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Rojaddit t1_j5nfspz wrote

Have you ever done technical work from home? Have you tried using a laptop on an airplane tray table? I would love a VR or AR headset with sufficient resolution to simulate three 4k displays + surrounding environment.


kibitzor t1_j5oadva wrote

I don't like the idea of enabling people to do more work on airplanes.

But, that's how technology progresses. There was a rare time in the 90s/early 2000s before commonplace laptops and cellphones with plane travel (and train travel for that matter) that meant you'd have leisure time on business trips. Sure, you could read the news and write things down, but you were impossible to contact. Now some people feel anxious and want to do work on planes and stay in touch to "get things done". Can't imagine the constant work VR will enable. Although, on the otherside of this coin is VR connecting families.


Rojaddit t1_j5qeygm wrote

I don't love the idea of "leisure time on business trips." I want my leisure time to be spent actively doing things I like with my friends and family - not 8 hours of vaguely uncomfortable idleness on an international flight.

From my perspective, every advance in workplace efficiency means less idle time at work - which in turn means less overall time at work, and more opportunity for success. If I am forced to be at work, let me at least be doing something!


kibitzor t1_j5qoq2k wrote

Assuming you get to go home sooner and work fewer hours if you work on the plane, I agree.


stargazer666 t1_j5o4i3y wrote

This, so much this, i could sit in the Starbucks and feel like I’m in the office


Rojaddit t1_j62qnq9 wrote

Heck, I can have a home-office on my couch, then shove the headset back in a drawer when I'm done working like it was never there! No mess of wires on the kitchen table, no spare room filled with a battle-station of monitors!