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jampbells t1_j5qaa25 wrote

I mean their suppliers in China are supporting the uyghur genocide in China. So I wouldn't get on a high horse for them.


JackRusselTerrorist t1_j5r3wr4 wrote

That’s anyone who does business in China, though.


jampbells t1_j5wr2bx wrote

Sure but you said "they haven’t been complicit in genocides." Which they have, just like most people doing business in China. I'm not saying Apple is worse then other businesses just that I wouldn't defend them as morally superior.


JackRusselTerrorist t1_j5y5g3y wrote

Comparing Apple to Facebook? Apple is clearly morally superior. Facebook is the tool that supremacists of all colours use to spread propaganda that leads to genocides. They refuse to hire local moderators in any meaningful capacity to deal with this stuff.

When it’s pointed out that their algorithms are driving division and hate, they externally put out a memo along the lines of “we’re aware of a situation, and will do our best” and internally about “yay! Growth!”.