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Orlimar1 t1_j6hps2f wrote

Hopefully they can get their overheating issues resolved. Tech Odyssey on YouTube is a fan of their stuff. But he’s had a horrible time using the phone when it’s warm outside. Like on video, the phone will stop recording video within something like 5 minutes.


majikira t1_j6i5mgu wrote

I had no issue with this . I live in SEA where it can be hot and humid . It does get hot but it doesn't disrupt any of the features .


Orlimar1 t1_j6i6aon wrote

He's had multiple videos on it.


Sony Camera Overheating Issues


majikira t1_j6i6g3e wrote

That's interesting . If Sony did fix their heating issue with the V n with a cheaper price,I might just upgrade to V as well .


ChineseCartman t1_j6ia6y4 wrote

I’ve felt it has always been a problem with Xperia. I owned a Sony Xperia Z5 in Singapore and India (for a brief period). It was in my pocket for 2 hours in the sunlight and it would heat up like a hot pocket! Never faced that problem with my iPhone 5 or Samsung S6 Edge. Otherwise, superior brand of phone and I am just waiting for the right time to change back to Xperia.


firedrakes t1_j6ib12q wrote

had xperia z3. thing love to heat up.


ChineseCartman t1_j6ibhk8 wrote

exactly. i think the very first model of Xperia I owned was called the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (a goddamn handful to say). Exquisite craftsmanship and I loved that thing from the bottom of my heart. Although Xperia hasn’t really lost a lot of quality, it feels like they stopped trying to make it better and they’ve become a generic smartphone company.


firedrakes t1_j6ie3yl wrote

Yeah. Over priced ,under whelming software support and only phone on the market that can't handle video recording...


kawkstegr t1_j6im0rb wrote

I was in the development team for the x10 mini pro, makes me really happy to read that you loved it :) worked my ass off to get it to market, it was one of our first android phones and alot was on the table back then.


ChineseCartman t1_j6iogyg wrote

you’re the absolute best.

and you’re even a CS:GO player.

what more could I ask for?


MiIeEnd t1_j6id969 wrote

I've had my iPhone tell me it was overheating sitting in my pocket in Canada. We may just under appreciate how warm shit gets when the sun is blazing on it, even in our pockets.


ChineseCartman t1_j6idfmq wrote

that is a possibility too. i haven’t really thought of this too deeply so i might have not had extreme cases with other phones.


DigitallyDetained t1_j6il7vt wrote

If they’re the same price I’d buy a Sony over a Samsung any day. Availability is the next question.


Unsweeticetea t1_j6jz85f wrote

I also wish they had dbrand support... The case performs very well and the teardown skins look great. I wish either there were better accessories for the Xperias or the larger phone brands would stop with the notch/ punch hole/ island nonsense so I could upgrade from my OP7Pro.


AVBforPrez t1_j6ioahe wrote

This phone is fucking crazy, never heard of it until now so this marketing campaign is working


Traksimuss t1_j6i1sk0 wrote

My friend had Sony phone. It was constantly overheating.


LopanLives t1_j6k15rf wrote

Really hope it isn't the same size as a Samsung flagship. Using the S22 Ultra was like carrying around a brick. Returned it after a week and got an Asus Zenfone 9, which I like, except for the mediocre camera performance.


Ignorant_Ismail t1_j6i43lo wrote

Sony phones are a lost cause but happy they push the envelope for phone cameras


ChristopherDassx_16 t1_j6ik6mo wrote

They're great tho. If I had the money, I would buy it.


gear_m9 t1_j6irw4e wrote

Software support for their phones is abysmal like multiple other brands. 1.5-2 years of support and that's it.


TheRetenor t1_j6ivbbg wrote

Let's not get started about their camera auto mode either.

BUT they have an SD slot, headphone jack and fantastic media quality. And if you know how to handle the camera, you can get some high quality pictures out of it and even though it doesn't do as well as eg Samsung in low light conditions, it can put out some very natural images which samsung sadly never does.


gear_m9 t1_j6ivr4y wrote

If they had better software support and pricing then I'd jump immediately.


Agreeabeetle t1_j6ixszm wrote

Ya no excuse for the lack of support. I can't drop that kind of money on a phone that's not garunteed to work more than 2 yrs. Especially for a phone that's probably not popular enough to have a lot of homebrew support either.


Kientha t1_j6j07b6 wrote

Sony phones all have an unlocked bootloader so there are plenty of options for running your own OS once you stop getting official updates (which is actually 3-4 years with the 1 5 10 range)


ardi62 OP t1_j6l5oh6 wrote

Really, so you can install LineageOS easier right?


Kientha t1_j6m982r wrote

You still need ROM support, but yes.


NotOsama123 t1_j6nrn1b wrote

Support has been upped to three os updates plus two years of security patches for new generations. Basically the lifespan of the hardware. Plus they make it easy to load your own OS if you want to after it stops receiving official support.


gear_m9 t1_j6ns843 wrote

Well that's a much welcome development I didn't know about. Happy to be wrong in this case, especially with loading custom Roms after support ends.


firedrakes t1_j6hrdwq wrote

the market has spoken . no one cares about sony phones or their even worst support then a isp.