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AkirIkasu t1_j5pqxyk wrote

To be fair, the thing differentiating Meta from every other player is that Meta doesn't seem to be concerned with actually profiting from their hardware; instead they intend to draw their profit from software, NFT-based items, virtual concerts and other digital software bullshit properties.


kirkum2020 t1_j5q3hbp wrote

Let's not forget who this is. They profit from data. You're the product, remember?

If VR takes off the way all these companies seem to think it will then the company with the cheapest decent headset is going to make bank watching your every move.


AkirIkasu t1_j5q5mxm wrote

Oh absolutely. And don’t forget that their inside out tracking is a bunch of cameras that look at everything in front of you.

While they are not currently sending that info back home to my knowledge, I don’t have enough faith to say they wouldn’t ever do it.


t0slink t1_j5r3twy wrote

You do realize Apple's top priority for 2023 is getting into the ads business?