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KarmaPharmacy t1_j5ocz5b wrote

Have you ever heard of an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or AirPods? All cutting edge niche products in the beginning.


the_first_brovenger t1_j5oglkg wrote

Great products, yes.

Cutting edge, hell to the no.

The only somewhat cutting edge tech in the original iPhone was the screen.

AirPods were literally just an iteration on a product type that had existed for years already.

Apple fanboys are seriously the worst.


Shxhxxhcx t1_j5oi0nf wrote

You’re here commenting on every post that shows appreciation for Apple? Cringe.


the_first_brovenger t1_j5okbrw wrote

Literally prefaced with Apple products being great, dude 😂


Shxhxxhcx t1_j5opb08 wrote

That’s just sad. Get a life


the_first_brovenger t1_j5orabi wrote

Once again it's proven apple threads will consistently bring out the man-children in force to hurl feeble insults at people. Take your own advice, bruh.


KarmaPharmacy t1_j5olkcy wrote

I’m not even a boy. Let alone a fan. I am a nut for historical achievements in technology, regardless of who made it.

I do give credit when it’s due.

Smart phones with a touch screen didn’t exist before Apple. And I hardly even classify a BlackBerry or sidekick 3 as a “smart phone”.

Considering your big brain post history is limited to “deaf people don’t laugh at farts” I’m gonna go ahead and assume you weren’t alive when the iPhone came out.

Please, allow the adults to have constructive discussions. You have nothing to add here, I’m not even sure you’re 13 and allowed to be on this site.


boltman1234 t1_j5oe6td wrote

Nope they were just fanboi starvation, sort of like Tesla golf carts etc

Apple stuff is complete crap, its all driven by fanbois and Apple trying to scare you with privacy /security bullshit


FrankTankly t1_j5oewti wrote

Lol what? I’m no Apple fanboy but denying that Apple was first in these (niche, cutting edge) spaces (especially the iPhone and iPod) is just going out of your way to hate on Apple.


SharpClaw007 t1_j5oeqjr wrote

This comment reeks of cope. Apple, despite their shitty business practices, makes top tier hardware.


boltman1234 t1_j5omz8h wrote

Um no their hardware looks lame and don't game