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Actually-Yo-Momma t1_j4v1jyh wrote

I know it’s a fever dream but man the idea of having AR glasses and looking at an object like a bird and then it being able to identify it on the spot sounds both really cool and terrifying


icedrift t1_j4v570y wrote

Real time object classification isn't a fever dream, neural networks that classify objects can be run on very modest hardware today. The tricky part is making the glasses stylish and not having cords connecting them to your phone.


jumpsteadeh t1_j4vwwng wrote

Plus, you'd have to wait for someone to solve the captcha for you


icedrift t1_j4w3vss wrote

LMAO. Fair point but judging by how difficult some of those are compared to the past I'd imagine Googles object detection is getting pretty good.


spinbutton t1_j4wjle5 wrote

Stylish, comfortable, well balanced, light, adapts to various prescriptions, etc....


KruppeTheWise t1_j4vajgk wrote

But the text is blurred and then you hear a little ding and renew your subscription to WorldFacts to see again.

Or what's truly terrifying is walking down High street and all the floating AR ads are generated and targeted just at you.

The same coffee shop-

"Come drink at Liberal Tears fuck dem commies am I right HU-RA"

"This is an LGBTQ-IE Coffee Haus, all beans are triple washed and ethically ground"


ProfessorPetrus t1_j4viglj wrote

Store employees immediately get a breakdown of your job title and expected income and get to treat you accordingly.


Foxsayy t1_j4vk4e5 wrote

>Store employees immediately get a breakdown of your job title and expected income

Your dates too.


KruppeTheWise t1_j4whnwj wrote

Shit this is a whole other angle.

Paying for darkweb style reports on people that pop up in real time

Searched for bestiality porn 3 months ago

"Petrus you need to stay overtime tonight! I will not put up with my employees fucking the dog on company time!"


"Oh it's just an get to it!"


themightychris t1_j5b4sg1 wrote

my favorite use case to imagine is: you're walking down a city street looking at all the seemingly random people you're passing—but that guy on the left you've actually seen 36 times mostly every Thursday in this spot, and that woman in the right has been in the coffee shop back in your neighborhood with you 8 times this year

the social implications are weeiirddd, it could make big cities start to feel a lot smaller