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all_are_throw_away t1_j5o5d69 wrote

I know very few people who don’t have an Apple Watch


[deleted] t1_j5oe9si wrote



Sylvurphlame t1_j5omr9k wrote

iPhone versus any given android device is about 60-40 around me, favoring iPhone. Of those with iPhones, probably about 3 out of 4 seem to have Apple Watches. So that would make it roughly 40-50% of people I see have an Apple Watch, at least of those that have any smart watch at all. The other thing I notice is that those with an android device are less likely to have a smartwatch at all.


demondied1 t1_j5prjuc wrote

Man I don’t even have a normal watch… if I need the time I just check my phone?


RawrRawr83 t1_j5okl1z wrote

I’ve given away two because I don’t need another thing to charge and blowing me up with work emails