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_Ev4n_ t1_j5hz4jf wrote

Isn’t everything reaching its limits with a Plague Tale?


InvalidEntrance t1_j5i7vcz wrote

I find anyone who thinks the Deck should be able to run these types of games to begin with completely out of touch.


crispyfrybits t1_j5ih776 wrote

It's not like the steamdeck is playing these games at the game resolution and settings as desktop.

The steamdeck can play current gen games because the resolution is only 720 and the settings are generally reduced to medium. On top of that there are settings for the deck that let you limit the max framerate.

There's a lot the deck does to make gaming on it feel smooth. It still looks good since the screen is smaller. All of this doesn't even take into account DLSS and FSR.


BoyzIIWolves t1_j5k9mu5 wrote

>All of this doesn't even take into account DLSS

SD can't use DLSS. It's an AMD product, not NVIDIA.


Napkin_whore t1_j5jft30 wrote

I always thought it was for more platformer and Nintendo-like games, not some massive open world game or something along those lines


aztekno2012 t1_j5jimkr wrote

Plays max settings on Fallout 76 or Fallout 4 phenomenally.


StupiderIdjit t1_j5jiuf0 wrote

Thanks, now I have to buy my girlfriend a Steamdeck.


IFailedTuringTestAMA t1_j5kn065 wrote

It’s me ur gf. Im actually on Reddit. I’ll DM you a PO Box to send it to.

Love u


richal t1_j5seuu8 wrote

Actually I'm also the girlfriend. Send to the additional PO Box in your DMs babe. pls respond ASAP Thx


StarGaurdianBard t1_j5jj6rw wrote

It can play massive open world games just fine, Cyberpunk,Witcher, Skyrim, Fallout, etc all play just fine on it.

The Steam Deck is actually what got me to finally sit down and play through Cyberpunk


lakiku_u t1_j5je6bl wrote

It’s because they act like the Steam Deck is a console and should play every game, it’s not. It’s a low powered portable pc and thus has limits and not going to be compatible with every game.


Gamebird8 t1_j5maw8d wrote

I mean, if it is a console, it's competing with the Switch. Not the Series X.


That's the part they're missing


grammar_nazi_zombie t1_j5mjlx6 wrote

I’d say it’s closer to the PS4/Xbone than a Switch. You can play Elden Ring on the Deck.


Antedelopean t1_j5p41y2 wrote

It's my favorite monster hunter machine. Can run rise out of the box, flawlessly, can run world with some tweaking of settings, can run older games via emulation, can run dragon's dogma, out of the box, and allows for all these damned games to be played, modded.


waaarg t1_j5vcheg wrote

Yeah, I use mine with the mental expectation that it’s effectively the power equivalent of a portable PS4, and it’s phenomenal for that.


WatRedditHathWrought t1_j5mwyl1 wrote

I can use mine as a console to my 70 4K tv and play Metro Exodus and it looks great. Or I can take it to work and use it as a handheld or connect to my second monitor. I can also use keyboard and mouse.


DJ_BowelMovement t1_j5m4ocr wrote

they need to make the next generation with an Intel Atom chip


bunkbail t1_j5m7715 wrote

no they dont. atoms have embarrassingly low single core performance, gaming is really not their main thing.


asyrin25 t1_j5ihs47 wrote


Imagine someone posting

>Hey guys! I have a GTX 1050! I should be able to rock out in the most demanding AAA titles, right?

Steam deck often gets a pass because it's a mobile device...but the games don't care.


kronosblaster t1_j5jbkya wrote

Man I have a 3060ti and I'm still having trouble running aaa titles :c

Then again I also have a fairly old CPU that Is prolly throttling my gpu.


AgentUnknown821 t1_j5l3g71 wrote

same issue here, Was told my 5 year Ryzen 1600 CPU is bottlenecking my RTX 3050 so I got to upgrade.


kronosblaster t1_j5l9i77 wrote

Ryzen 7 3700x here. It runs most things fairly well, but I should prolly retire it and just throw it into the makeshift PC.


Blindfire2 t1_j5mets6 wrote

The main issue with games like A Plague Tale is the cpu optimization is horrid. Like how witcher 3 dx12 maxes 1 or 2 threads on just about every cpu (with ray tracing on) or that Gotham Knights game that came out was still dipping to 30s with a 13600k lol. Even CP2077 is in the same boat, although at this point, I think it's more demanding that unoptimized.


ihateusednames t1_j5jx4pb wrote

Funnily enough mine runs cyberpunk at a solid 44 while my 2080 super build struggles to hit a solid 72/144

Bearing in mind I have a 2k ultra wide...

