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Sylvurphlame t1_j5optke wrote

Their focus on the metaverse is an interesting one. I’m not sure what their long-term monetization strategy was. With Apple, Microsoft, Sony, they sell actual products. Facebook monetizes user habits to sell ads. Not sure if Zuckerberg saw the metaverse as some sort of brave new world for advertising and engagement metrics or if he just really personally got tired of waiting for mainstream VR and decided to throw his company behind forcing it to happen.


kippypapa t1_j5pf7ym wrote

It’s the engagement metrics because what’s more engaging than being immersed in a virtual world. Can you smell that sweet ad moolah? I sure can’t.


Sylvurphlame t1_j5pfqxl wrote

> Can you smell that sweet ad moolah? I sure can’t.

Which brings in the idea of just how immersive it will really be, until we can figure out a way to simulate taste and smell. Sight and sound, yep. Doable. Haptics, getting better. Taste and smell require direct chemical interaction, so you’d have to skip that and figure out the SAO style full dive.


kippypapa t1_j5wrg0w wrote

My attitude is that if people want to live their lives in a virtual world controlled by mark Zuckerberg, then fine, it’s their life. I won’t do it