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FlamingTrollz t1_j5misuq wrote


jrodan94 t1_j5n7dhc wrote

I agree, Apple is Apple so they’ll be obtuse in the worst ways but I think they are actually really good in the early stages of building a product category. Apple has the ability to legitimize a market segment, and they can afford to make no money for quite some time on any of it. They’ll always take their closed door pathway on it, but a rising tide lifts all boats. That will allow competitors to really show how their legitimate niche has value without being the figurehead for the entire industry to rail on. There’s enough space in VR/AR rn that Apple only helps everyone by entering the field


the_first_brovenger t1_j5o1pp5 wrote

Apple Home, though.

Apple doesn't really do cutting edge niche well, which VR is.


throwaway8726529 t1_j5odcas wrote

iPods? iPhones? Smart watches? And earlier, desktops and laptops? Apple’s entrance into all of these categories essentially created the category (for the pedants, yes I know the categories technically existed, but you know it’s not what I mean). By definition, the first mass-market product in a category is cutting-edge.

I’m old enough (sadly) to remember the pre-iPod days. The iPod wasn’t an iteration on the existing mp3 players. It was cutting-edge enough that it birthed a new type of product. Same is true for the iPhone, and the same may be true of this headset.


the_first_brovenger t1_j5og8vm wrote

>By definition, the first mass-market product in a category is cutting-edge

No, that's not what defines cutting edge.
By the time something is mass produced, it is no longer cutting edge.

The iPod was literally an iteration on existing players. It massively improved on storage, as other manufacturers were content just beating the ~14 tracks on CDs a few times over.


iPhone was not a niche product.
It was not cutting edge either, it was an iteration on existing phones removing the mechanical keyboard, which had already been done.

>Smart watches?

Not cutting edge.
Also not really a niche, a smart watch is an ultracompact smart phone with a wrist band. There's no new cutting edge tech in them, they're just incredibly small.

>And earlier, desktops and laptops?

Still not NICHE and still not cutting edge. All of it, iterations.

>I’m old enough (sadly) to remember the pre-iPod days.

Well I am.

>The iPod wasn’t an iteration on the existing mp3 players.

Yes it was.

>It was cutting-edge enough that it birthed a new type of product.

No it didn't.

>Same is true for the iPhone

No it isn't.

>and the same may be true of this headset.

It very clearly won't be.
They're making their own iteration of a niche technology with low chance of success.

Jesus christ you are such an obvious fanboy, and clueless to boot. Please stop hurting yourself.


Shopped_For_Pleasure t1_j5ox7t4 wrote

Well mp3s weren’t cutting edge because walkmans existed before it.

And walkmans weren’t such a big deal, because we already had things like vinyl players.

And don’t even get me started on vinyl players. helloooo, phonographic cylindersss.


flagcity t1_j5p57in wrote

this is such a silly take. know why the iPod cutting edge you mouth breathing cave man?

Because my grandmother can use it. And she’s dead.

Everything Apple does has existed before to some extent. The difference is they solve the problem, which is different than trying to sell you technology.

If you’re old enough to remember how PCs were advertised back in the day, everyone made their choice on chips and ram and cache. a classic race to the bottom where the consumer gets screwed.

Contrast that with Apple, where the only specs that matter are the finish. You know it will work for 90% of what you wanna do and you probably don’t need to reboot it within the first year. Nothing is even close in terms of customer experience from opening the box to getting service to incorporating your family members to other ecosystem components.

Your take might be the most ignorant and infuriating on Apple I’ve ever read, and I am an android guy!


newtybar t1_j5tvrnv wrote

I’d argue that’s more salesmanship than being cutting edge. I’m typing this on an iPhone.


the_first_brovenger t1_j5p6akq wrote

It's just incredible the level of toxicity Apple topics brings out in people.

Here you are unable to help yourself. Frothing at the mouth like an animal needing to try to insult me. And you do it while unironically calling me a caveman! It's fantastic! 😅


skolioban t1_j5rd1mp wrote

Cutting edge product and market are not the same as cutting edge technology. You guys are talking about different things.


shortfriday t1_j61t73b wrote

I've got ten thousand bucks of apple stuff in my house and a thousand shares of aapl and literally everything you say is spot on. They're just a very good business. Silly subreddit.