Resolution works wonders.


bytebackjrd t1_j5mvjy5 wrote

The steamdeck can play red dead redemption 2, spiderman, and god of war with no issues at all so actually it can play fairly recent AAA titles.


atbths t1_j61kzs4 wrote

Are those really recent? Red dead 2 is over 3 years old.


bytebackjrd t1_j61l91y wrote

maybe but it still is a beast to run on any comptuer gaming system. Just the fact that you can play this massive game on a handheld is amazing and something you could not do a couple of years ago. Some can get 45 or high fps on it. It also is a more demanding game than some new ones that have come out recently.


oldkingcoles t1_j5kemz6 wrote


I just got one like a week ago and totally got it to play like pixel indie games

I don’t know who would get this and expect it to be some absolute powerhouse


Potato_Octopi t1_j5kqhk4 wrote

Similar use on my end and can't wait for Octopath 2.


oldkingcoles t1_j5ktrch wrote

And I get it like can run some more graphically impressive games but like that’s not what I’m here for you know

Octopath 2 is going to be gorgeous on it


Ka11adin t1_j5re07a wrote

I mean.... I hope I can play starfield on it.

I know it's a long shot but it's my only avenue to play that game and a man can hope right?


Tisorok t1_j5k93iu wrote

Stream deck is best if you have a system that can stream your games to the deck.


nsci2ece t1_j5rxa58 wrote

Buying a steam deck to do game streaming makes about as much sense as buying a modern 4k TV to watch VHS tapes.


Tisorok t1_j5s1fb9 wrote

That analogy is dumber than you are then. The steam deck is literally designed for streaming high quality graphics. It does that better than running games natively actually. So your analogy sound like “buying a fast car to go fast makes about as much sense as pickling bread”


zim8141 t1_j63su5b wrote

There are much cheaper and smaller devices that can do that. The deck is meant to play games natively, otherwise why have the ability to run windows games on Linux? Wouldn’t they just use android and save themselves a lot of hassle?


Tisorok t1_j63zc3i wrote

The deck can play games natively, but if you watch the performance of when it’s streaming vs natively you will see the stress difference on the deck. Your deck is only obsolete graphics wise if you don’t have a gaming rig that can take the heavy lifting out of the graphics in the game your playing, otherwise your looking at playing aaa titles while the cpu is maxed plugged in or something differently to combat throttles in the settings menu. Where as if you streamed it you could probably keep it up without having to sit next to a wall outlet for a good 4 hours.

I have no idea what android or windows has too do with the deck being meant for native gameplay, what ever point you were trying to make either didnt articulate well, or there is a typo in there. Afaik the deck can’t run windows games, or at least games with anti cheat software like destiny 2, require windows. Same with I think the blizzard games? I actually have to check if there’s a Linux launcher for Blizz now….


SCPH-1000 t1_j5jhzxk wrote

Damn PS5 and Series X are like “sorry mate, 30 fps on this one” so yeah the Steam deck is gonna have a hard time with Plague Tale.


PiXLANIMATIONS t1_j5klojk wrote

Plague Tale is about to become the new Crysis at this rate.

“Hey man, I just got an RTX 10090 Ti!”

“Sick man, can it do Plague at 30?”



Low_Soul_Coal t1_j5ia2qr wrote

I mean... did they advertise it as limitless?

Cause I'm pretty sure "lot of limits" was VERY baked in to everyone's assumptions.


MJS8 t1_j5k8tjv wrote

Does this also run Steam Link? If so, perhaps thats their idea with that marketing; just mirroring the game from PC hardware and play anything your PC can run.

Side note, for home use, Steam Link has really changed how I play games now. Super impressed with how well it’s worked.


Adrian13720 t1_j5ktju5 wrote

Yes. So does xbox game pass cloud gaming. You can even tweak it to run as an app in steam with a 10min youtube walkthrough video. Doesnt even require any installations for the games.


ascagnel____ t1_j5ms7y0 wrote

If you have an nvidia GPU, Moonlight is a better option (until nvidia kills the streaming server).


