TheKingOfDub t1_j4i9zfz wrote

You don’t want to know about the subwoofer


cat9tail t1_j4itept wrote

Who is following her, and why does she keep turning around and smiling at them? That's just encouraging it.


j33205 t1_j4hqbeq wrote

Was their goal to make them ugly as sin? 'cause that's what they did


Anthfurnee t1_j4igswu wrote

Iirc, this idea for earrings was used in the episode of duck tales when the boys had control of Scrooge Mcduck's business.


msherretz t1_j4j8g4g wrote

Shit, I clicked on a Verge article


ZarafFaraz t1_j4juwia wrote

The sound leakage is probably worse than those garbage bone conduction headphones.


Cameront9 t1_j4kc9ki wrote

And they’re probably still cheaper than my BTE hearing aids.


doomvetch92 t1_j4lgovw wrote

I like how they look, but ima stick with my raycons.


skirunski t1_j4oe8qb wrote

Very impressed by the design. They’re beautiful.


rawzombie26 t1_j4inst1 wrote

“These may look like your typical pair of earrings outfitted with — rather large — pearls”

Those don’t look like typical earrings at all. They look like cattle ear tags for gods sake!


PsiHightower t1_j4iq0x9 wrote

Audio? “Up and into” my ear?! That’s unheard of!


Teamnoq t1_j4jhfwx wrote

Every NBA player and rapper will be sporting these soon.


prguitarman t1_j4kq5hx wrote

Aren’t peals notoriously fragile, especially when wet?


ventusvibrio t1_j4ix10e wrote

Hell yes, finally a real life Link Pearl!