Veltan t1_j5ocwe1 wrote

Honestly, nobody is doing smart home stuff that well.


KarmaPharmacy t1_j5ocz5b wrote

Have you ever heard of an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or AirPods? All cutting edge niche products in the beginning.


the_first_brovenger t1_j5oglkg wrote

Great products, yes.

Cutting edge, hell to the no.

The only somewhat cutting edge tech in the original iPhone was the screen.

AirPods were literally just an iteration on a product type that had existed for years already.

Apple fanboys are seriously the worst.


Shxhxxhcx t1_j5oi0nf wrote

You’re here commenting on every post that shows appreciation for Apple? Cringe.


the_first_brovenger t1_j5okbrw wrote

Literally prefaced with Apple products being great, dude 😂


Shxhxxhcx t1_j5opb08 wrote

That’s just sad. Get a life


the_first_brovenger t1_j5orabi wrote

Once again it's proven apple threads will consistently bring out the man-children in force to hurl feeble insults at people. Take your own advice, bruh.


KarmaPharmacy t1_j5olkcy wrote

I’m not even a boy. Let alone a fan. I am a nut for historical achievements in technology, regardless of who made it.

I do give credit when it’s due.

Smart phones with a touch screen didn’t exist before Apple. And I hardly even classify a BlackBerry or sidekick 3 as a “smart phone”.

Considering your big brain post history is limited to “deaf people don’t laugh at farts” I’m gonna go ahead and assume you weren’t alive when the iPhone came out.

Please, allow the adults to have constructive discussions. You have nothing to add here, I’m not even sure you’re 13 and allowed to be on this site.


boltman1234 t1_j5oe6td wrote

Nope they were just fanboi starvation, sort of like Tesla golf carts etc

Apple stuff is complete crap, its all driven by fanbois and Apple trying to scare you with privacy /security bullshit


FrankTankly t1_j5oewti wrote

Lol what? I’m no Apple fanboy but denying that Apple was first in these (niche, cutting edge) spaces (especially the iPhone and iPod) is just going out of your way to hate on Apple.


SharpClaw007 t1_j5oeqjr wrote

This comment reeks of cope. Apple, despite their shitty business practices, makes top tier hardware.


boltman1234 t1_j5omz8h wrote

Um no their hardware looks lame and don't game


littlebitsofspider t1_j5odqj9 wrote

I tracked a bug in HomeKit (one of many) when I worked for Apple that was stupendously, egregiously bad. I agree with this comment.


JackRusselTerrorist t1_j5obo5d wrote

Say what you will about Apple, but they haven’t been complicit in genocides and the proliferation of fascism globally.

Edit: gotta love the people who downvote this. Which is it- you hate apple so much that hearing they aren’t complicit in genocide makes you angry, or is it that you’re unaware of Facebook’s track record?


kippypapa t1_j5peiny wrote

What are you talking about? Haven’t you seen the Tim Cook bloody machete photo from Venezuela a few years back? He’s wearing an apple t shirt in it.


jampbells t1_j5qaa25 wrote

I mean their suppliers in China are supporting the uyghur genocide in China. So I wouldn't get on a high horse for them.


JackRusselTerrorist t1_j5r3wr4 wrote

That’s anyone who does business in China, though.


jampbells t1_j5wr2bx wrote

Sure but you said "they haven’t been complicit in genocides." Which they have, just like most people doing business in China. I'm not saying Apple is worse then other businesses just that I wouldn't defend them as morally superior.


JackRusselTerrorist t1_j5y5g3y wrote

Comparing Apple to Facebook? Apple is clearly morally superior. Facebook is the tool that supremacists of all colours use to spread propaganda that leads to genocides. They refuse to hire local moderators in any meaningful capacity to deal with this stuff.

When it’s pointed out that their algorithms are driving division and hate, they externally put out a memo along the lines of “we’re aware of a situation, and will do our best” and internally about “yay! Growth!”.