MJS8 t1_j5n8pk2 wrote

Interesting. I’ve never heard of it.


TheFilosophersStoned t1_j5lirtk wrote

Yeah that's true, I think on top of that. The cool thing about it is you can play previous games from older console generations on it. I think that's at least half of the sell right there. Better than the switch's new Pokemon game graphics too!


ElectricTrees29 t1_j5i9wum wrote

Does anyone really care? It's the undisputed leader and unchallenged rival at its price point.


AthearCaex t1_j5ifpz2 wrote

Some people just want to keep pushing for a steam deck 2 when the things been out for a year. Like the steam deck is a whole gen ahead of the switch. There's almost no reason for vavle to upgrade it for a few years. Maybe minor changes but I don't see them making like a version with a high end laptop steam deck version.


kevinbranch t1_j5ir5ya wrote

I don’t think being one generation ahead of the switch is anything to brag about. It’s more than that.


WizogBokog t1_j5pzvrh wrote

It emulates switch games better than the switch can play them, it's 4 or 5 gens ahead of the switch, lmao.


AkirIkasu t1_j5v8dal wrote

Honestly, it's more like three+ generations ahead of the switch.

People forget that Breath of the Wild was developed first and foremost for the Wii U, which was roughly as powerful as an Xbox 360.


BeThePrawn t1_j5j6ug8 wrote

Is there a steam deck 2 in the works?


IncredibleGonzo t1_j5k63kz wrote

Yes, they’ve been pretty clear that there’ll be future models eventually. They’ve indicated that it’ll be quite a while before we see one with a different performance level, though, they’ve suggested the next model will focus on screen and battery life. Whether that’s a proper second gen (replacement at comparable price points) or more like the Switch OLED, a more premium model that slots in above the current ones, remains to be seen.


AthearCaex t1_j5jsaru wrote

Steam has not announced anything and every news outlet has been theorycrafting there's one but let's be honest it's the same people who have been saying the switch pro will be out for the past 5 years so take that with a huge grain of salt.


oldkingcoles t1_j5kilnb wrote

I mean just like anything that is a big success isn’t there always a new model in the works?

I work in a phone store and people always ask is there going to be an iPhone 14,15 whatever the next number. Like yea ? There is going to be an iPhone 40, why would they stop ?

The steam deck is obviously newer and not as established as the iPhone but I would assume with how popular the deck is steam is going to keep them coming. Not only do they make revenue on the deck but also get steam into more hands as the price of admission is much less than a full PC


TiempoPuntoCinco t1_j5jql9j wrote

I'd honestly say it's 2-3 gens ahead of switch. Realistically, Switch games behave and look like PS2 games in higher res.


Youvebeeneloned t1_j5kdl6o wrote

>Switch games behave and look like PS2 games in higher res.

Dude I'll have what you are having cause holy shit are you smoking some crack there....


thinwhiteduke1185 t1_j5k70nt wrote

Yeah, no they don't. You have some rose colored glasses regarding what PS2 games actually looked like.


Chao78 t1_j5k84kf wrote

No kidding. PS2 is -rough-.

Art direction counted for a hell of a lot more too, which I vastly prefer. I don't care about ultra-high-poly photoreal stuff, give me things that are aesthetically pleasing.


TiempoPuntoCinco t1_j5k7gp3 wrote

Shadow of colossus HD (not the Bluepoint remake) for the PS3 looks better than almost any switch game outside of some first party titles. I obviously wasn't being 100% literal.


Youvebeeneloned t1_j5kdndb wrote

No you are just completely batshit....


AthearCaex t1_j5kvnt0 wrote

They probably just saw a couple pixel games and went "The switch looks like shit." The switch even in handheld is 720p and 1080p docked. The PS2 did 480p MAX. There might not be a difference in their eyes. Anything not 4k60FPS is garbage to some people


IFailedTuringTestAMA t1_j5knhjb wrote

It’s 2-3 gens ahead of switch but switch is at least 2-3 generations ahead of PS2, probably more.

I doubt a PlayStation 2 would be able to run Witcher 3 on any settings. It’s pretty amazing how far we’ve come with handheld devices.


lfmantra t1_j5lp5v0 wrote

Bro, the ps2 had GTA 3. The switch runs Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey.


