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teleheaddawgfan t1_j6jbxwm wrote

How long before the first one is dropped on someone in in the middle of Times Square? Or insert public place here…


intellifone t1_j6jiqtk wrote

I guess the good news is that all of these off the shelf consumer drones are prohibited by their software from flying in a lot of these places.

I have a DJI drone and it has a map of where I’m allowed to fly and it changes constantly (I live near several airports and military bases) and I basically can’t get the drone to turn on if I’m near downtown.

So someone would basically need to build a custom drone. I’m not sure if the open source software also links to FAA sites as well. But basically you’d need decent technical know-how to strap a bomb to a drone and bring it into controlled airspace. And anyone with that know how probably has a job and a house and isn’t going to risk that. That skill set would only be used in actual wartime where those restrictions are removed.

I’m not sure how easy it would be for a foreign military to manufacture their own handheld drones that can bypass those limitations, import them in any quantity to the US, and then have someone fly it in the US, not have the signals be picked up by all of the SIG-INT sites in major cities and then not be picked up almost immediately by authorities after the attack and pinpointed as an agent of a specific country and then have the ever loving shit bombed out of them by NATO.


espressocycle t1_j6kj72p wrote

Can't be that hard.


Kevin_Jim t1_j6mm6mz wrote

It’s super easy to make your own FPV drone without any engineering skills that won’t have an integrated No Fly Zone restriction.


TheRealBobbyJones t1_j6kpqpy wrote

I think you are overestimating the sig-int capabilities of the US. Are you saying that the government during peace time can track all drones and drones operators? With all the noise that a city like new York would have I would consider it highly unlikely. But even if it were possible there are ways around it. Also quads are very easy to make.


other_usernames_gone t1_j6mefp6 wrote

You don't really need to develop your own drone. You just need to hack out the part of the software that checks.

My first instinct would be removing internet access and then doctoring/deleting whatever map it has onboard.


Veylon t1_j6luabq wrote

Already been done. Five years ago, even.


intellifone t1_j6lvh43 wrote

In Syria. Active war zone. Get them into the US and operate them here


Veylon t1_j6pjcy2 wrote

You make a trip to Digikey and everything you need comes in the mail. You just need the know-how to put the pieces together.

And explosives. The explosives are definitely the hard part.

But, yeah, in general anyone who has the skills to create terror drones probably has better things to do with their time than create terror drones.