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TizonaBlu t1_j5fxx7p wrote

Ya, people don't realize how old skyrim is, and/or how fast phones are nowadays.


lessthanperfect86 t1_j5gbzq4 wrote

Goodness. It came out 2011. At this rate, it'll likely have gone 15 years until we see TES VI. I really can't understand why they don't employ parallel teams to make their flagship games. I wouldn't mind if they tried to milk out the series a little bit more (not that elderscrolls online crap, that shit ain't canon), over a decade is way too long.


SonderEber t1_j5gmxqd wrote

15 years post Skyrim seems way too soon. Iirc, Bethesda said they haven’t even started developed of ES6.

Maybe 25 years after Skyrim, we’ll get a Skyrim remaster, and 10 years after that we’ll get ES6, but it’ll be streaming only.


Xanthis t1_j5grgcm wrote

They had to have started some development since they released a teaser a while back


kenriko t1_j5gym4y wrote

Todd Howard was on the Lex Friedman podcast. They are in development but not the full team is on it yet.


PiXLANIMATIONS t1_j5kkudd wrote

Yeah a teaser which any decent editors and VFX artists or devs with 2 minutes on Unreal could smack together. I’ll trust their dev team once I see either cinematic trailers or even a clay render of a single environment


rabbit358 t1_j5gom6g wrote

I really wouldn't expect ES6 this century, they wouldn't rush a game like this of course.


PiXLANIMATIONS t1_j5kl8yr wrote

Fun fact: Cyberpunk 2077 has a reference to ES6. Jackie says in a piece of lore that “my grand pops was super hyped for a new game or something. Can’t remember what is was called, but it ain’t out so it must’ve been bad. Haha. Hey V, if you ever find yourself in one of those old-timey game rental places, try and figure which one it is for me, eh?”

So even in 2077 they haven’t released it


rabbit358 t1_j5m1n29 wrote

How do you know it was in reference to es6? Sounds more like HL3 to me.


Napkin_whore t1_j5jfn7f wrote

I think the apocalypse will have come by then and we’ll be “playing” Fallout instead


SarahVeraVicky t1_j5gwtxw wrote


Sadly there will always be some random "devil's advocates"/"rabid fans"/"corporate dogs" that will always be on their side, saying many of their loved reasons:

  • "People will still buy it anyways"
  • "They're making a shitton of money, why would they change that?"
  • "Look at how many awards Skyrim got, so you have zero right"
  • "It's a AAA game, it requires all that time and effort"
  • "You don't run the company"
  • [my 'favorite'] "They have to maximize their profits, it's REQUIRED BY LAW" [no it's not.]

At the end of the day, I would prefer:

  • Games announced at most 1 year before release
  • Decent profit, aim to spread the game so more people can enjoy it, not trying to squeeze every last cent.

rpkarma t1_j5h0fqd wrote

People seriously misunderstand fiduciary duty lol


SarahVeraVicky t1_j5kuxb0 wrote

The key part is to 'act in the best interests of [the company]'. Maybe loss leaders helps build the user base, or helping another company means building a future portfolio that spreads the influence of the company. Both of these would be seen as a death sentence if "maximize profit" was the only goal.

It could be argued that killing the company for a single quarter's highest profits could be seen as an act against the best interests of the company, but proving that can be impossible (unless the person in charge ends up parachuting out immediately afterwards, and even then they would have to have some hard proof against them.)


Yes_I_Fuck_Foxes t1_j5hl8pz wrote

The Switch is a phone from seven years ago.


-Badger2- t1_j5iaror wrote

Yeah, anything the Switch can run, your phone could probably run it better.


PiXLANIMATIONS t1_j5kkmr7 wrote

Only issue with porting Skyrim would be buttons, but I suppose since most people own some form of console controller (XBOX is the best for this btw), that wouldn’t be an issue. I’d love to see an iPhone of the highest scale play through, especially if it used VRR to scale power consumption. And hey, if Bethesda can’t do it, you fucking know a modder will