TiempoPuntoCinco t1_j5mks7j wrote

PS3 could run those. Switch is like Ps2.75 then. It still keeps surprising me how awful it runs games. The ugliness of Assassins Creed 4 made me sell our switch. Wife and I are very happy with Steam Deck.


lfmantra t1_j5mscvy wrote

Nah, it really couldn’t, but there’s no point in arguing bc you’re weird


ensoniq2k t1_j5j9id3 wrote

I certainly don't. I'm using my deck around 90% of the time to play Brotato. It's perfectly up to the task and has nice battery runtime. I don't know what people expect but I for one am glad I can run nearly all my PC games on a handheld and not being limited to DOS emulation on ARM and the likes.


asyrin25 t1_j5ii1qd wrote

This was true for a hot minute.

You can get better in a laptop now. Especially at the $650 price point.


iHazOver9000 t1_j5iodjv wrote

I’m busy. The only chance I get to play games is right before bed, IN BED. Because of the steam deck, I actually have the ability to play games since I’m between a few different living spaces weekly. I’ve enjoyed it so much, that I’m considering buying multiple so I don’t have to lug the same one around everywhere.

Compare this to a laptop. I can’t play that in bed laying down. In fact, if I’m on a computer at all I’ll end up just working. I have like 8-12 laptops macbooks windows tablets in various places and I only use a single desktop to game on the occasional free free day.

Steam deck legit brought back enjoyment and I’m getting to play games again.


asyrin25 t1_j5ja4zt wrote

Why can't you play a laptop in bed?

Also, I understand being busy, but what sort of time savings are you gaining by playing actually physically IN bed?

The time it takes to walk to bed from somewhere else in your house?

It's also not great for your sleep to play on a screen actually in bed.


iHazOver9000 t1_j5jcxph wrote

Perhaps you are able to adjust your life based on efficiency by the minutes and be able to actually enjoy yourself. I play the steam deck in bed as it helps me relax and get my mind off work//issues of the day. I don’t have a problem sleeping.

I am saying that the steam deck allows me to compartmentalize a portion of time enjoyment that I otherwise wouldn’t have. Not that I couldn’t forcefully carve time out of my schedule to fit in video games.

I mentioned that if I was on a computer at a desk, I’d end up working. And I’m sure that doesn’t make sense to you. That’s simply how I am, and not how you are.


Chao78 t1_j5k8o0e wrote

Plus you don't have to take a separate controller with you. I've beaten like 5 games I've been sitting on for ages simply because I could easily play in bed.

It's a godsend with a toddler in the house.


asyrin25 t1_j5jd5ax wrote


How does this relate to the comment I was responding to regarding price and performance?


iHazOver9000 t1_j5jdiei wrote

Because the steam deck fills a pc gaming void for some people. So at its price, it’s uncontested and unrivaled for me.

You are the one who began asking me why I don’t just use the seconds of time it takes to go from laptop to bed.


asyrin25 t1_j5je16p wrote

So, if some people really can't enjoy gaming without simulated 3D, would that mean the 3DS is the undisputed leader in price and performance? Because some people need simulated 3D? Do you think that's relevant?

Note that the comment I responded to didn't say "for playing in bed".


iHazOver9000 t1_j5jec5b wrote



asyrin25 t1_j5jfqtt wrote

So by that measure, anything is the undisputed price and performance leader...which means the comment I responded to was meaningless. So why respond to my comment?


StarGaurdianBard t1_j5jk4oe wrote

Playing on a laptops track pad is a pain in the ass. If you are using a mouse then that's even more space being taken up and doesn't let you use it when at places like a bus, a flight, on the toilet, etc. Also the basic Steam Deck is $400, finding a decent gaming laptop for $400 that can run games as well as a Steam Deck does is going to be difficult purely from where the budget went in making a laptop meant to be general purpose vs a gaming device


asyrin25 t1_j5jlqsu wrote

Playing on the Steam Deck's trackpad is a pain in the ass.

As Valve points out, the steam deck is just a PC. It doesn't have special, cheaper "gaming" parts.


StarGaurdianBard t1_j5jmf9y wrote

For the vast majority of things that would require a track pad you have joysticks. There is a huge difference in the feel of a track pad vs a joystick.

As for the parts difference, you really can't think of a reason why anything extraneous in a laptop not needing to be present for a mobile device would allow for a budget to be different?


asyrin25 t1_j5jmqtv wrote

I also have controllers that are going to be better than the deck's sticks and buttons. They're small and portable.


