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shying_away t1_j5gilvu wrote

since rpi4's are impossible to get the last couple years, I'll take anything if it'll run some octoprint and klipper.


ocp-paradox t1_j5h1o0k wrote

I remember when the pi came out and it was supposed to be this super duper cheap mini pc board and now you're looking at £150 for a 4gb model 4. At that point I ask myself what am I even doing.


Alundra828 t1_j5hit5z wrote

Hey, at least you didn't buy a 14 node server rack cluster, and kit it out with 2 pi's to test it and then tell yourself "I'll buy the other 12 soon™".

Why must you torture me economy. Why


hoffbaker t1_j5gjkgo wrote

I just set up Octoprint and Klipper on a Le Potato Libre board this morning! $35 and seems to be working well so far for that particular use-case. Compared to RPi MSRP, not a great deal, but for actual prices… no integrated Wi-Fi is the biggest downside.


SCP_5009 t1_j5h6kzq wrote

I just got a Le potato! It’s pretty great for what I use it for (streaming movies/tv)


lart2150 t1_j5gs1zx wrote

There are a lot of cheap i5-6500T pc's on ebay and unlike a RP4 they came with a ssd, case, powersupply.


TheRogueMoose t1_j5h4eza wrote

Much higher power consumption then any SBC though. Would be a neat way to run multiple printers though. Throw up some VM's and pass through some usb ports


devolute t1_j5izpr9 wrote

I'm reading here and there that 'much' isn't always all that true. Be nice to have real figures.


lart2150 t1_j5jyhor wrote

Most of them a power supply that maxes out at 120w vs the pi4 with its 15w power supply. My guess is at idle usage would likely be around 30w so still a decent amount above a pi but still cheap to run 24x7.


imanze t1_j5mwwr3 wrote

Numbers are a bit off, for example an rpi4 will idle around 2.875 watts and peak around 6.4 watts ( ) compare this with a NUC NUC6i5SYK that idles around 10 watts and peaks to around 50 watt ( )

Let’s say you are at idle 80% of the time and peak for 20%, should be around 18 watts for the nuc and 3.58 watt for the rpi4. Typically if you are running some sort of service you will need to run this 24/7, and let’s take an example electrical cost (mine) of 24 cents per kwh for electrical with distribution fee. That’s around $3.11 per month or $37 per year for the NUC or 62 cents per month / or 7.44 per year for the rpi.

Now don’t get me wrong there are applications for both but with how many various systems I already have it’s not a insignificant difference depending on application.


thecraigbert t1_j5jwgkv wrote

Yeah, windows PC versus a near universal computer that can be almost whatever you need it to be.


AkirIkasu t1_j5vb8ww wrote

If you just want octoprint, just look in someone's junk drawer for an old android phone and install octo4a.

Unfortunately there isn't a simelar project that would make running Klipper as easy as this. You probably can do it, but it would require a lot more skill and knowledge.


Igotz80HDnImWinning t1_j5hbdb5 wrote

Don’t forget about raspberry pi foundation hiring a cop on mastodon. Buzzfeed article about it


seklerek t1_j5hjzor wrote

wow that article is the definition of overreaction


pilchard_slimmons t1_j5j9axf wrote

They hired someone with a lot of relevant expertise and people are losing their minds because he used to be a cop. That article is ... just trash.

Looking at the actual post on rpi:

>“I used to be a police officer tackling serious organised crime and terror threats across the east of the UK,” Toby tells us

and the people in the BS BF article are extrapolating that as somehow being anti-protester and lamenting that his hiring is somehow "pro cop". Wild stuff.