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Does anybody have any recommendations for zombie games for Xbox series x. I played like 2 hours of dying light 2 absolutely hated the game couldn’t get into it at all I’ve played day z, dead island, state of decay and just none of these games have any appeal to me. I played last of us and days gone on my brothers PlayStation and loved both of those games but feel Xbox is really lacking in this genre. Anybody got any recommendations outside the games listed or should I just bite the bullet and buy a PlayStation. Thanks in advance!



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ILeMeNiizzz t1_jaer2ny wrote

Left4Dead and Left4Dead2 still the best


adean7498 OP t1_jaer8my wrote

You’ll hate me for this and absolutely no shade to the games or the people who like them but these games were awesome when I was 9 but now to me they are just boring


wildadragon t1_jaer2xx wrote

Zombie Army 4, also State of Decay 1 and 2 is on gamepass, the entire Dead Rising series is backwards compatible.


Potyo_ t1_jaev94h wrote

State of Decay 2 is a lot of fun but has so many bugs so I never finished it :/


wildadragon t1_jaf44km wrote

I only play it when it's one of the gamepass quests for points


sheffielder87 t1_jaer5n3 wrote

Try Zombi on xbox. It was made for the Wii U. It's a little dated, and the controls are a little clunky because it was designed with the Wii U gamepad in mind. But the premise of the game is fantastic. And it's very cheap


LeadingDevelopment73 t1_jaeq4a6 wrote

The first Dying Light is the best zombie game ever made. I will die on this hill.


adean7498 OP t1_jaeq977 wrote

I haven’t played it but if it’s anything like the second I’ll give it a hard pass I could see why people like it just not for me


Sariefko t1_jaetsdr wrote

Absolutely nothing like Dying Light 2.

Dying Light is made by same devs that made Dead Island, except they learned on all of their mistakes, hired professional parkour artist and made greatest zombie game ever. I'm still waiting for any game to come close and it's been 8 years


twonha t1_jaez770 wrote

You mention you played and loved Days Gone and The Last of Us. Did you play those through entirely, or just bits and pieces? I think Days Gone, TLOU and TLOU2 are awesome, and well worth a Playstation (or gaming PC for DG and TLOU1). Especially because the Playstation has a lot more (non-zombie) games that are similar in scope and quality, and not available on Xbox.


adean7498 OP t1_jaf02hq wrote

I haven’t finished them but loved what I played I’ve been thinking about buying a ps5 (really want a pc but am unable to build one right now) I just hate spending that much money for another console just to play a few games


ravenwolf957 t1_jaerw4c wrote

Not exactly zombie games, but doom 2016 and eternal have zombies in them.