>As for the parts difference, you really can't think of a reason why anything extraneous in a laptop not needing to be present for a mobile device would allow for a budget to be different?

Can you be specific what you think is missing that's significantly detracting from the price? What is the deck missing that prevents it from having the functionality of a laptop?


StarGaurdianBard t1_j5jnhqo wrote

If you are busting out a mouse and controllers with your laptop there is no fucking way I'm believing you use it anywhere outside of environments like your home. Imagine trying to play a laptop with a controller on a subway vs a steam deck.

Care to link a decent gaming laptop for $400?


asyrin25 t1_j5jp3c7 wrote

Why would I need a mouse? As you pointed out, joysticks work fine.
Just off the top of my head, I'd pit this HP against the steam deck. Especially at the deck's resolution.
At the $650 I paid for my deck it's even easier.


charlesbronZon t1_j5iyu95 wrote

First and foremost, the Steam Deck is a mobile device and limitations are inherent to the formfactor.

Also Plague Tale: Requiem isn't exactly well optimized on any platform, so it's hardly the right baseline to measure against.

That being said, it will be interesting so see how UE5 fares on deck...


Resident_Wizard t1_j5j60ke wrote

UE5, is that the nickname for the new Harry Potter game?


theo_adore7 t1_j5j6h1l wrote

i mean there are other UE5 titles coming. but seeing the new HP game's recommended system specs has me doubting it's actually optimised in the first place


Kultir t1_j5jc0jp wrote

UE5 is incredibly scalable, it will be fine.


charlesbronZon t1_j5jcgmt wrote

It is, depending on the features the developer uses.

Given some system requirements of upcoming games it will be interesting to see how tweakable the games will be if certain features are utilized and integral to the look of the games.

But on paper UE5 will run on the Switch so some games will certainly be more than fine on Deck.


RZ_1911 t1_j5i8253 wrote

Tablet grade 15w cpu+gpu package found his limit in games with 720p screen? Can’t be???!!!😆


Andre5k5 t1_j5iey30 wrote

Tablet grade? Bruh, it's as powerful as a PS4


Exceed_SC2 t1_j5ii6bj wrote

Those are not mutually exclusive, PS4 came out nearly 10 years ago, the iPad Pro is quite powerful


RZ_1911 t1_j5ip1x5 wrote

Even if directly compare them .old ps4 GCN design will be at least twice faster .. deck 15w - ps4 75w


BKachur t1_j5kau9w wrote

>iPad Pro is quite powerful

Yea but its the same problem when these discussions happen. iPad Pro also starts at $750 for the base model and the M1/2 Chip isn't really able to game that well when it comes to 99% of the games people want to play on the deck. There have already been a bunch of steam deck killers come out but the price tag always makes it a tough sell.


SCPH-1000 t1_j5ji6f9 wrote

You both overestimate how powerful a PS4 was and underestimate modern tablets.


RZ_1911 t1_j5ke57k wrote

Graphics evolution in low power bracket is extremely slow. Slowest possible

Evolution in sub 100w is faster but 10 years does not provided much difference in terms of architecture .all performance gains is mostly rely on lithography and clock speeds . And that’s the saddest part . Last lithography which added power efficiency was 14nm. That’s why ps5 does not started new next gen era .. ps5 is not far from ps4


SCPH-1000 t1_j5keinw wrote

> ps5 is not far from ps4

yeah ask any games developer what they have to say about that, or just look at cross gen titles that are on PS4 and PS5. Like for real. Look at GT7, or God of War: Ragnarok or Horizon Forbidden West or any number of cross gen titles on both platforms and tell me they’re “not far apart”. Worst case you’re getting double the frame rate along with significant resolution boosts on the PS5 version while also essentially eliminating loading.

That gap is huge already and will only grow as games in development that target only PS5 from the ground up and don’t have to worry about the PS4 versions come out.


RZ_1911 t1_j5kq47d wrote

Well-lets be clear - if your gpu is unable to hold native resolution at at least 30 fps and rely on upscale - that means gpu is not sufficient for that resolution . And don’t forget the cpu part . In ps4 as cpu acted 8x netbook core cluster. Which was total junk even on release date . Previous generation of those cpu was destroyed by Intel ivy bridge U(15w ) i3 . Where 2 cores 4 threads of i3 completely destroyed 4 cores amd counterpart . I am highly doubt that this cpu changed much for consoles in next generation


asyrin25 t1_j5ii5gk wrote

Original PS4 that's 9 years old and at release contained the power of a GPU 2 years old.


