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littlebitsofspider t1_j4hwhta wrote

This is a deep cut. My pick was gonna be Ender's earring from Speaker for the Dead that he uses to talk to Jane.


lavender_dreams95 t1_j4j4ynt wrote

I haven’t thought of those books in ages


littlebitsofspider t1_j4jmfqb wrote

Probably good, turns out Card is rabidly anti-LGBTQ.


hour_of_the_rat t1_j4kyop0 wrote

You don't have to, but I am willing to separate the art from the artist.

His science fiction is remarkably progressive.


Lord_Oglefore t1_j4l0i1s wrote

Yeah but it sucks to talk about because you have to repeatedly state how he’s a piece of shit and his political views are garbage but boy can he write a space book


hour_of_the_rat t1_j4l261f wrote

>you have to repeatedly state

No, I don't. And even if I did, it takes two seconds, "Sure, he's a dick, but let me finish telling you about how awesome Ender's game is..."