Bootychomper23 t1_j5iqiwi wrote

Not quite ps4 ran at 1080p deck is 800p


RZ_1911 t1_j5ka1pp wrote

Main problem of that chip is not the screen . Main problem is tablet grade power limit . Spec wise chip could handle 1080p easily


ErGo404 t1_j5kk0a7 wrote

Being able to output at 1080p and to render at 1080p is not the same. It's obvious that having 1/4 of the pixels to calculate makes it easier to render games.


blackenswans t1_j5k7teo wrote

PS4 ran old games at 1080p. Deck is perfectly capable of running old games at resolutions higher than 800p.


RZ_1911 t1_j5iorau wrote

Tablet grade is definition of thermal package . Not theoretical performance. For example let’s compare deck with Xbox series S (counterpart of ps4 pro) which feature the similar RDNA2 arch .

Xbox 1280/80/32 1565mhz clock 100w chip package power Deck 512/32/16 10000mhz clock 15w package power

I bet you understand that deck is not even close


SNES_Punk t1_j5jcnd5 wrote

Wow, a handheld device is reaching its limit with games meant for GPU's bigger than the entire handheld? I'm shocked.


taedrin t1_j5koo50 wrote

The fact that this is even an article worth writing speaks volumes to how incredible of a device the Steam Deck is.


MetalsDeadAndSoAmI t1_j5mefz0 wrote

Yeah, “hitting its limits” tells me “you mean it plays it at ALL?” And that’s coming from someone who uses my Steamdeck everyday


Guitarist53188 t1_j5ik5pw wrote

Wtf is this shit. Steam deck had reached it's limit.... Unoptimized games!!!


MaxxB1ade t1_j5j6wsp wrote

Pretty sure this is why a lot of AAA games bomb on release, not because they are bad games but you need a god-tier system to run them.

Doom is probably one of the best examples of a game that bucks this trend.

The newest AAA games will just have to wait until people have systems that can play them well before they get the sales.

I have 2 PCs that I play games on and both GPUs are in the top 5 of steams own hardware survey (1060 & 1050ti) ( so if developers are not going to aim for those cards as a minimum requirement for solid gaming then why would we part with our hard earned cash. Although 20 and 30 series gpus are in the list, they hardly dominate it.

Also, the Steam catalog is massive and a lot of games from even the last 15 years still look very good and play really well on my level of hardware.


NightStorm1000 t1_j5iy5kp wrote


Just Devs being bad at their Jobs.


Livineasy629 t1_j5iz074 wrote

Especially Gotham knights, it’s optimized horribly everywhere. I have played it on the deck and on the pc with a 13600K and it’s just awful

Plague Tale also seems to be the same although there are thousands of rats soooo it gets a mild pass on being cpu constrained.

Obviously there are games the deck won’t run well, or at all. I don’t think that’s always devs being bad at their jobs.

I think at least with this one many of these games have been in progress for awhile and didn’t target the deck because of worry about popularity even if they knew about it in advance


wicktus t1_j5iz97d wrote

Using an unoptimized game as an example is not really useful for consumers.

Even a 4070Ti struggles in some cases with that game..and it's a portable PC with a 2020 15W SoC, you won't be smoothly running the most demanding games (and unoptimized games)...period.


>Gotham Knights is another title that did not run well

You know what ? You are right, please take a look at Star Citizen next to push your "we need an upgrade" point.

For the SD2 proponent, Valve announced that they weren't really looking at an SoC upgrade, focusing more on battery and display for the next revision...they will upgrade once RDNA3 matures (7900XTX is barely out) and that may take years


tawtaw6 t1_j5j99tq wrote

Typical click bait toms hardware article, used to be a okay site for information about 20 years ago.


proxy1381 t1_j5jqmvc wrote

Ps4 is reaching its limit with palge tale:requiem


dextrovix t1_j5jlxas wrote

Eventually, Steam Deck won't be capable of running the latest games. Just like you buying a laptop today and expecting no problems with titles five years down the line. Because Steam Deck is also fixed hardware just like a laptop. Until Steam Deck 2...


Winter-Equal t1_j5jaxyt wrote

I wish it could reasonably utilize an eGpu.


Minuenn t1_j5kzhad wrote

Halp my poorly optimized game can’t run at 4K on my fridge, clearly the fridges problem


Brown-eyed-and-sad t1_j5k5547 wrote

Dude, the thing has only been out for a short time. It still games just fine. Everyone already wants a new one and it’s barely been 2 years


afrogrimey t1_j5mhufm wrote

It hasn’t even been one. It launched in February 2022.


Brown-eyed-and-sad t1_j5mv2gl wrote

Only a year? That’s even worse. If you want performance geared handhelds, they’re out there. Those also cost twice as much. Like the AYA neo.


NoName881 t1_j5ixfhz wrote

I just want it so i can play dark souls


acidwxlf t1_j5kljqn wrote

Haha I'm playing through DS2 right now and was just thinking that last night "I really wish I were in bed right now"


Nawnp t1_j5m0x7y wrote

Looking at it the steam deck is an Nintendo Switch competitor, similar specs but you are limited to Steam vs Nintendo ecosystem.

Nobody should have expected more out of that, a cell phone has a similar size but better screen, faster processing and could run AAA games if storage or licensing wasn't an issue.(caveat of course is a cell phone is double the price), but they don't have the built in convenience of a dedicated portable console with real controls. (And again the Steam library is more vast)

Complaining about the consoles limits are superficial considering the cost and the intended audience.


starwars92 t1_j5mc598 wrote

People act like they need a steam deck to play too new games when in reality they have a backlog fifteen years old to chip away at that it’s more than capable of playing


shreder75 t1_j5m1a01 wrote

Yeah. Not even a year old and Oliver at DF mentioned wanting a more powerful version


graphixRbad t1_j5n7lhm wrote

It was hitting its limit when it released. Doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best deals in gaming. Extra points for how well it works with moonlight.


jazilzaim t1_j5o5cfx wrote

I guess cloud gaming does have a bit of clout in this regards 🤔


deadfishlog t1_j5obtxt wrote

Yeah obv should have put a 4090 in it


mranxiousallthetime t1_j5si77c wrote

There is a service in cloud gaming called GeforceNow. I've used it for a while on the free tier, and all games work like charm except for plague tale: requiem. I stg if you're not subbed to their 4080 tier subscription that game looks and performs like shit.


addison_reilly t1_j5j9ph8 wrote

Man, it hits it's limits with Cities: Skylines. Despite that game running on the switch. It's not the hardware, it's the optimisation.


MikeGLC t1_j5j2akr wrote

Would make sense if developers create a steamdeck graphics profile. If they can make the profile adjust on the go similar to games like Nier Automata and Doom for the switch it would be awesome.


YawaruSan t1_j5j3lz7 wrote

Those were ports that dynamically loaded the game to maintain high frame rates at the expense of graphical fidelity, seems like that takes a bit of work to pull off which is where we run into the paradox of adoption. Doing extra work for the Deck as a target platform would increase adoption rate of the Deck, but there’s no reason to do that until enough people adopt the Deck to make the work worthwhile. I hope Steam puts more weight behind the Deck as I could see a comparable Windows device overtaking it and competition is already on its heels.


YawaruSan t1_j5j315z wrote

Imagine a platform where the goalposts move every year yet development takes multiple years. Gaming is going to shit trying to keep up with yearly leaps in graphics technology, yet for the second 4K capable generation games aren’t able to run at 4K 60 FPS consistently. And what the hell is with AMD’s naming scheme for graphics cards and why is NVidia’s so much better and easier to remember?


bigguccisofa_ t1_j5jv5i5 wrote

why are so many of these comments so defensive ? none of you work at valve man


Windwinged t1_j5llvwh wrote

Because people want the steam deck to be super successful so they can only praise it or else they're a sellout!

Seriously, people act like the steam deck is going to be the Switch killer, meanwhile Nintendo is producing more switches now then they had in recent years XD


Regnes t1_j5k3t5c wrote

But can it run Crysis?


MigitAs t1_j5jlq6f wrote

This is why I’m waiting for Steamdeck 2


DJANGO_UNTAMED t1_j5lh2kp wrote

This is why I never bought one. I knew it wouldn't last long